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    impress reacted to Inky in how can i track my case status?   
    There is no case tracking on VJ.
    You can fill in your timeline via your profiles timeline button. It will give you an estimate of an approval time.
    If you want to track your case go on USCIS and make an account.
    Use the case number from your NOA1 and put it in the portfolio in your account.
    Select texting and email notification. You can also click the case and see the "processing" position it is in.
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    impress reacted to toastedpancake in Can't get a passport to meet fiancee   
    First of all Im sorry to hear about this.
    The best option is to pay what you have to pay so you can get passport and visit her here, getting US tourist visa is difficult. And as far as I know marrying using tourist visa in US is a red flag.
    By the way, how can you able to visit her here if you cant even pay your child support? Know your priorities.
    Good Luck!
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    impress got a reaction from jcdg21 in VISA ON HAND   
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    impress reacted to Azsara in trying to understand the CSC   
    Its definitely an emotional roller coaster!
    The easier thing would be to take a step away from the forum for a while and Igor's list. Try to forget your waiting for anything. Its amazing what a difference it makes to your life. Problem is the need to check is addictive
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    impress reacted to Casey_Ana in December Filers   
    I used to check my timeline here everyday, my adjudication date is becoming nearer. This means, based on the VJ members approvals these past days... CSC is moving now?!
    Keeping my hopes high! Go CSC! Please approve more everyday, make us all happy, pretty please!
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    impress reacted to Caniwirose in A little impatient!!   
    thanks for your help!! its just so hard being with someone from another country!! every part of you just wants to be with them but u cant u have to play by the rules. I live right on the border of america and canada and see my fiance nearly every 2nd week. its complete torture yet I know im lucky as alot of people cant see there loved one as often. COME ON VISA!!!
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    impress reacted to I AM NOT THAT GUY in I only sent the actual I-129f form   
    If the packet is incomplete, one of two things will happen, either they will return the whole packet to you, or they will send an RFE. Wait to see what happens. Don't refile yet.
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    impress reacted to Kaoticor in Green Card on Way and Lessons Learned   
    Well, we just got notice yesterday that my wife's residency was approved (from K1 no interview or transfer, all processed at NBC)... Super excited to say the least. Just thought I'd share a few quick lessons from our Journey that we learned about VisaJourney and the immigration process and best wishes to all you going through this process!...
    1 - Thank goodness for Visajourney!!! Use the guides, they are very helpful.
    2 - Read instructions for any goverment form CAREFULLY.
    3 - Follow those instructions!
    4 - VisaJourney forums can be very helpful, but you have to sort through the comments. Some people like to judge, even though they have no idea whats going on, some seem like they just want to show how much (they think) they know, and others think that because they went through the process once without many hassles they are experts and you know nothing.
    5 - Be organized and dont wait to take care of anything. And whatever happens, do not play around with immigration, there is little to no forgiveness.
    6 - It's true, the USCIS help line knows NOTHING about immigration proceedures. If you dont talk to an officer, dont take any advice from the tier 1 people. They can put in a service request for you, but thats about it.
    7 - Start researching well ahead of any form you have to send in, many times there is a lot more work to it than you realize.
    Again, best wishes to all going through it or have it yet to come!
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