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  1. Peeps, please help. I filed in sept 2017 when I was still much in love with hubby. We filed jointly. Later on down the road, he cheated on me and physically abused me so the police got involved and there is a no contact order in place. I was so depressed and broken hearted so I waited months to file for divorce. I finally got my divorce decree and in the meantime I was working on changing my name with SSA, but my I751 got approved. I didn't have time to collect all the evidence I wanted to send for the abuse and affair, and now I have a letter saying I got approved. How do I let uscis know about my divorce? Thank you
  2. Hello, I came to the US on a K1 visa and our relationship was bona fide. I got my first green card without an interview. When I applied for ROC, I was still with my husband so we filed a joint petition. A few months later, he had an affair and physically abused me. I eas so devastated and depressed. I waited months to finally let go of him and I filed for divorce. I'm in school and working full time so I didnt have time to get to completel the new ROC package to let uscis know I got divorced recently and my I751 was approved before I could let them know. What do I do now? I still want to let them know but I'm approved now so should I just wait for naturalization to let them know? That would look bad though. Please help!
  3. I think you miss read my information. I said county. My court house is far away from where I live and I never have time to go to get it. I'm still in the US.
  4. Hello, I came to the United States in February of 2015 on a K-1 Visa. I filed the removal of conditions in September of 2017. A few months after that I found out my US citizen had been having an affair, and then I demanded for answers from him. He became abusive, and now we are divorced and he was charged with a gross misdemeanor for the abuse. I have not sent the papwerwork for the divorce yet because I have to go to my county and request a cerified copy of my divorce decree, but does anyone know how to adjust my initial application? Thank you
  5. My application is still pending. They received in on Semptember 27 :(
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