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  1. Hi!

    Can you help me with my CSPA query please? Thank you :)

    1. SusieQQQ


      I don’t know what query you are talking about. If it is on the forum in a section I usually read then I will find it. 

    2. pm123


      I have posted it on my profile. However, I will restate it for you.

      Priority Date: March 28, 2005

      Approval Date: April 17, 2009

      Current Visa Bulletin: January 22, 2005

      DOB: April 20, 1997

      Category: F4

      Location: India

      I am a derivative applicant, whereas my father is the principal applicant. My biological age is 23. However, I calculated my CSPA age using an online calculator and it turns out to be 19 years. I would like to know if I am surely covered under CSPA. I have read a couple of articles where the CSPA applicant is not approved of the visa. What action can I take prior to the date becoming current to stay covered under CSPA? Why do some people get rejections even if staying covered under CSPA?

    3. SusieQQQ


      I’m not a personal resource. I answer posts in the forum. I definitely don’t go checking everyone’s profile on VJ! If you would like me to answer it (and so that others can respond and learn too) please post in the appropriate forum. 

      By the way I hardly ever visit my own profile page so it is pure chance I even saw this.

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