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  1. Hey there my friend, quick question, on the DS160 visa application does my fiancee have to up load her photo or is it done before her interview? Kinda confusing because I'm seeing that it's no longer required and she can get it done at  the Application Service center. So not sure which is . Anyway thanks!!!   

    1. Greenbaum


      Part of the process for completing the DS-160 is uploading a photo. I believe it will not let you submit the DS-160 without a photo. I am not at all sure about the submission qualifications.


      Here are two links with step by step instructions that may help you.



    2. Ryanmaria2018


      Thank you my friend and so I'm thinking I can do this myself for my fiancee since she doesn't have a computer there in Negros. Not sure if I can do this for her or not. Have a great evening there Greenbaum!!!

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