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    Judy Ann got a reaction from Rob L in NVC Filers - April 2015   
    Finally got a case complete guys... thanks Ariani
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    Judy Ann got a reaction from DeathRaaki in NVC Filers - April 2015   
    don't give up. I also feel the same way when I got my checklist. Cried for a couple of days and it's still the same you cannot do something about it but comply. In the name of love. You need to be strong and have faith.
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    Judy Ann got a reaction from Frips in January NVC Scans with CC   
    I agree to that. If ever someone got a checklist they should've just ask them to bring it to the embassy rather than sending it to them and adding freakin 60 days to the wait. It will save em time as well as to those who are waiting.
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    Judy Ann reacted to 2 canucks in How Long will it take to get a case number at NVC?   
    Not yet! The only emails I've gotten so far are the ones I received after selection of agent from the DS261.
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    Judy Ann reacted to mebinkle in Does my Fiance need a SSN before we get married?   
    I was under the impression that my fiance needed his SSN in order to obtain a marriage license, but after reading many posts on here it sounds like a lot of people get married before getting a SSN. I called our register of deeds and they said that yes he would need one, but I didn't really push them on the question of what if he doesn't have one. I'm not sure if it varies state to state but I live in North Carolina and this is what I found on the web pertaining to the issue.
    "Each applicant for a marriage license shall provide on the application the applicant's social security number. If an applicant does not have a social security number and is ineligible to obtain one, the applicant shall present a statement to that effect, sworn to or affirmed before an officer authorized to administer oaths. Upon presentation of a sworn or affirmed statement, the register of deeds shall issue the license, provided all other requirements are met, and retain the statement with the register's copy of the license. G.S. 51-8. (Affidavit forms are available from the Register of Deeds office)."
    So do we need the social security card and number before we get married? Thanks for the help
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    Judy Ann reacted to Hank_ in I need help on what Visa o pursue!   
    We did the K-1 route and I will add knowing what I know now, plus the fact that I am not restricted to vacation time to be in the Phils, we would have done the IR/CR-1 route. Time frame is similar for completing the process but when my wife arrived in the States she would have immediately gotten a green card instead of more hoop jumping and waiting for the AOS process to be completed.
    I will note that with the K-1 process and AOS it only took a about 4 months for her to receive the green card, but during those 4 months she was restricted to what she could do.
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    Judy Ann reacted to Tintin and Mike in I need help on what Visa o pursue!   
    We went for the costly K1 route as well as we didn't like the idea of being separated after marriage. We just started our Adjustment of Status process but at least we're together now. The only downfall of that is that he just have to wait for a couple of months before he's authorized to work.
    Good luck on your journey!
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    Judy Ann reacted to spn1025 in I need help on what Visa o pursue!   
    If you get married first, then you have to do the IR1/CR1 with form I-130 (spousal visa).
    If you plan on getting married in America, he can file for K1 with form I-129F (fiancé visa), which will give you a 90 day visa to America, during which time you'll have to get married and file adjustment of status.
    It all depends on your plans for marriage.
    I personally liked the I-130 idea better because after my wife gets her visa and comes here, she's already a permanent resident. she can start work right away (as soon as she has her social security number). With I-129F, you need to file for work authorization if you plan on working before your adjustment of status is cleared.
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    Judy Ann reacted to spn1025 in I need help on what Visa o pursue!   
    I filed as soon as I got home from my Phil trip when I got married. Well, it was about 3 weeks after the wedding.
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