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  1. Parent on Immigrant Visa (IR5) with no covid vaccine - This rarely gets mentioned on social medias so hoping to get answers here on this forum. My mother will have her interview at the US Embassy in Manila, PH Feb 2023 and will get her sputum results this month from St.Luke’s. She was able to proceed with the medical process in Nov 2022 but had to sign a waiver just like most of the applicants there who did not want to get the covid vaccine or didn’t like to get it completed with all the boosters. I am aware that CFO sticker is the last prior to departure and a negative covid test. 2 Questions: 1) Does anyone know or have first-hand experience if St.Luke’s will forward her immunization record to the embassy for interview even without her covid vaccine record? 2) I know I have read before that she can fly to the US with no covid vaccine but with all the changes recently, would she still need to provide Covid vaccination record to fly and enter the US on an immigrant visa? Also, other than mentioned above, anything else that I should know before her flying here to the US? Thank you so much.
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