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  1. awilliams

    What Visa do i need and how to start it?

    Unfortunately we split up, the engagement caused alot undue stress + family ruined the relationship.. Luckily she moved to Virginia and id be working in New Orleans... I'll speak to the company lawyer im sure the best bet, he has mentioned he's done it with 3 other emplpyees. Out of curiosity on a TV production do you need to do the whole PERM Labor Certification? I hear that's pretty lengthy.
  2. Hi there, Im currently over in the states visiting friends when i told one of them about my previous working experience - 7 years at the BBC, he works for a TV/Movie Production Company that works for Sony + other big names, he said he's filming a new TV show with Sony and would like me to work on his show ongoing with the experience i have... so basically be part of the production crew... What kind of Visa would i need? Will it be hard to obtain? There will be more ongoing projects after the show ends that he wants to keep me on for.
  3. Hi there, been a while since i've been here but had good advice, i been on the Green Card waiting list for a Family First Preference (F1): Unmarried sons and daughters of U.S. citizens, and their minor children visa since October 2014. Me: I'm English, born and bred in the UK... However since my green card application, i met an US Citizen whilst on my travels in the states and been dating since 2015, i regularly fly back and forth to see her (every month, two at most) and most recently got engaged since we decided we would like to be together (as you do as a couple i'm sure) on a more permanent basis, the discussion of where we want to move to came up obviously and whilst i did try and encourage her to move to the UK, she wants to stay due to her career and skills obtained in said career would be very valuable to her in the future with a higher earning potential ($100k+)... So what is the best route for us if we decide to move to the America and what does this mean for my current GC application?