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  1. waiting4visas

    VisaJourney Nostalgia

    Right after I posted this I saw that my signature is where I kept my timeline up-to-date, somewhat... I'm proud of my past self
  2. waiting4visas

    VisaJourney Nostalgia

    I went through the visa process back in 2005 just after marrying my beautiful Colombian wife (still just as beautiful to this day and we are still happily married with four children (2 boys and 2 girls). Every once in awhile I stop in at VisaJourney simply to browse the forums and my timeline. Every time I do this I wish I would have maintained better records of the timeline and of my paperwork. I did not use a lawyer and completed the entire process from visa to citizenship with the help of this wonderful site. There was one person in particular who answered some of my questions so perfectly and she even sent me private messages on how to organize my documents. I am so grateful to whoever that was and the many others who contributed to the success of our visa journey. We are ever so grateful to this wonderful forum and the kind and generous people on it... Till next time....