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    RalphT got a reaction from wbeem in Advantages / Disadvantages of becoming a US Citizen.   
    For me, definitely don't have to worry about renewing green cards or if my green card will be revoked.  Most importantly as citizen i get to vote!
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    RalphT got a reaction from SusieQQQ in Advantages / Disadvantages of becoming a US Citizen.   
    For me, definitely don't have to worry about renewing green cards or if my green card will be revoked.  Most importantly as citizen i get to vote!
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    RalphT got a reaction from AliaAlia in Global Entry Application 2019   
    I did go back to update my documents and checked online.  I have United States with the gold flag under “Citizenship”.  The green card was deleted under the “Permanent Residency” section but in the “proving you may enter the United States.” section, i still see the unexpired green card.  The agent said he can’t delete it but assured me I am all set and won’t have issue using Global Entry.  
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    RalphT got a reaction from nyj215 in Global Entry Application 2019   
    Thanks for the heads up, i will get that taken care of before the trip.  
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    RalphT reacted to Lemonslice in New Healthcare Requirements for US Immigrants   
    I'm not a Trump fan, I'm all for universal healthcare. Right now, it's not available in the US... People do need some access to healthcare (unfortunately, accidents and illnesses happen). If they're not eligible to Medicaid/Medicare/etc., I feel it's reasonable to ask the sponsor to demonstrate how they'll take care of the immigrant.  I've seen multiple posters over the years delaying/avoiding treatment because they could not afford it. 
    US healthcare is a big mess, but I feel that the new requirement will protect the immigrant.
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    RalphT reacted to jasonlzak in New Healthcare Requirements for US Immigrants   
    As expected, whenever a hardliner rule was set out to curb legal immigrants. You can see a bunch of elite members here who are done or almost done with their journey, gathering and chanting the rule is reasonable. I'm not going to reply or read any of you people replies, so don't waste your time. This forum is used to be good and filled with tolerant members, now it became a favorite gathering place of Trump's cult. Excuse for my bad English, I'm not from your 1st countries.
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    RalphT got a reaction from bgbkt in ATL Field office Filers?   
    That’s great. Congratulations!
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    RalphT reacted to FlyingLonghorn in How to travel with dual Citizenship ?   
    This is incorrect information.
    You do not have to use your US passport outside the United States.
    You should use whichever one gets you the easiest/visa free travel (outside of those areas where you are required to use one or the other e.g. Schengen and the USA).
    I posted something on the thread about US passports and exiting the US that I will repost here since it is somewhat relevant on the US side. I do this having dual citizenship, and having worked with the US DoD, DHS/CBP, NATO and Schengen authorities arranging certain travel in said manner
    From me:
    The part at the bottom is key. Though I would tell you to take both passports at all times because you never know when plans could change.
    On a roundtrip journey from the US to Germany it goes normally something like this, and I'll use a sample Houston (IAH) to Frankfurt (FRA) flight.
    At Houston airline check-in show German passport. If names are different you can show the US one also. Airline staff are used to this.
    At TSA ID check it is best to show US passport (without going on too much of an anti-TSA rant they sometimes get too confused by foreign passports)
    At gate to board flight show German passport. If they ask for an I-94, state you don't have one as a US citizen also, though often they don't even ask.
    Upon landing at FRA show German passport to the border authorities (they normally will not speak with you) Presuming nothing to declare, walk out green channel and you are done.
    On return flight to US show US passport at check-in, and answer their inane questions about packing your own bags.
    At exit control, show German passport, most likely getting a grunt or wave of the hand to move on (German polizei don't talk much)
    At boarding show US passport.
    At IAH point of entry give US passport to CBP.
    Note-if you travel overseas get Global Entry, then you don;t even have to talk to the CBP normally. I have had it nearly 5 years now and love it.
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    RalphT reacted to NYCNY in Global Entry - re-register with USA passport?   
    Hi, Bosco1 and Jimmy,
    I've updated the Global Entry profile with my new US passport. No appointment needed. Just visit an enrollment center and indicate that you want to update information with your GOES account (on the sign-in sheet at the center or tell the officer you see). It takes only 3 minutes for the officer to input the US passport information into the system.
    The PASS ID (Known Traveler Number) remains the same. You can pay $25 and request a new Global Entry card afterward on the GOES website.
    See more information on the official FAQ: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/1265/~/updating-passports-or-making-changes-to-your-goes-membership
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    RalphT got a reaction from meadowzephyr in "Naturalization on the Basis of Marriage to a US Citizen"   
    I would suggest applying based on 5 years LPR, just like the prior comment, less evidence to submit.
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    RalphT reacted to jess100 in US citizenship test changes?   
    I think there will be more questions about which airports were defended during the American Revolution. 
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    RalphT got a reaction from bgbkt in ATL Field office Filers?   
    My interview was in July.    Overall, be ready for a lot of waiting due to a lot of people, well at least for my situation.  They even had to ask family members to go wait on a different floor to accommodate the number of interviewees.  My Interview time was 11:55am but i did not get to talk to the IO until around 1:00pm.  Then i waited in another section for another IO to take the test.  Whole process was done around 3:00pm.  I got the approval text as soon as I exit the building.  As long as you are all prepared with the test, you should be fine.  Good luck!
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    RalphT got a reaction from bgbkt in ATL Field office Filers?   
    No problem!  there was a lady who had the interview time at 8:30, she wasn’t done until 12noon. So i would say averaging 3 hours, might take longer for some....
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    RalphT reacted to apple21 in N-400 October 2018 Filers   
    Congrats! 🥂🥂🥂
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    RalphT got a reaction from Toya1708 in N-400 October 2018 Filers   
    Got notification that oath is scheduled for August 2nd.  So happy! 😁
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    RalphT reacted to Jamaican_Gooner in Oath Ceremony Experience in Atlanta Sep 2018   
    My Oath ceremony was on Monday September 24th at 8:00am. I got there at 7:55, went through security and went to the 2nd floor. There you had USCIS staff checking the oath letter and that you had your green card. Do yourself a favor and fill out the back before just to save time, please note the city where you sign it must be Atlanta, Georgia as that is where USCIS Field office and the ceremony is being held. The staff member will go through the questions with you verbally. If you said yes to anything they'll ask you what is that about. I traveled outside the US so I just told them when I left(month); where I went to and how many days I was outside, that’s all they need. After that you go inside, hand in your letter and green card and are giving a number and you must sit in the assigned seat. I got number 64. They had pamphlets out for 85, but they said only 73 persons would be naturalized, some persons had family members with the as translators.
    All other guests waited outside. They asked the guests to come in at 8:32. The ceremony started by talking about the process then they had someone speak about voter registration. Voter registration volunteers were on site on the third floor to assist at the end of the ceremony. Then we went through some videos on the faces of the nation; then the director speech and the video speech from the president and there was a musical video finally they had the roll-call of the Nations. This is where they call out the country from where everyone who is being naturalized is from and we would stand when they called out our countries name. In total there were 38 countries represented. One of the nice things was the gentleman leading the oath ceremony saying that after we did the call of nations and then the oath that when we sit back down we would be US citizens. So, everyone said the oath of office then we all applauded and sat down. Finally, the admin staff came out to collect the numbers and give us our certificates the they did this row by row you stood up and then you walked to the right and gave her your number and then walked to get your certificate and shake the hand of the officer who was running the program. Then we were done by 9:00 am
    Afterwards people went to take pictures the entire process from signing in to get in the certificate took around an hour but from the start of the ceremony to the end it was probably 35 to 40 minutes. I went upstairs to the third floor to register to vote the voter registration volunteers made a copy of your naturalization certificate as that needs to be sent with your voter registration form. Please note you have to sign your naturalization certificate and that signature needs to match what you sign on your voter registration form. The voter registration form had seven items to complete: your name; date of birth; social security; address and that you are a US citizen and over 17 and a half years once completed the voter registration volunteers made a copy of my naturalization returned it to me and said that they would send it off to the secretary of state office
    After leaving the field office, I immediately went to get my passport application. I stopped at a FedEx store nearby and made copies of my naturalization certificate as you need to send the original certificate and a copy with your passport application. I went downtown Atlanta to the US Postal Service passport agency located at 1072 West Peachtree Street NW. It's a good idea to get that done if you are pretty busy and at this US Postal Service location there is a dedicated passport area where you don’t need an appointment. This can be hit or miss but when I went at 10 am they had probably five officers working and no one was waiting so I got through immediately. So just to wait for my passport and naturalization certificate to return. All in all the oath ceremony was a quick and special occasion that I will always remember.
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    RalphT reacted to ilyak in Selective Service Registration?   
    First, don't worry about this, it will not impact you. From sss.gov:
    In accordance with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Service (USCIS) Policy Manual - Volume 12 - Part D - Chapter 7, applicants for naturalization who are over age 31 are eligible for naturalization even if they knowingly and willfully failed to register. This is because the applicant's failure to register would be outside of the statutory period during which the applicant must show that he is of good moral character and disposed to the good order and happiness of the United States.
    Second, it's a standard item on interview letters. If you choose to provide evidence,  what to bring depends on whether you were in the US when you turned 26 and what was your status:
    If you were in the US as a non-immigrand, bring any evidence  of your status such as copies of visa pages, passport stamps showing status designation, I-20s, etc. If you were not in the US, bring evidence that you entered the country in an immigrant status and/or adjusted to an immigrant status after your 26th birthday. I was in f-1 on my 26th. I submitted copies of my OPT EAD, visas, entry stamps and I-20s. Didn't get any questions.
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    RalphT got a reaction from GoodbyeGirl in N-400 October 2018 Filers   
    Thanks for sharing this. Amazing you have such great memories on the specifics! 🙂
    Now go enjoy! Cheers!
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    RalphT got a reaction from a.t.j24 in N-400 October 2018 Filers   
    Thanks for sharing this. Amazing you have such great memories on the specifics! 🙂
    Now go enjoy! Cheers!
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    RalphT got a reaction from GoodbyeGirl in N-400 October 2018 Filers   
    Good to hear some got interview dates.  Give us hope for those in Atlanta ...... 
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    RalphT got a reaction from Penguin_ie in Will marriage affect anniversary clock?   
    Apologies.. I mistyped the date, the LPR begin date is in December, the 9/15/2017 date is the first date i can apply using the 5-year rule.
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    RalphT reacted to heo luoi in What after?   
    http://www.visajourney.com/content/k1k3aos ??
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