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  1. I had to send one of my only two certified copies of the adoption order, his original birth certificate, and the English translation. In other words they have all the stuff we need to register him for school next year, etc. They tell me that it might take anywhere from three months to three years. Anyone have experience with this? We live in Arizona.
  2. We recieved his updated social security card. I took him and applied for a state ID with his new name. They will not issue a "Real ID" becuase I do not yet have a birth certificate or passport. I applied for his passport and passport card two days ago. They did not request that I turn in his green card. I have filled out all the forms and will mail off the request for his US birth certificate on Monday.
  3. Interesting! It might be no big deal at all because he is under 18. I might need to ask someone in the Myanmar embassy. Maybe my wife should write Aung San Suu Kyi Funny how I remember when Obama said he wanted to be the US ambassador to Myanmar. If that happened, I might have written him asking about a job there. Hahahaha
  4. His grandmother is 77. If she ends up in the hospital he should visit her, he will have to wait on a visa, and stay in a hotel.
  5. My bad. Sorry, he will not need it to return to Thailand. I got myself a little confused. Should he try to fly from Myanmar to the USA, or even Thialand to the USA on his Myanmar passport, then he must show a visa or green card for the USA. If he uses his USA passport, then there is no need.
  6. This is so confusing. I never meant to, nor have I any intention of doing anytihng illegal. With regards to his intention to be adopted. He is 15. He was required by law to tell the judge that he wanted to be adopted. I know that sounds silly that a child may speak on his own behalf in court, but that is hoe the law works in Arizona. Funny huh? Anyway if he goes back with his mother to visit grandma, the nearest hotel is very far away. The alternative is for grandma to meet us in Thailand. None of us require a visa to go there. We love Thailand.
  7. At least Myanmar does not allow it for now. That might change in the near future. Up until recently, refugees who left Burma (before it became Myanmar) were prohiibited from visiting. That has changed. Or for that matter the rule against dual citizenship may only apply to adults, not children. I had not thought of that before. How could they force a child to stay in a hotel? I think I need a lawyer in Myanmar to sort this out.
  8. The adoption is complete. He is a US citizen by adoption. Mis mother will not become a US citizen simply becuase we own a condo in Myanmar. The government will seize the condo if she loses her citizenship.
  9. But they will take his green card, so he cannot re-enter the USA on his Myanmar passport. When he tries to depart Myanmar they will ask to see his green card or for a US visa. He can only show his US passport. I am not sure of any legal way to accomplish this.
  10. He has a new name. His brith name is very traditional. His new "Western" name is a very typical American name, with my last name (Braun). He hardly looks like a German decendant. His US passport will be in his new name. His Burmese passport has his birth name.
  11. I brought my wife here to the USA (we were both working in Singapore). I also brought her son from Myanmar. They both have green cards. I adopted him two weeks ago and changed his name. I am waiting for his name to update on his social security card. The DOT web site said he does not need his social security card updated to get his ID updated, but when we went there, they said different. I have noted that what web sites say, and what is done in practice often differ. Anyway, soon enough he will have a US passport. The only problem is with Myanmar. If he goes to visit his grandmother on his US passport, then he needs a visa, and must stay in a hotel because foreigners are not allowed to stay in private homes on a visit. He can leave the USA on his US passport, but when he arrives in Myanmar using his native passport, his airline ticket will differ. If they know he is adopted by a US citizen and now is a US citizen, they will take his Myanmar passport. What can we do? Someone suggested that he fly to Thailand on his USA passport, stay one day, fly to Myanmar on his Myanmar passport, return to Thailand on his Myanmar passport, then leave for the USA from Thailand on his US passport. That cannot work because when he leaves Thailand, he never officially entered Thailand under his Myanmar passport. I do not suppose Thailand will allow him to use both to enter.
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