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  1. I am glad you find the issue funny! If you were not aware you can contact your local political leaders and ask for help with federal agencies. They have interns in their offices who’s only job is to respond to the people in their region and help them. If you are truly mistreated they will help you. Huge delay in an AOS case past processing time is a way be to be mistreated.
  2. You understand that a parent of a US citizen is eligible for a GC and able to move here and do the exact same thing. There is literally $400 difference in the application fee and loger wait but ultimately leads to the same thing. If people plan it early enough they can have grandma here permanently watching the kids. Do all American grandparents get paid for watching their grandkids when parents work or travel? Don’t think so!
  3. Taking care of a grandchild is not considered work anywhere in the world. That’s what grandparents do...
  4. Well you might be right but I am not shooting for high approval rate here. I take my family as a whole and one family member missing at my wedding doesn’t seem like a good percentage of attendance in general. Me and my brother are very close and this is one of the most important days of my life! And yes, I am referencing all the approvals I know of because it makes zero sense. People in the same situation can be approved or denied for no apparent reason. It should be based on people’s situation and the circumstances they are applying under. And “not everyone wants in” for the same reason! People sometimes just want to travel and visit places and family members. Traveling is a right not a privilege! Tourists gain nothing but experience while traveling and the experience traveling through the US is very similar to a lot of other places. Some people break the rules while traveling internationally and others suffer the consequences.
  5. If not a scam it’s a lottery. How did they make a difference between my brother and my friend who are the same age traveling with family for the same reason?
  6. My friend applied and was approved in Bulgaria where she lives and works. My other friend lives and works in Austria where she applied and got approved last week. My brother lives and works in Germany. He applied today and got denied. All Bulgarian ln citizens.
  7. One of my friends from Bulgaria, the same age as my brother, got a visa last year with no problem. She is not married, no property or kids... her family had one reservation ticket to come visit her brother who is a US citizen. Exactly the same situation.
  8. I am starting to believe that this is true!
  9. They all did. But there’s not a lot of information in the DS-160 form. Nothing about kids, work, property and financial situation. In my opinion that’s “strong ties”
  10. By “list” I mean the ones I have listed with * below. There is not an official list of documents you have to present, I know that. I just wonder what is the source of their information. My mom applied for her visa in Bulgaria and literally had a two question interview followed by immediate approval. My dad applied in Bulgaria after he moved to Germany (he traveled back just for the interview) and was working there for almost a year. They didn’t even talk to him and approved him on the spot...
  11. Hi everyone, I just talked to my brother in Germany and his US visitors visa was denied. The reason he applied is to attend my wedding in May (I am a US citizen). He is a citizen of Bulgaria but resides in Germany permanently. He moved there recently for a job and had all the documents listed to present to the officer: * address registration in Germany * employment contract with the same company my dad works for * bank account with enough money to travel * plane ticket on the same reservation as the rest of my family * wedding invitation THE OFFICER DID NOT EVEN LOOK AT HIS PAPERWORK!!! None of it! Only the passport... He is not married neither has kids which is not crazy for his late 20s. I am just not sure what does “strong ties to the home country” mean? Being old, married and own property? How do they determine the strength of his ties by looking at his passport only? Are there any steps that I can take further? I have requested an appointment with our senator in the state I live in in hopes that he might be able to help. I have a friend who met with the senator in his state and his mother in law was able to get a visa somehow. She was in her late 50s, married and had another child and grandchildren back in Bulgaria. Owned her apartment with her husband. She was trying to come and help with childcare for her new granddaughter in the US. Visa was initially denied and approved after the senator did what was in his power. I am very confused!
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