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    We met in 2009 and have traveled together. Madrid, Gibraltar, Merrakesh, Istanbul to name a few. We've been doing the distance dating for so long at times we almost threw in the towel and called it quits. But our love persevered and we now have a beautiful five month old baby boy and it's time to bring this family together!

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  1. Hi there! Have you received you interview letter yet, please? I am a few days behind you and I'm trying to track what is happening ;) ! Thanks!

    1. SamIam04


      Hey there,


      So sorry I keep saying I update it soon but at 36 weeks pregnant baby brain has gotten the best of me......I got my interview letter on June 20th for July 15th.....and I went for my interview, passed the civics/English test.......the officer was very nice.... I think his name was Officer Heinz, cant remember if that how he spelled it......the civis test was only 4 questions and it was verbal.....the English test consisted of written and a reading segment......so simple though....it was one sentence to read and one sentence to write.......next he went through my entire application.....good thing I had gone over it the night before and I noticed a couple of errors I had made when filling it out......I strongly recommend you do that.......after that it was done and he advised me he will be recommending my application for approval and in 60 to 90 days i should be getting a letter for my oath ceremony........not once did he ask to see the list of original docs I brought.....but it's a good idea to bring them with u just in case........hope that helps......feel free to message me with anymore questions......ps I found an app for the civics test that was very helpful.....much better than having to read the boring book😊

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