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    I would think that it will still depend if MECQ will be lifted on 31st in NCR. With USEM still closed, considering Trump’s Proclamation of 60 days suspension, I would think that SLEC will only process medical to those not affected by the proclamation or visa’s other than US.
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    Current administration is the government and therefore those terms can be used synonymously 
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    Basically impacted are those LPR’s who are trying to petition their spouse. 😥
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    Basically impacted are those LPR’s who are trying to petition their spouse. 😥
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    In short I am stuck here in PI. Good thing me and fam was able to fly to Davao before the enhanced community quarantine in Manila. Went home to escort my wife and kids for their medical and interview but got cancelled because of the crisis.
    I Am hearing that the president may extend for another 2 weeks the lockdown, no domestic flights going to Manila. Davao just started their ecq. On the lighter side, got to spend time with fam but this is definitely not a vacation lol.
    anyone here who is stuck as well?😷
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    If she can arrive to the interview and has all the.required docs, I say definitely attend.  She has 4 months to travel, which should be enough time for the world to calm down. 
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    I booked a flight into Clark. It's still possible to attend the interview as scheduled. We'll remain optimistic and hopeful.  Lock-down isn't a feasible strategy unless everyone on the planet stays home and doesn't go outside for 4-5 weeks. Otherwise the best advise is wash hands, avoid crowds, and stay home if feeling sick. If so sick that a hospital visit is required, then there's no good answer. 
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    Hey Guys,
    I just want to share my own journey especially to fellow F2B applicants. I know we need patience to wait for our priority date to become current. I myself waited for 11 years. During that period, my gf gave me 2 beautiful daughters but we were never married but were living together. I had to explain to her parents my status and good thing they understood it. Ill cut short with the process that my Mom went thru to petition us and get straight into medical and interview.
    Last July 31, 2015, I received an email stating my interview schedule on Sept 3, 6:15am. 2 weeks later, i scheduled for medical exam at SLEC. A day before my medica, i arrived and stayed at Hotel Soriente. It's a decent room with a room rate of P1,899 for single/double bed. Its basically less than a minute of walking and you will arrive at SLEC. On the day of my medical, i arrived at SLEC exactly 4am on a Thursday morning. By 6am the guard gave us my number which was #2. The guard will check for your passport, appointment letter and the SLEC pre registration form (if you applied for it in their website to save time) or you have to fill up a form manually if you haven't. I went inside and waited for my number to be called. Your documents will be check like your passport,will ask for 4 visa photos, appointment letter wherein they will stamp it with SLEC and will ask you to bring that document for your interview. She will ask for basic questions like your name,age DOB, name of petitioner, have u been abroad, hospitalized if ever. Then i proceed to cashier at 4th or 5th floor i forgot then after paying, I was directed by the lady guard for my vital signs then weight, eye test (snellens chart reading) then the physical exam with the doctor. He will ask you questions very fast and you have to pay attention like normal stuff (allergies, hospitalized, asthma, if u smoke, drink, drugs). Because i was honest, I admitted that i took MJ once, he proceeded if i took coccaine and shabu and i said no. After those series of questions, he asked me to get naked, he checked for lashes, tatoos, ear pierced, even will touch ur private part and your a*us as well. After that, i get dressed and he ordered that i get a psychia evaluation. By this time I was worried and regretted by being honest. After my PE, I went to have my syphilis test (they will get a sample of your blood), then you will be undergo Xray and the last step will be asking questions with your vaccines. After that, I was advised to return back 1:30pm for further evaluation. IF you will have no problems with your medical, the staff will tell you to return the following day to have your vaccines and get your sealed envelope with your medicals in it. I was down by this time and returned 1pm to 3rd floor.He said to go ground floor room N to evaluate me. The cute and beautiful nurse their said that i have to be psy evaluation since I admitted to have taken MJ. She gave me a form i have to fill it up. Just the basic questions like filling up a biodata but there will be questions there on MJ, when the last time you took, how frequent, what was the feeling, are you addicted to it... I answered them all specifying that it was only a one time deal out of curiousity. After answering it, the cute nurse gave my receipt back and i have to return a week before my interview for my Psy Eval. I pleaded if I can return back the next day since I am from a province and she said that is the only schedule of the psychiatrist and there is nothing i can do.
    A day before my Psy Eval, i arrived and stayed at Topical Mansion Hotel, small room but it was a decent room, cheap one as well since i paid 1000/day. On the day of my evaluation, arrived 30 min early proceeded to room N again and saw the cute nurse. We were 5 to be evaluated and she said to go to the cashier and pay the fee of 1,058. We were on cue to be called. I was 3rd. The first to be called was a Canadian immigrant or something. He was evaluated for almost 1 and half hour, the 2nd was a K1 applicant and took her about 20 min. Now it was my turn, I was nervous but calm. The lady guard accompanied me to the 6th floor i think and there the lady psychiatrist was waiting for me. It was my 1st time seeing a psychiatrist but she was very nice. He asked my why I was to be evaluated. It was a very casual evaluation. She just asked me about the form i filled up 2 weeks ago like my bio data. She focused more on my family since I was a product of a broken family. She asked more questions on that like at what age was my parents broke up. What was the reason, how did my mom entered US and how was she able to petition me.. Stuff like that...And for the MJ, she just asked why i did it and i said out of curiosity. Thats it. She said there's nothing wrong with me and asked me when my interview is so that she can prepare her report about my evaluation. She said to return a day before my interview. Asked her if I can do my vaccines, she said i still cannot since her report is needed before i can proceed with the vaccine. She said to return back to room N (my favorite room) for further instructions. The whole evaluation took 15minutes. The cute nurse told me to come back the next day afternoon to check if my eval results are available. It was a gamble i took and the following day i returned back at 2pm, waited for 2 hours and viola! I have my psy evaluations and will proceed with my vaccines. Got 4 shots for it. After my vaccines, I proceeded to the releasing window at the ground floor and waited my name to be called. They will just ask to verify the data that they will type because it will be forwarded to the embassy. I was given the cd and my vaccine report. My sealed envelope was not given to me and they will just forward it at USEM. I felt happy because I can go home. My plan was if my result was not available, i will not go back home and just wait for my interview and follow up my results.
    Okay, the final quarter lol, again arrived a day earlier and this time checked in at M Hotel Manila, it looks nice outside but inside, i dont like it. Their rate is 2000/night. I prefer Hotel Soriente. I just stayed there because it is near USEM. Exactly 430am, i arrived at USEM and was shocked to see so many people. There are 3 separate lines, 1 from seamen, 1 from 615am sched and the other is 630am sched. I only brought a plastic envelope wherein my documents will be needed like my passport,NSO BC, CENOMAR, NBI, appointment interview with SLEC stamp, DS 260 confirmation, not asked from me were police clearance, visa photos, old passport, pictures, AOS & ITR of mom, NSO BC of my children. I did not bring cellphone, my digital watch and backpack since i checked at their website that it was prohibited to bring those. But to my shock, only cellphones were prohibited. If you bring ur cp, u will have a hard time for the safe keeping. There will be vendors who will safe keep ur cp, but i dont trust them and it will be your gamble. My line of 615 was called, were lining up right before their entrance, a lady will check ur passport(she will put ur passport in a plastic), ur 1st page of SLEC stamped appointment letter and ur DS 260 confirmation. You will then proceed inside where you will be check by their security esp those with backpacks will be asked to open it, for those with only envelopes, you need to put your wallet inside the envelope. Then after that, you will go to another screening, the lady will asked for ur appointment letter (1st page), will ask questions on who petitioned u, DOB of petitioner, then you will proceed to the biometrics, then the next part will be the most important one. A 3rd screening will be given. I was screened by this fellow filipino, he asked for my NSO BC, CENOMAR, NBI. He asked questions again to the petitioner, DOB, when did she arrive in US, last time i saw her also asked for her status now. I said she is an american citizen but when she petitioned me she was LPR. He searched something with my documents (am guessing those documents he checked was the one i gave it to NVC 2 years ago, and my moms documents as well). He asked if i have something to prove that my mom now is a US Citizen. I said none. He asked for the notice of approval of out opt out, good thing i brought it (or else 221g)Again he asked how many kids I have, I said 2. He checked something at the computer, my guess is that my DS 260. He said why is it that I only have 1 kid on my DS 260, i told him that when i completed my DS260, it was 2 years ago, my 2nd daughter was only born this year. He said i need to update my DS 260, told him that i tried to edit but i cant. He reopened my DS 260 and i need it to update it. So i went out USEM and asked those vendors where i can find an internet shop, one of the vendors guided my, near my hotel, it is a private residence with a laptop and printer, there is a payment of 400 for using her laptop and printer, i thought better to pay 400 than to have my reschedule if i find a cheaper one. Good thing the owner of the laptop is very knowledgeable on DS 260. I immediately edited and updated my children have it printed and went back to the screener again. I was referred to window 38 and after a few minutes, told me to proceed to the oath taking. I read aloud the printed statement. They have 3 languages (english, filipino and visayan). After that, you will be on que again for the final interview with consul. I was amazed because most consuls know how to speak tagalog. My turn came i greeted the consul and checked my papers. He asked me again my petitioner, DOB, how & when did she arrive at US, last time i saw her, asked about my kids, how many and if they will join me on a later date. After that he said everything looks good, congratulations visa approved. He said to what 7-10 days for my visa. Gave me a small paper on the instructions on how to register for the delivery address which i already did a few days earlier thru pick up at 2go in my province. The whole final interview with consul took only 3 minutes. After that all smiles!
    Sorry for the long story, i just wanted to share my experience with my fellow F2B. My journey was not smoothed, we cant expect to be smooth ride, but you just have to endure it, pray and God will help. Right now am waiting for my visa to be picked up. Next stop will be the CFO. I need to read their experiences with CFO.
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    You were never issued a certificate?  Then you haven't completed the GCP seminar. 
    I would then suggest you contact the below person, explain your situation and ask for her assistance with CFO in Davao.  
    Migrant Integration & Education Division
    Tel No: (02) 552-4759
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    Once you log in through CEAC and says it is "READY".
    You do not need to call the US embassy, you can go ahead and sign up online https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/ and make your own schedule. (Only for those who are Expedited)
    Make sure you print atleast more than 1 copies of your interview letter. One you'll take it to your Medical Appointment and the other one to your Interview date.
    Make sure to read the Disclaimer Notice below before making an interview appointment!
    Disclaimer Notice
    If you meet any of the following conditions, do not schedule an immigrant visa interview appointment:
    You have been interviewed and informed by a consular officer that you are ineligible to receive an immigrant or a K visa. You are the principal beneficiary and have failed to reschedule your visa interview appointment within a year from the original appointment date. You are the principal beneficiary and have failed to contact or communicate with the Embassy for more than a year from the time you were informed that your case is ready for final processing. You are a K2 derivative applicant and have failed to apply for a visa within a year from the time of the principal beneficiary’s visa issuance. Your case is not current for processing based on the current cut-off dates. This includes retrogressed cases. Your case is still with the National Visa Center (NVC). You have not received instructions from the Embassy or NVC that you may schedule an interview. Aged-out FTJ children applying for the first time under CSPA. FTJ cases (spouse or children) whose principal applicant adjusted status in the U.S. If you wish to apply for Returning Resident status. If you are an SB1 visa applicant without a case number.  
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    I have a kid 4 years old. we had our medical exam last Jan. 9-10. It only took 2 days. The second day we got the results and she got 5 shots of vaccines. She only undergo IGRA test which means the nurse will collect blood from the child, Immunization interview and physical exam. You should bring your kid's immunization record too. 
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    You are very busy!       Hope everything goes smooth and quickly for you
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    This is a long post. Just want to share how the medical was for me since this forum helped me a lot. 
    I stayed at Go Hotels Ermita which is a few minutes away from the clinic. I paid 3851.37PhP for 2 nights. 
    For SLEC, don’t forget to bring your own pen. Also, I forgot which floor is which, so I’ll just indicate the areas. Use the stairs too. Way faster than the elevators. 
    Day 1: January 7, 2020
    I arrived at 08:10. No need to go there at 3 or 4 in the morning. A few extra hours of sleep sounds (and feels) better than waiting in line.
    The guard asked for the following: passport, 1 copy of passport biopage, 1 copy of SLEC appointment letter, 1 copy of NVC letter, 1 copy of appointment confirmation letter for the USEM interview (if applicable), Security Bank receipt (if applicable), and 4 2x2 photos. He compiled everything and asked me to proceed to the photo room. 
    💡 Almost every step of the process, aside from the SLEC papers, they will ask for your passport and ask you your name and birthday for verification. 
    PHOTO ROOM: They took a photo of me, I saw it was what they used for their system, and asked me my name and birthday for verification. After that, they asked me to proceed to the USA reception. 
    USA Reception: I waited for a few minutes until I was called. They just asked me my name, my birthday, if it was my first time to have medical at SLEC, and my relationship with my petitioner (fiancé). After that, they asked me to scan my right index finger. Then, they gave me my receipt along with the paperwork that I need for the process. 
    LABORATORY: There’s a sheet of paper that explains what you will be tested for. You will have to write your name and sign after reading. (No erasures!) After signing, I gave my papers and the signed sheet to the reception area and waited to be called. When I was called, they told me to scan my fingerprint and asked me if I urinated that morning. I did at 7:45 so they asked me to do my urine collection at 8:45 and proceed to the phlebotomy area first. 
    PHLEBOTOMY: Did what they had to do, draw blood, and asked me to go do my x-ray. 
    X-RAY: They asked me if I’m pregnant (I’m not). Then, they told me to write ”I’m not pregnant” on the sheet and fill out the required fields. After doing so, I was asked to proceed to the women’s xray room. You have to wear a gown (take your shirt and underwear off, of course) and to put your hair up in a bun. I waited for my turn and I was asked stuff again for verification. I inhaled the best I could when I was told to do so (I was honestly freaking out about this because of the various posts I have read). After this, I was asked to do urine collection. 
    URINE COLLECTION: I was instructed to collect my urine from the first drop until it reaches the line drawn on the container. It shouldn’t be full or less than what’s required. The nurse will accompany you inside the restroom and you would have to leave your bag out of the cubicle. After that, they took the container and they asked me to proceed to the vital signs area. 
    VITAL SIGNS: Gave them my papers and waited to be called. They checked the following: weight, height, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature. After this, I was asked to proceed to the eye test room.
    EYE TEST: Asked if I’m wearing eyeglasses and/or contact lenses and checked for visual acuity. After this, I filled out a sheet of my ki medical history and gave my papers to the US Counter and waited to be called. 
    PHYSICAL EXAM: When I was called, I was instructed to go wait by the clinic. The doctor asked about my history. After the interview part, the doctor did the physical examination. This was when the doctor saw my tattoo and asked if I only have one. I think she was checking for scars and such. She also asked about my highest educational attainment and my previous vaccinations. After it was done, I was told to give my papers back to the US counter and wait to be called. 
    CHECK-OUT: When I was finally called, I was instructed to go to the second floor to check-out before I can go home. I went down and gave them my papers. When they called me, they asked me about my previous vaccinations and asked to see my records. Then, I was instructed to come back the next day at 9:00AM. 
    I finished at 10:40. Finished everything in 2 hours and 30 minutes. Longest wait was for the physical examination. 
    Day 2: January 8, 2020
    I arrived at 9:30AM. I showed the guard my receipt and my passport. He told me to stay at the ground floor, give my receipt to Counter A, and wait to be called. I was nervous the entire time because I have always read that people get sent to the second floor for immunization right away, if passed, or to the fourth floor for those under sputum. Not knowing what being at the ground floor means was torturous, along with the 2 hour wait. But I kept seeing people from the ground floor being called to go the immunization room. So that somehow helped and gave me hope lol. At around 12 noon, I was (finally) called to go to the immunization room! Thank God!!! ♥️ I was nervous the entire time. The nurse asked about my medical history and if I’m pregnant. I had to write “I’m not pregnant” and she gave me 3 shots (TDAP, MMR, and Varicella — some posts of people said they got 4 shots with the flu shot). I went back to the releasing area (ground floor — where I was asked to wait) after for my sealed envelope, CD, and vaccination record. 
    I finished at 13:25. It was worth the wait! It took me almost 4 hours on the 2nd day. I was praying and freaking out (lol) the entire time I was waiting. I had colds and sore throat when I did the medical. I was worried about this too. But thank God, I passed! Prayers move mountains and we’re one step closer ♥️
    Hope this helps! I did my best to remember details so I probably missed some. 
    Anyhow, best of luck to everyone. 
    God bless us all! ♥️
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    The USCIS website, where the G-325A isn't listed (anymore)  https://www.uscis.gov/i-129f
    When in doubt follow the official gov. website.
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    Latest on this topic from Natl Law Review. The guidance is underlined below
    New Presidential Proclamation Requiring Health Care for Immigrant Visa Applicants Effective November 3, 2019
    Monday, October 28, 2019 On Oct. 4, President Donald Trump signed a new “Presidential Proclamation on the Suspension of Entry of Immigrants Who Will Financially Burden the United States Healthcare System,” which goes into effect Nov. 3 and affects most immigrant visa applicants. This Presidential Proclamation is separate from the Public Charge Rule, which is on hold in the U.S. due to a court injunction, and its implementation at U.S. Consulates has been delayed by the Department of State.
    According to the new Presidential Proclamation, with very small exceptions including refugees and asylees, applicants for immigrant visas will need to present evidence to the consular office “to the consular officer’s satisfaction” at the time of their immigrant visa interview that they will be covered by approved health insurance within 30 days of entering the U.S. or that they have enough financial means to pay for “reasonably foreseeable medical costs.” The Presidential Proclamation asserts that “lawful immigrants are about three times more likely than United States citizens to lack health insurance.”
    The DOS has updated its website with instructions on how they will be implementing the new rules for all immigrant visa applicants with interviews on or after Nov. 3 (See https://travel.state.gov/healthcare). The Department of State has advised that inability to meet this requirement will result in the denial of the visa application and further indicated on its website that “Officers will review the medical and financial documentation that is already part of the applicant’s case file and may request additional information or documentation as needed.” Therefore, prior to the visa interview, applicants may wish to review costs and eligibility requirements for approved health insurance plans or consider how they would pay for the reasonably foreseeable medical costs of any current medical condition they may have.
    Approved health insurance, as indicated in the Presidential Proclamation, includes employer-sponsored health plans, including retiree plans; unsubsidized health plans offered in the individual market within a State; short-term, limited duration health plans effective for a minimum of 364 days or until the beginning of planned, extended travel outside the United States; catastrophic plans; coverage by a family member’s health plan; U.S. military health plans, including TRICARE; visitor health insurance plans with adequate medical coverage for a minimum of 364 days or until the beginning of planned, extended travel outside the United States; medical plans under the Medicare program; any other health plan with adequate coverage as determined by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. For individuals over the age of 18, approved health insurance does not include coverage under the Medicaid program
    According to Law360, two Senate Democrats have urged President Trump to stop this proclamation from going into effect. Like the Public Charge Rule, the Presidential Proclamation may become the subject of litigation. However, as of the publication of this blog post, the Presidential Proclamation is still scheduled to go into effect on Nov. 3, and applicants should be prepared to bring to the interview evidence that they will be covered by approved health insurance upon arrival in the U.S. or that they have enough means to pay for “reasonably foreseeable medical costs.” As such, applicants may seriously consider carrying a copy of their recent bank statements showing enough income to cover medical costs in the U.S. or a copy of their health insurance card and information about their health insurance policy confirming that their plan provides adequate coverage.
    As we are still unsure how consular offices will be handling the new rule, and it is solely at the U.S. Consular Officer’s discretion to determine if the applicant has enough financial means to pay for any “reasonably foreseeable medical costs” or that the applicant will in fact be covered by a health insurance within 30 days of arriving in the U.S., immigrant visa applicants are well-advised to consider carrying evidence of coverage with them, even if they think they might be exempt from this rule.
    Co-Author Bianca Pipala is Not admitted to the practice of law.
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    delish reacted to artcodex in Courts block Trump rule to deny green cards and visas to low-income immigrants(merged)   
    Just to add and clarify. As has been mentioned above the 14 August 2019 rule that was going to be implemented on October 15 was only specific to those going through Adjustment of Status. These rules are implemented through DHS and USCIS. These agencies were litigated against and temporary injunction was placed on their rule. For consular visa processing it is responsibility of Department of State to set rules and guidelines for those applying from outside of the country and so the above mentioned rule would not affect people through this process BUT and here is the big BUT, the department of state (DOS) had already modified public charge at beginning of the year and on Friday (October 11) put out an interim rule specifying that they were changing their guidelines to closer adhere to the DHS and USCIS new rules on public charge that were going to take effect on October 15. So even though the original rules set by DHS and USCIS have an injunction on them, this injunction will not effect guidance updates and rule updates by DOS. You can read more about this DOS plan here:
    So consular processing is not status quo for outside the USA and is changing. In fact this interim guidance is going into effect on October 15 as well. To me this is crazy because the guidance/rules were set for AOS applicants and many areas don't make sense for visa applicants and the form changes and new forms were also specific to AOS and no longer are published at all, so how they intend to collect this new information for visa applicants is anyone's guess at this point. It seems like complete chaos to me.
    So in summary DOS consular visa processing is changing it's guidelines to closer reflect the August 14th rule, the DOS guidelines are not the same as DHS rules, but they are now very similar where as before public charge was a simpler hurdle to navigate this will certainly make it a lot more difficult and very confusing for people who have upcoming interviews since these changes are very rushed with little guidance.
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    Walang anuman
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    Very informative post. Soon my wife will also do those things under f2a category. Btw, whats your PD?
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    No need to go there early.
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    delish got a reaction from Misis O in K1 & K2 Interview Experience June 27, 2019   
    Good read. I will let my wife read this.
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    delish reacted to Hemskhatiwada in I130 got transferred to another sc   
    My i130 which was initially filed in csc is now transferred to vsc. My pd is feb of 2018.
    california was taking too long and vermont is currently processing for November of 2018. So how will they process my case. Anyone been through this scenario please reply. 
    Thanks in advance . 
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