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    Met my fiancee through her cousins they were my mentors for English and Math for an after school program since I was 9 years old. They asked if I would like to help their cousin learn English or help her out with it at least. I thought, oh heck... why not... i have nothing better to do. So, first time we skyped she was so shy... would just smile and stare. hahaha so cute. Then i asked why she hung up the skype call and it was just that she was shy :) Then she said with her voice "You're handsome" and hung up... wow. made me feel amazing and like a kid again haha. Nobody has called me handsome except my mom and grandma so I sort of developed a little bit of feelings at this moment (Fall of 2010) We spoke over a couple years and we expressed our feelings in late 2012, i told her if I ever had the chance to marry her, I would. early 2013 I let my fiancee's aunt and uncle know our feelings for each other and they then gave us their blessing, and arranged to have permissions from her parents as well as to stand in for my mother and father because my mother is ill and father is deceased. We planned a wedding, but due to some issue with local govt. needing 30 day notice for a wedding we ended up going through the engagement ceremony to respect the parents of the Bride to be. We have gotten all the engagement approvals and application forms signed by the chief of the commune on the 16th. we got engaged on the 18th of December... oh what a happy day :) ever since i got back in the states on December 27th 2013 It's been a struggle to gather everything required, i feel i submitted more than i should have. We will see. as for now, my fiancee and i talk through facebook just about every day :D

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