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    floridaboundcanuk got a reaction from CoffeeVegan in I-751 March 2017 Filers   
    If you have a your 1 year extension letter and it's still good you'd use that at the DMV in conjunction with your greencard. If not, get to a uscis office asap and get an i551 stamp in your passport. It will serve as your greencard for another year. As for your wait, currently for most people it's 1.5 years to get your card so you still have some more waiting to do. If you're like me and you filed n400 it could be up to a whole other year.
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    floridaboundcanuk got a reaction from YafaUSA in I-751 March 2017 Filers   
    Interesting reading the various outcomes of everyone. I went to get a stamp, filled n400 just before and was told while at USCIS that even though I've already waited over a year for my 10 year greencard, id have to wait another year until my n400 was ready to be adjudicated and do a double interview. Seriously?
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    floridaboundcanuk got a reaction from harleytexas in Ordering Canadian Food Products Online   
    "Canadian" chocolate is for the most part just British chocolate, you can find them around here though at a place like publix or world market. They are about 50% more than Canada. I've actually found Dare cookies, maple creme, chocolate, viva puffs, etc..
    There's lots around if you look. I still don't notice any taste differences in anything people are complaining about here - ketchup, KD, bread, etc..
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    floridaboundcanuk got a reaction from Dualie in Today's Ottawa Attacks   
    I hope Ottawa doesn't dismiss this incident - real, immediate change needs to happen. There should be a new Canadian Secret Service agency who's sole responsibility is VIP protection (the RCMP response was a joke, stuffing Harper in a closet - how embarrassing), there should be major overhauls of how Parliament deploys a security posture. Everyone should be armed if they are part of security, public tours at certain times should be cancelled, there should be a continuity of government plan for leaders and cabinet members with a much greater integration of military forces, immigration needs a major overhaul. It's simply too easy to immigrate to Canada and gain Citizenship, etc..
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    floridaboundcanuk got a reaction from NikLR in The Canuck EI Thread   
    UPDATE - woo hoo I got a call back. Turns out the reason they didn't call me back was that I use an ooma home phone and for some reason their phones don't like an internet based voip phone gave them my cell and all is good now. I apparently have to call every two weeks to tell them I can't work but would like to and then as soon as my EAD arrives fax it to them and I'm all set.
    About a tonne of weight is off my shoulders.
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    floridaboundcanuk got a reaction from froschundblumen in K1 process - P3 package   
    Hey all, I just went through all of this just a few months ago. Here's my advice - Take a single picture of yourself or get it done at a local us or canadian passport studio, then scan the picture. You can then print as many as you want on photopaper - you'll just need to cut out the pics. I ended up doing a background check and submitted that with the original petition to USCIS. If its going to be less than a year from then until your interview you don't need another one, just bring in the original document. If it will be a year from that time then you need another one. Don't get this done until close to your interview. You'll need it for the adjustment of status. I used the commissionaires. It was something like $70 and I had an RCMP check with fingerprints and picture back in like 3 days.
    Packet 3 is now all on you. You do NOT need anything from the staff at the consulate.
    Packet 3 is basically a set of instructions that indicated that you need to fill out a DS-160 and answer the questions to the best of your ability. They know you are canadian and travel across the border frequently. I wrote the specific times I visited my then fiancee going back two years. Print EVERY page as you answer. These questions may come up again at your interview and you want to answer the same. When you're done, you'll get a pdf confirmation in your email, attach this to your p3 email. Also PRINT IT. I repeat, PRINT IT. you need it to get into the consulate. It's your ticket. Send in a scan of your passport, and whatever else it says you need and you're good. Finally, if you have not received one at this point, Phone the national visa center and ask for your montreal case number. Write it down exactly, you will need it for EVERYTHING.
    After you send in your stuff, the waiting game begins. What you are waiting for is an email from the consulate. Mine took about 3 weeks. THE EMAIL IS PACKET 4. Print it out, you will need it to get into the consulate. It's just a series of reminders and instructions on how to book an appointment with the doctor and the consulate. Why the packet 4 pdf on the consulate website then? it's simply the updated requirements of what to bring with you to your appointment. THE US GOVERNMENT DOESN'T UPDATE ITS OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS OFTEN. This is why you get "ready to book appointment" on the state department website when your technically not. There are also contradictory instructions on the packet 4 email you will receive. Just ignore most of it and go by the pdf on the consulate website.
    Book your appointment, print that email and confirmation and then make plans to go to the doctor and head to montreal.

    you also have to scan the packet 3 checklist after you fill it out and sign it and then send that in too.
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    floridaboundcanuk got a reaction from sheeshkabelle in Visiting Limitation in Canada   
    That's your responsibility to know, but if you don't have one already you sound like the perfect candidate to get a Nexus card. Best $50 you'll ever spend.
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    floridaboundcanuk got a reaction from TheFantastics09 in Mairjuana Use   
    Any admission of past drug use is sufficient enough to get you banned from entering the United States. This is why Rob Ford will be turned away if he tries to go to Detroit for the hockey classic.
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