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    K-1 Timeline
    2015-01-04 :Submitted I-129F to Lewisville, TX Lockbox via USPS
    2015-01-06 :Received delivery confirmation from USPS and routed to the USCIS California Service Center
    2015-01-08 :NOA-1 (Received by text and email)
    2015-01-12 :NOA-1 (Received official Receipt Notice)
    2015-01-15 :Fiancée applied for single status certificate
    2015-01-20 :Fiancée got household registration Book (Ho Khau)
    2015-01-20 :Fiancée applied for Police Certificate #2 and received it the same day! Without coffee money!
    2015-01-25 :Fiancée received her single status certificate
    2015-01-30 :NOA-2 (Received approval in 22 days by text and email)
    2015-02-04 :NOA-2 (Received official approval, Form I-797)
    2015-02-17 :NVC received case
    2015-02-18 :Received HCM# from NVC and case sent to Consulate
    2015-02-21 :Submitted DS-160 form printed out confirmation barcode
    2015-02-21 :Created online account on ustraveldocs.com/vn
    2015-02-24 :Consulate Received
    2015-02-24 :Paid visa fee $265
    2015-02-24 :Mailed DS-160, copy of passport and 2 passport photos
    2015-02-25 :Scheduled K-1 interview
    2015-03-03 :Packet 3 Received, but my fiancée's name was misspelled
    2015-03-03 :Did online inquiry to fix misspelled name
    2015-03-15 :Correct spelling was fixed in the Consulate's system
    2015-03-18 :Received updated Packet 3 with named spelled correctly
    2015-03-18 :Scheduled medical exam @ Cho Ray Hospital
    2015-03-26 :Medical exam and vaccinations completed
    2015-04-07 :Received results from Cho Ray
    2015-05-07 :Arrived in SG with I-134 and supporting documentation
    2015-05-08 :Attending K-1 interview with my fiancee and she passed
    2015-05-28 :Arrived at LAX and made it through customs without any problems
    2015-06-06 :Got married!
    2015-06-18 :Applied for SS card.
    2015-06-25 :Received SS card.
    AOS Timeline
    2015-09-16 :Mailed AOS package to USCIS Chicago Lockbox
    2015-09-18 :USPS delivered to Chicago Lockbox at 6:16 am
    2015-09-22 :Received notification of AOS package via text and email
    2015-09-24 :Check for AOS was cashed
    2015-09-26 :Received three separate NOA-1 for forms I-485, I-131 and I-765
    2015-10-05 :Received Biometrics appointment letter for the 14th of October @ 10 am
    2015-10-05 :Completed Biometrics without incidents.
    2015-11-18 :USCIS email/text showing approval for I-131 and I-765 forms.
    2015-11-24 :USCIS email/text update showing EAD/AP combo card mailed out.
    2016-02-19 :Received Learner's Permit from NV DMV
    2016-03-18 :USCIS email/text update scheduling appointment for April 19th.
    2016-04-14 :Started working @ first US job.
    2016-04-19 :Passed AOS interview.
    2016-04-20 :Green card being made.
    2016-04-28 :Received green card in mail.

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  1. Received NOA2 today. Only took 23 days

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    2. Casey&Titi


      Oh okay. I have family there. I'm from Asheville, but been in Vegas most of my life except for when I was stationed in Ft. Bragg, NC

    3. Team MicVic!

      Team MicVic!

      Oh cool. Small world as they say. Good luck on the rest of your journey. So far so good for you.

    4. Casey&Titi


      Thanks. You do the same.

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