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    I am sorry you have to anxiously wait like this. Hopefully you will get an approval after 60 days. 
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    I would have preferred a modified oath to remove the god part since I don't believe in that stuff, but decided it really isn't worth the effort. At the end of the day, they're just meaningless words anyway.
    Anyway, the only question I have is... they don't make each individual person recite the oath, right? They just have the whole group all repeat it back at the same time? I mean, if the latter, how would they ever know if you just neglected to say the last couple words? Or any of it at all?
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    Don't hate yourself yet. I filed online and my estimated completion time is 24 months. 
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    Thank you. This morning I got an electric notification that the biometrics appointment letter had been mailed. Hope things will go smoothly. Good luck to you too, with the interview.
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    Is it me or does it sound like a typical case of marriage or convenience?
    Get a lawyer maybe?
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    If you don't have any kids, just type "none" in one of the first boxes and skip all the sections involving children. As for part 6 if neither of your parents are U.S. citizens just leave it blank and skip it all together as instructed and move to the next section. With regards to marital history you can write "N/A" on one of the top fields and skip the rest since you've never been married. You can choose to change your name but you will instead get but a judicial oath ceremony and not an administrative one like everyone else. Yours will be specially scheduled because of the name change since it's the court that approves a name change not uscis administration.
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    A priest in Dublin received a standing ovation from his congregation as he came out as gay after his sermon where he called for same sex marriage equality in Ireland.
    Father Martin Dolan has been a priest at the Church of St Nicholas of Myra in Francis Street in Dublin's city for 15 years.
    On Saturday past Fr Dolan confided in his parishioners during Mass and also on the Sunday morning.
    He called on his congregation to support same sex marriage in the upcoming Irish referendum at the end of May.
    He said: "I'm gay myself."
    The statement was met by applause and a standing ovation from his "proud" parishioners.
    Speaking to the Irish Sun community youth worker Liz O'Connor said: "We are all very proud of Fr Martin. Because he has admitted that he is gay he doesn't change the person that he was before it."
    The priest is currently on a pre-planned holiday and will return to his parish soon.
    A source within the Catholic Church told the Sun: "He had the break all planned before all this came out in case people think he is running to the hills.
    "He was just doing his service, it was part of his homily, and that's it."
    Ms O'Connor said the congregation would not like to see Dolan leave his parish.
    The Dublin Archdiocese declined to comment until they had spoken to Fr Dolan directly.
    A referendum on same sex marriage will take place at the end of May 2015.
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    when the terrorists are shouting 'allahu akbar' & 'we have avenged the prophet' its hard to pin this one on any other religions 'work place violence' perpetrators.
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    yeah. it's 2015 already and religion is still torturing us all, in one way or another. awesome.
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    I'm sorry but this comment makes you seem heartless. Her mother ended up in the Hospital no one to care for her so she went back home to care for her. She may not be on her death bead but wouldn't you want help when you're old from your family?
    Personally things are too fresh I would give it some time. Get mom stable again and hire a nurse so your wife feels better and can think clearly.
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    Put in her shoes... Its a hard desition to leave her MOTHER with a illness problem if she is her only daugter..
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    Darnell I travel around this Country every year (over 15 years) 20/30 times per year to give conference about domestic violence to counselors,social workers and psychologists, to provide them with information about what they can advise or not to the DV victims .The advise you gave here to this woman IT'S DAMN WRONG! . WE domestic violence advocates will not tell/advise to the victims to reconcile /work in their marriage when psychical abuse is happening,and nobody should advise either.
    The first thing we have to tell to the victim is LEAVE THE ABUSER NOW,SEEK A SAFE PLACE, and later on you think about your marriage. The person's safety comes first than her/his marriage. This woman is being physically abused ,please never ever suggest/advise to victims of domestic violence to put themselves in danger! to stay in the same house,to talk with the husband.This is a really bad advise.When a victim call the domestic violence helpline,the victim will not hear " honey calm down,seat with him, talk to him,maybe he is in "pain, stress out", nope, the victim will hear GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW AND CALL THE POLICE!
    If the abuser later on attend one year of anger management classes,individual therapy for at least 6 months, then the abused person might seat and talk to the abuser. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ABUSE such as pain, stress. Domestic violence and abuse is just about the abuser to gain and maintain total control of the victims! it's about POWER AND CONTROL,that is it!
    Each year 220.000 women are battered in this Country, around 3.000 women are murdered every year in the USA. I ask you and everyone here if you read ,heard or saw someone being abused please tell the person "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW"!, saying the right thing can save someone's life.
    In the US: call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE).
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    yeah, seeing the other post, I think the OP just wanted to make sure she cannot make it back. He "forgot" the whole procedure on purpose, so that she will lose her GC as he wanted it earlier. Now, he just posted up because he wanted to verify that yes, indeed, his wife will no way get back....
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    And you want to know this, why? for spite?
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    As an advocate for victims of domestic violence over 25 years, I am in shock reading some posts here. Mtpeelar you said ..."We don't know enough details to know if it's one time or many and what might have set hubby off that might have set hubby off to start the abuse later in marriage but I could think of a wide variety of triggers", abusers abuse their victims,because they have their moral compass broken, because of lack of empathy toward others,because of a selfish personality,nothing else! Marital conflicts is no reason to abuse someone,stress is no excuse to batter someone, drug addiction is not reason to justify abuse,cheating is no reason to abuse someone etc....People have the option to solve problems in a civilized manner. Abuse it is a conscious choice made by the abuser . The only person who should be held at fault is the ABUSER!
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    PA2013 your choice of word was very poor to describe ABUSE! She said he beat her up,and you called this "difficulties"? are you serious? Please let's get a bit more educated about domestic violence, and not to call abuse "difficulties".
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    user19000 reacted to Boiler in He Says He Never Loved Me - Is It Fraud?   
    Well if we are looking at those sort of odds why not just buy a lottery ticket and then she can pay for him to be repatriated?
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    user19000 reacted to Mariam&Smith in I got annulment B4 her AOS   
    Ditto, it grinds my gears too when men talk about their ex with hatred, anger, revenge because they can't do anything to control ex-wives anymore so they decide to stalk on ex and blame all on them.
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    just a month ago you wanted divorce and cancel her gc, so I guess it is much convenient now, isn't it? Either you're a troll or you got bigger probs in marriage to deal with than getting paper work done.
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    What is there factually to prove fraud.
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    So you need to serve 2 years of servitude to get your GC?
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    user19000 reacted to kehills in He Says He Never Loved Me - Is It Fraud?   
    You can report it, but you shouldn't do so with the belief anything will come of it. Love isn't a requirement for a marriage in the United States.
    What you need to do is figure out what you're going to do for yourself. If you decide to divorce him, then that's what you need to do, and then you need to wash your hands and walk away. Too many people spend too much time fantasizing about, or even trying for, revenge against their partner, especially if they feel like they were cheated. As others have said, though, that can backfire and end up supporting the immigrant more than you.
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    user19000 reacted to Harpa Timsah in He Says He Never Loved Me - Is It Fraud?   
    I vote fraud. No romantic relationship with you, carrying on with someone else the whole time. His lies are pretty poor, I hope you don't believe the "I am helping a sick woman" line again. And the "snooping reminds me of my home abuse and gives me panic attacks" stuff. Yeah.
    As far as ICE, you can make your report to them, there is a thread in this forum on how to do it. But I am not sure you have that much evidence. Cheating by itself doesn't always mean fraud. But I would report it to clear your conscience and then move on.
    Sorry for your losses. Good luck.
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    user19000 reacted to Boiler in He Says He Never Loved Me - Is It Fraud?   
    Sounds more like a failed marriage.
    Divorce and move on.
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