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    Hikerwa reacted to JeanneAdil in Non-Immigrant visa affidavit of support   
    B1 tourist visa????
    they didn't  need affidavit of support from u to begin with (as said above)
    and they applied for the visa and had to prove ties to Morocco
    it is their responsibility / not yours
    just don't invite them to stay in your home 
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    Hikerwa reacted to Jorgedig in Do i must have his permission ?   
    BS.  This is an immigration forum, so one can infer that the OP was asking her Q in the context of immigration.  There are NO such federal laws in the US about getting “permission” from one”s spouse to travel or anything else.  
    If you think you or others should live under under such rules, maybe the US isn’t the best choice.
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    Hikerwa got a reaction from Madison S. in NVC Document Translation   
    Is the rest of the report in English and Portuguese as well? My only concern is if the actual report contains non-translated copy, if not, it should be fine, if it does, I would lean towards translating.
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    Hikerwa got a reaction from Pitaya in I751 Rejected due to early submission   
    You might not want to send your actual green card either, send a photocopy. You still need your card.
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    Hikerwa reacted to Boiler in spousal vs fiancee visa if fiancee overstayed visa   
    Getting somewhat ahead of yourself, meet first.
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    Hikerwa reacted to USN_MSC in Is this passport photo OK?   
    it looks like you took a selfie and yes, the shadow is probably going to result in them asking for another photo...my opinion. but if they want another photo, easy enough to go to local drugstore and get it done.
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    Hikerwa reacted to Pitaya in Is this passport photo OK?   
    Agree with the local drugstore idea. I went to local Walgreens and got 4 passport photos for $10-12. Sometimes they even have coupons.
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    Hikerwa reacted to Boiler in Mother-in-Law Denied Tourist Visa from Mexico for having only 1 child   
    You mentioned that you were looking at MIL immigrating and it seems that she is not independently wealthy and I assumed that you would be picking up the costs, the travel costs that seem to be giving you concern are minuscule compared to those.
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    Hikerwa reacted to davidvs in F2b Visa Complicated Situation   
    With your attitude towards our law, I sincerely hope you never make it to the US.
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    Hikerwa reacted to carmel34 in Enter US with my fiance?   
    Ask your fiance what he wants and go with that.  My husband just received his CR-1 visa yesterday, and he has already said he wants me to travel with him from Brazil to the USA in a few weeks when he makes the trip and goes through immigration at the POE in Miami.  So I'll go and spend the money and do it, for him because I love him, even though I was just in Rio last week to be with him for his visa interview.  It's not necessary to enter the US together, but if he feels more comfortable I'll be by his side so we purchased tickets.  I'll also spend a day with him in his hometown in Brazil saying good bye to his family and friends, and that will be hard so I want to be there to support him in making that big step.  He's leaving everything behind--his family, friends, job, his whole life, so I'm going to be with him for moral support at a time when he will really need it.  Good luck!  
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    Hikerwa reacted to Roel in Flying in the U.S. without AOS   
    You can afford vacation, but you're not willing to file and pay for AoS - the only thing that keeps you from being deported? Odd priorities.
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    Hikerwa reacted to carmel34 in CR-1 Visa in Hand and a Big Thank-you!   
    My husband just sent me a photo of his passport with the CR-1 visa in it!  It took one week from the interview to be issued and sent to him, so now we can make travel arrangements for him to come here to California so that we can finally live together, nearly two years since we first met.  He has to give 40 days' notice at his job and then he wants some time to wrap up his financial and personal affairs, so we are making plans for his trip here on August 18.  I will fly down to Brazil to accompany him on the trip and to say goodbye to his family who have been very supportive, although they will be sad to see him go.  I'm so excited I can barely type this...  We have been waiting 11 long and stressful months for this day!  The reason I'm posting this is because I wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" to all the amazing people here on Visa Journey who have posted their stories, questions, advice, and suggestions.  This is an amazing community and your encouragement, knowledge, and willingness to share your thoughts and experiences made all the difference in our journey.  It isn't over yet with ROC yet to come in two years, but this is the biggest milestone yet and I just wanted to say that you're all awesome and we couldn't have done this so smoothly with you.  Thank you again and good luck to all of you!
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    Hikerwa reacted to Rusk Marcotte in Update !   
    Called Uscis today was approved on the 17 th of June  ! paperwork on the way ! So it looks like on the way to New Hampshire! For next stage ! 
    Rusk  and Oksana 
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    Hikerwa got a reaction from wbeem in I751 Rejected due to early submission   
    You might not want to send your actual green card either, send a photocopy. You still need your card.
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    Hikerwa reacted to HuberKimFamily in A few questions regarding CR1 (merged topics)   
    If you are a US citizen, maybe consider giving the child citizenship and getting a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CBRA). 
    And if I were you, I would probably include it along with my I-130 package as of now. Just a photo and that you are expecting the child on XXX date and as a citizenship you will be reporting the birth or something. 
    Once the child is born, consider the CBRA because it took us a month to get my son US citizenship in Switzerland.
    Hope this helps?
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    Hikerwa reacted to TBoneTX in Divorce before expiration of conditional Green Card advice   
    Let's please knock off the unnecessarily accusatory posts.  The OP simply asked a question.
    A perfectly appropriate answer is, "There's no need to tell USCIS a detail like that; simply divorce and file for Removing Conditions with the divorce waiver."
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    Hikerwa reacted to missileman in K1   
    I strongly urge you to study the AOS process before your fiance arrives......Then you can marry and apply for adjustment of status BEFORE the expiration of the I-94 (90 days after arrival).
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    Hikerwa reacted to Shotta558 in K1   
    Hi Visa Journey family just to give you guys a heads up my Visa journey is over my fiance was granted a Visa at the US Embassy in Santo Domingo😊😊😊
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    Hikerwa reacted to missileman in CR1 VS K1, please advise!!   
    Newly married international couples don't (and aren't expected to) have a lot of joint property.  Your best evidence is your marriage certificate, evidence of actual time together, and continued communication.
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    Hikerwa reacted to elmcitymaven in Untrue bill (cyberstalking) for i129f?   
    If that were true, this place would be on 24/7 lockdown. 
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    Hikerwa reacted to elmcitymaven in Untrue bill (cyberstalking) for i129f?   
    Well, I graduated from law school in two different countries and have never encountered the term! 
    It's sort of beside the point. The reality is (1) bogus charges were brought against you and (2) the court said they were bogus. This is great! All you have to do is tell USCIS this exact truth. You look good and totally vindicated. Not disclosing it makes you look bad and like you're hiding something. Transparency is key here. Be transparent, and things will go much better than if you don't.  
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    Hikerwa reacted to Roel in Pending I-751 and will be living abroad   
    I think at this point you need to ask yourself if you want to be resident of US or Australia. 
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    Hikerwa reacted to MjC772 in Child born of surrogate - father is USC but child denied citizenship   
    Oh my! Do they still do that? I think someone needs to remind them 😆
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    Hikerwa got a reaction from HUBBY in IRS TAXES   
    I made sure that I had a payment plan in place, and current before my wife's interview, but owing taxes was not a problem.
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    Hikerwa reacted to TBoneTX in Is there any point to the paper card envelope USCIS issue with Green Card now?   
    It's a little crumb of niceness (perhaps the only, ever) from USCIS to you.  Therefore, treasure and relish it.  
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