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    Hi guys! my name is Maria and my fiancee is Ramon. We met back in July of 2012 on a social network site called Tagged! Ramon will always be known to me as my knight in shining armour because God put him in my life when i needed him the most. During the time we met i was going through a divorce and wasnt looking to jump into another relationship, who would? When he first messaged me telling me how beautiful i was i couldnt believe he was actually talking to me(yeah i had very low self esteem prior to meeting him)At first i made it very clear that i was not looking for a boyfriend or relationship other than seeking friends and what caught me so of guard was that he told me "ok. but i already know you are going to be my wife" i told him yeah right dude keep dreaming" and his response was "i am until the day it happens" I was getting mad at this point and couldnt believe the nerve of him! but as time went on, without wanting to admit it, i would get excited when he would message me and couldnt believe that without thinking twice about it, gave him my number, i couldnt believe i did that and thought i was crazy but something told me it was what i was meant to do that because as soon as i heard his voice when i answred he responded with hello Mrs saint Hilaire how is your day going? I was mad but soo happy at the same time. I think i love how this guy is so confident and arrogant! I was falling for this guy hard and he would tell me the most beautiful things but what made fall for him was the fact that he confessed to me that hes seen and been through a lot of women but that one look at my picture and he knew that i was going to be his wife. To me he is so perfect and says all the perfect things and because of him my life has changed for the better, mentally, emotionally and physically. I just had to see if he was for real and i finally flew to meet him in October 2012. It was the most exciting and life changing descion i had ever had the courage to make in my life. i was originally supposed to stay for 1 week but prolonged it to 2 weeks. the moment we had our first kiss thats when it really hit me, this is my soul mate and this is day one of our lives we will spend together forever! Ive never been treated the way he treats me and he worshipped the ground i was on to the point where i asked him if hes really that proud that im his girlfriend and his response was "thats because I AM proud and honred that you accepted me in your life, thank you. thank you for accepting me in your life and your kids lives. we both cried. the one memory we are always going to cherish is the night we went out and it rained. it was beautiful. just getting wet while riding his moped through San pedro de Macoris and he was yelling Te amo mi mexicana te amoooo! its been tough being without my other half but we have high hopes we will get the chance to finally be together for good. not a day goes by that we dont call eachother or write to eachother on facebook. to the think at this point we would be tired of talking on the phone or run out of things to say but thats not us at all. you think by now you know what love is after so many failed relationships but with him now i know what love really is and i thank god for giving me the oppertunity to experience true love and happiness, yes we had our moments but were both at the point where we seriously cant imagine our lives without eachother and really wonder how the heck did we have a life previously??? he talks to my children every day and refers to them as his! i believe that everything happens for a reason and have asked why didnt we meet before? now i know that god was saving him for me when the time was right and its because it was gods sign that there is such a thing as keeping hope for the better.
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