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  1. I need someone who has a fiance in Nigeria to let me know if your fiance had to be employeed to be approved for a k1 visa. My fiance seems to think so. He is afraid that if i apply for the k1 we will be denied because he is not employeed. I live in Las Vegas and i am employeed. I told him they will only be looking at my income to make sure i can satain him. Someone please let me know.

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    2. Faithful2012


      Yes you are right his income does not count. It is yours that counts. You have to make enough to include him in your current household.

    3. ladydavina


      Thank you faithful. I just need to find out for sure. Someone else who has a fiance in Nigeria told me he should b working. But he is having the hardest time finding work.

    4. Faithful2012


      You welcome anytime.....Post this question in the subsaharran forum for everyone to see, so that way you can get answers from more experienced people.