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  1. You did really good on your timeline, and probably lucked out doing your interview in Bismarck.  Mine will be in Fargo and they are 12 months plus, behind.  My N400 file was registered August 26, 2016 and no progress.


    Do you know of any people who have recently had their case, or are soon to be, in Fargo?  Also, have you any update on oath ceremonies?


    Best regards, and congratulations!


    1. Natasha&Luka


      Hi :) I thought that I am waiting way to long because some people before me waited only 3-4 month (from sending the application to the actual oath ceremony). My friend had her interview in Fargo (I think she had it in January 2016, and she sent her application on October 2015). I was reading about oath ceremonies in Fargo and people say there are usually 3-4 ceremonies during the year - usually in April, June, September and one more...not sure. I am hopping that I am not going to have my oath ceremony before this September because we are traveling overseas this August. You are waiting since last August just to be scheduled for an interview?! That's crazy...

    2. Emil J

      Emil J



      Thank you for your response!


      Yes, I though the same thing, crazy.  As luck would have it, my application was one of those ELIS applications where their new computerized system went all haywire and they had to run background checks again.  So not sure if that is what is causing the delay, or what else might have happened in Fargo, but either way, very frustrating.


      I was hoping to find some other Fargo interviewees, but like you say, few and hard to find.  If you have any contacts, or contacts who may have contacts, who filed in 2016 for Fargo, and you think would not mind if I sent them an email, I would be most thankful.  I just feel I need to know what is going on there, if it is my application, or if we are all in the same boat.


      Best of luck with your upcoming interview!