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  1. drwalker887

    Starting to gather for initial filing

    The apostille stuff had me confused. I am starting the first step this week and just wanted to be sure about it all... Thank for help guys
  2. drwalker887

    Starting to gather for initial filing

    Thank guys that is what I have asked her to do. She was worried about the apostle. So that is good to hear. I will make sure we both have copies of all papers to be safe.
  3. drwalker887

    Starting to gather for initial filing

    Bill thank you very much. She has ordered a new divorce decree as on she had was laminated and she also got the information to show the change ate marriage and change back at divorce of name. . I appreciate the help And yes it will be the initial filing for K1
  4. Guys I have read and read until my brain is like a mush. Starting the intial filing and very confused if apositle is need for my fiance's divorce papers, name change papers or anything else I need right now to do initial filing. I am sorry I tried to search but having issues. I am from US and she's in Ukraine Thank you for help