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    First of all...I don't believe I racism so im not going to respond to such attempts to upset me. God is Allah for me it is just the way we say it in our religion. I believe in respecting all religions and that is what my faith tells me to do. I know that Allah has helped me through this and I also know that not even. Leaf or pebble can move without the will of Allah. Kindly refrain from religious conflicts. My religion is Islam and it recognizes that at a point the bible was valid but because it has been changed and misinterpreted while being passed on it has changed. In islam we do not interpret or change anything. It is the same as when it was sent down the Quran is the same till this day. At any rate thanks for the congrats!
    Hi. I filed in July. .it's on my timeline. Thanks
    Hi thank you. Our AP was 10 or maybe 12 days. He has his passport now and in sha Allah will be coming soon
    In sha Allah yours will come soon be strong and never let your faith in Allah get weak. Keep believing!
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    Be careful of recruiting companies because they usually offer you a price that is lower than what your employer will pay you. They take their commission as well. It doesn't hurt to use one of them if you want to start working right away, but I would suggest looking for companies and applying on your own as well. If you have the education and experience you will find a job in no time in sha Allah.