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  1. Hello 
    I had my interview in Lagos Nigeria on the 21/06/2018 and CO was Refuse to issue the visa the CO was asking me are you married before I said yes and CO said can see your Divorce I said 
    Under traditional laws is married to me but is   Not LEGALLY married to me and CO ask me have you Divorce I said yes CO said can see your Divorce and I said I didn’t have it with me because is traditional married.my lawyer told me that I should tell the CO that in USA is not legally married to me is only Nigeria can it like is married to me. I told CO that and we are not together know more my family and her family know about that we are not together. and we went to court for Divorce and I didn’t go back to court to pick it up.because my lawyer told me that in USA is not a legally married to me so I didn’t go back to pick the Divorce up since that time. so during the interview the CO said I’m still married to her so she said she need the Divorce from me to show I’m not married to her know more. and CO said she going to send my application back to NVC to revoked my application.that what the CO said and I don’t know what to do now and my US citizen wife she know everything about it . Thanks 

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      Please post questions in the applicable public forum, where others can benefit from the discussion.  That's how Visa Journey works.

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      Kabir Ishola

      Because this is my first time to post so I don’t know where to post that why 

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