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    i have known my fiance since middle school but he was just an annoying lil kid lol... we never talked or even said hi oh i remember one time he threw water at me and kissed me i got so mad and punched hiim after that we never talked until on 2008 there was a dance we were already 16 years old and he asked me out to dance and while dancing he stole a kiss from me i felt this energy all over my body then we started sating until 2009 and i had to go back to florida to school so he asked for my hand ok so half a year passed and we were starting to have problems and he started lying to me so we broke up i sufferd so much but ok on 2011 i went to mexico and i went to this 15 teen and i saw him there we talked and he told me to go with him to live in hes house idk what i was thinking i just said yes! and now i miiss him so much i had to come back to work litterally we cry everyday on web cam saying how much we miss each other i hope this dosent sound too sugary but yea thats my love story :)

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  1. :) thank you i hope so too :) i hope yuh do too luck!
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