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    We met with my wonderful fiance Dana on a dating site! He msg me first and (as he says) he was crossing his fingers for me to reply!!
    When i saw his pics i reeeally liked him.
    My first email was : hey im the girl overseas that u ll fall in love and have 4 babies!!!
    We start talk and talk and talk and after few weeks on January 8 2013 we became a couple!! He is the most wonderful man in this world!!!!
    In May i quite my job and on June 8 i went to see him! We spent almost 3 wonderful months together as a real couple!!! Be a good wifey waiting for him come home from work and jump into his hug!
    He proposed to me while we were sleepying!! He took my finger and put a ring on it!!! Thats it!!! :) we were looking to get marry but my fiance wasnt a citizen yet. On the immigration office they adviced us to wait for his citizenship and then apply for k1 visa.(too bad cause he had buy me already my wedding dress). So we sent the papers on the end of July and after 4 months he became a citizen!! Wooohooooo!! :)
    Sad part on this wonderful story! :(
    I had to go back in my home country and wait for my fiance s citizenship and apply for k1.!
    I ll never forget looking at him outside looking at me .... and me ....cry while i was waiting to go through the check in and check my passport so i can go get my flight! I havent cry so much in my life. And my fiance says he never felt worst in his life. He wanted to just take me home even if it was illegal to overstay!!
    I left!!

    We havent seen each other since then. No money to travel plus my fiance cant take more than 5 days off.
    If i go im sure they will deny my entree cause i have no job anymore so i have no evidence ties me on my home country. And if he comes we ll spent 1.500$ for a flight ticket to see each other only for 3 days! Not so fair when we have a million things to pay. I live with mother since i came back on her house and i dont talk with my father. He doesnt approve this relation cause my fiance is black!!! Its whatever!!! Im more than proud for my fiance and cant wait to have his babies!! Marco will be our first baby boy and Oksana will be daddy s girl! We havent decide about the name s of the other two babies! Marco and Oksana will tell us! :)
    On december 23 we applied for k1 and we are waiting.... And waiting..... And waitinggggggggggg.........

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  1. Even worst than depressed!!! WHERE IS THE NOA1??????? At least a sign they start the proccess.. Grrrrr

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      You submitted two days before a holiday, and just the other day was New Years, so it will probably be sometime next week or soon after that. Relax and try to stay occupied. This is just the first step and each one can take time.

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