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    Football,politics, travelling, doing some cooking's art.

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    Met my wife via Facebook, sent her a message but took her some time to respond, after a while a colleague of her advised her to to respond to my message which she finally did. when i saw her response it melted my heart because i never believed there could still be an America of her personality. she was full of meekness and responsiveness. then i asked her certain question and discovered she is deeply rooted in Christ, at her age she got no child which is very rare. though she was 29yr when i met her.
    Then i told my self this is indeed my wife. we started talking, initially i was phoning her because she could not call outside she needed to change her calling plan, she was to write some exams, I will call her on the phone and engage in prayers for the exams she was going and she made the three exams she wrote. our love grew stronger that she had to change her calling plan when she finally got a better job than before. then during May 2011 she came to visit me with her mother! it was fun, during the time of her visit we got married. we had already dated for 1 yr before she was able to visit. so we had already planed our wedding activities and she came with the necessary documents she needed to come for the weeding...
    She left after our weeding because of time constrains at her work place. I was in tears watching her board her flight. she means so much to me and i have come to realize love can come in different dimension irrespective of Geographical location...
    Am really missing her and hoping to join her son God willing.

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