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    Your welcome.
    Once your I-130 has been approved from USCIS, it will be sent to NVC (a part of the Department of State). Depending what service center the I-130 is coming from, this can take anywhere from a few business days to a few weeks. You may or may not get an email from USCIS/update on their website stating when it was sent.
    You won't get correspondence from NVC when they receive your case from USCIS. You need to call an operator at NVC to find this out. Once NVC does receive your case, it's currently taking around 3 weeks for a case number to be assigned.
    You should read Saylin wiki about NVC process Here
    Good luck
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    In the I-864 part 7 instr. 6.-8. Assets of the intending immigrant : You may use the assets of the intending immigrant regardless of where he or she resides. The intending immigrant must provide evidence of such assets with this form. and form I-864A is not required.
    the trick is this .. Based on your post above your household size is 29,812$ . the total value of your assets must only be equal to at least three times the difference of the income of your wife.
    For example : if your wife income is zero then the total value of your assets will be equal to ( 29,812 x 3 = 89,436 $ ).
    I hope i helped you in this .. good luck
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    Thank god ... finally got our approval
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