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    All I want to say is: thanks! That was an excellent post Hopefully people take the time and read it. As a lot of people don't seem to read post 1, hopefully they'll read yours.
    Thanks for your kind words too
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    Many here are correct that there is no way to cement in stone the timeline as there are many variables throughout the process. I took an approach to my visa process where I sent all the information that was required in an organized tabbed folder. I submitted multiple different documents of proof for each requirement instead of only one in order to erase any doubt and have the process go faster. I kept in contact through emails and calls continually. If you do the same will you get the same timeline??... maybe yes maybe NO... that answer can not be guaranteed, but it will help. From filing to interview day it has taken us 2 months. Don't buy any non-refundable tickets. Best to wait until visa in hand. It also depends on the consulate. Again MANY variables. 5-30-2014 is our Interview and we are very excited and nervous, however we are optimistic as this is a real relationship that we are so in love. I wish all the best of luck on this forum also!! And thank you for all the positive comments and feedback!! I will be updating our section tomorrow also.
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