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    meaganb reacted to Jo Së in Do you get interview notice online first or receive the interview appointment letter in mail first   
    The case status will update and say that the interview has been scheduled, but it will not tell you the date. You will receive a notice letter shortly after stating the date and place of interview.
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    meaganb got a reaction from Dnoon in Hi, Can my husband stay in US?   
    Hi! I am living in Denver, CO and just booked my Civil Surgeon appointment for next week. It will cost 110$. If you need any vaccinations/tests beforehand, I recommend going to your local Public Health office. They offer low cost vaccinations/tests on a sliding scale. I had to have a TB test, syphilis test, and one vaccination and the total price was 40$. Good luck!
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    I think I found my answer to the previous question I asked here: http://www.visajourney.com/faq/k1k2visa-aos.html#6.11.7 But you guys are so helpful I can't resist asking for more advice!
    Does it matter when we get married relative to her arrival here? I'm worried about doing it too soon such that it looks like visa fraud but the longer we wait, the longer she can't work and the longer we'll have to wait for her to be able to leave the country.
    Does the quality of the wedding matter? Like will they ask to see wedding pictures in an interview? We were planning on having a very simple courthouse wedding and have a bigger celebration later when her family is able to come.
    Thanks again!
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