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    Zipline got a reaction from Musical in Which Service Center Handles Which State's I-129F Petitions   
    For your use, I made a color map showing which states belong to which service center.

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    Zipline got a reaction from Kaylara in I-129F Delay at the CSC: A Comprehensive Analysis of the Data   
    I & B, what do you think of all of us pushing for an independent audit of not just the CSC, but all the major USCIS service centers?
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    Zipline reacted to ManilaGirl23 in Best location in metro Manila for Passport photos   
    great image at sm sucat
    im also from pque city
    all of my submitted photos are from there
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    Zipline reacted to Bri & Mar in Best location in metro Manila for Passport photos   
    All the big shopping malls in Manila (MOA MEGA MALL, Robinson...) have photo shops that make different size passport/visa pics. They know what size you need. Just tell them what EXACTLY you need (American visa, Phil passport, etc). This service is done while you wait.
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    Zipline reacted to Matt & Dhaz in MATT&DHAZ LOVE STORY - WRITTEN BY GOD!   
    Matt & I met on Christian Dating Site. I joined the site to meet new friends... and to encourage others. Also I am hoping that through that site I'll meet the right one for me. As a member, many sent winks, messages, and showing interests but only one person got my attention. That "Matt" guy who has a funny profile pic... I sent him messages that I like his profile and shared some inspiring quotes. He answered back... then I ask for his FB, and he added me. We just talked only few times and suddenly he “un-friended” me on FB. And I wondered why so I sent him messages in the dating site and ask him what happened. He told me he already engaged and want to be loyal and focus on the girl. I just said “That’s okay. No problem. But deep inside I am disappointed. Well life goes on. (I haven’t mentioned that I've been praying for 2 years to meet a God-fearing man and same with my beliefs.)
    It’s during November, and I am a bit afraid that I will be a member of SMP again which “Samahang Malalamig ang Pasko”. I prayed Lord please give me a favor; don’t let me join SMP again. You still have 5 weeks Lord before the Christmas Celeb. I am so tired of being alone. Then in my surprised a week later Matt added me again on FB and sent me messages saying he was sorry and the girl or his fiance is not true to him. And we started talking almost every day and you’ll guess what’s next. (We're happily married)
    And what’s so amazing was he’s also praying for the right girl. We were also has almost same past relationship experiences and that helps us to be more connected to each other.
    Just want you to know GOD CARES and HE CARES ABOUT EVERY DETAIL OF OUR LIVES. Thanks for your time spent reading. God loves you. God bless!
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    Zipline reacted to Texberger in After almost 9 months.....   
    After almost 9 months of waiting, it finally happened yesterday. I got my NOA2 approval. Wow, I never thought this day would come. good luck to everyone else out there
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    Zipline reacted to TylerDurden in WebSite to Manipulate Tyler Durden Data   
    It’s a relatively simple thing. Without getting into too much technical detail. We wrote a program that our team uses that browses to the USCIS website and enters in the receipt numbers, then collects all the information and stores it in a database. Others here have done the same thing on a smaller scale. Some people check a few hundred or even a thousand receipt numbers near their number. Some here have even wrote scripts for doing this, but because it is only 1 person they ended up making too many requests too fast they USCIS site would block the IP for a duration. Our advantage is we have lots of individuals in many countries all doing this hundreds of thousands of times, 24 hours a day, every day. The data is synchronized to a central database. That database also tracks what receipt numbers team members request, how many times they request, and at what rate they request. This sync makes sure that at each number is only collected as needed. It also makes sure the level of traffic is low enough not to put any stress of the USCIS website. Additionally we make sure the numbers checked stays below the level and speed limit allowed by the USCIS website. At first we did not want to post details of how we collect the data. That was before we knew that others here have done the same thing on a small scale. We were not giving details for the protection of the USCIS website. As we have made clear, we will only collect in a legal manner and we not threaten or damage USCIS in any way. We have made this statement many times in our posts and video message to USCIS. Any damage to USCIS would only work against our goals. We did not want post our methods because we did not want anti-immigration groups to know. We did a lot of research before we started collecting the data. Surprisingly, anti-immigration groups have a lot of knowledge of the inner workings of the immigration process. You may not be aware of it, but there are a significant number of racial hate groups and anti-immigration groups who also know about this site. YES, EVEN IN THIS DAY AND AGE. Those groups DO want to do harm if they can. They see those of us in interracial relationships as ‘race traitors’. They have a greater focus against non-whites, especially people from African, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Latin countries. Also... We are OBVIOUSLY pro-immigration. While we do see a correlation in the data between DACA and the slowdown, we are not against DACA. We simply believe the USCIS should have increased resources to meet the demand, and that USCIS should not hide the delays from congressional representatives. We are also NOT against immigration reform. However, we are deeply worried because if congress is not aware of the stress on the system as is (because USCIS says there is no stress of the system) then congress cannot include proper preparation into new legislation.
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    Zipline reacted to TBoneTX in Amusing myself reading older posts..   
    1. One phrase: DACA, decreed by 0bama. There's nothing else and no one else to blame.
    2. Same here, sigh man. I would never in a billion years want to go through this process again -- one reason is that it probably WOULD take a billion years.
    And, when immigration reform does pass Congress, forget everything completely.
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    Zipline reacted to ChristianZane in Amusing myself reading older posts..   
    Wait until Immigration Reform passes Congress and up to 11 MILLION applications hit the USCIS desktops, waits could be years for K1!
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    Zipline got a reaction from fantonledzepp in Amusing myself reading older posts..   
    I have only one word to say ...
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    Zipline reacted to Fight for Love in What should I expect for an RFE deadline?   
    no RFE usually dated on the day they updated your case online to RFE they won't base it on your NOA1. plus, it will give u about 90 days to reply for your RFE.
    but why wait that long? if you got an easy RFE send it fast(same day or the ff day)
    I got RFE for my hubby K1 stage and again RFE for his AOS. I usually send it overnight thru USPS with signature waiver due to PO Box address. as soon as the USCIS got our RFE reply our status online always change same day or the ff day they got the RFE.
    the good thing after about 10days we got our NOA2(k1 Stage)/and our status online went from RFE response review to testing and interview (AOS stage).
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    Zipline reacted to Ale&Nick in What should I expect for an RFE deadline?   
    My deadline to response the RFE is like 84 days.
    Date of Notice April 29th... and have until July 22nd to reply. that they expires.
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    Zipline reacted to jenafid in What should I expect for an RFE deadline?   
    My RFE deadline was just shy of 90 days from the RFE date.
    You can not fax or email. Only snail mail. I used USPS Express mail as it is an overnight service that delivers to PO Boxes.
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    Zipline reacted to pachacuti in WebSite to Manipulate Tyler Durden Data   
    Just an update... I am currently fighting with my hosting service. The two of us don't agree on how my app should be configured Once I get over the config hurdle, I should be home free on implementation.
    What I do I have done:
    - stubbed out site without data access implemented
    - data from durden massaged and changed to protect the innocent
    - data imported into the appropriate database for my app
    - database configured and populated on server
    This is where I am right now.... Not always as easy as you want it to be....
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    Zipline reacted to misha_ in WebSite to Manipulate Tyler Durden Data   
    Hey, information freedom fighters. Once done, do you mind posting what to google for to find your site? I suppose local administrators would not mind that, would they?
    oh, and, NOA2s for the people! Down with government bureaucracy and RFEs!
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    Zipline reacted to pachacuti in WebSite to Manipulate Tyler Durden Data   
    No links to the data will be posted... Now, if you are going to censor the link to the site I put up (which, given the censorship of the video, seems likely), then you guys should be ashamed of yourselves. But before we get all hot and bothered, let's see what you think...
    I don't agree with this interpretation of the TOS, but I will comply because it is admin's interpretation. Again. stay tuned.
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    Zipline reacted to TylerDurden in After 3 weeks... Is CSC slowing down again?   
    It has always been our intention to provide reports, charts and graphs based on this data. However, currently VJ leadership is forbidding anyone from doing so. We posted the entirety of the data for 2 reasons. 1. To allow verification of the data and information we provide. Without peer review reports, charts and graphs have little weight. The supporting data in needed so that representatives can face USCIS with an assurance of accuracy in their claims. 2. Allow others the opportunity to generate reports, charts, graphs that may answer other questions that we may not have considered. These are vital concerns in the effort to produce a transparent and accurate process. And we have pointed out issues in our own data collection and posting, namely the lack or coloration of NOA1 dates. We will point out that currently on the USCIS website the processing time information states they are ‘currently’ working on i-129f petitions from those dating to July 18th. An estimation based from February 28th. Does anyone here see that as accurate? Current? Transparent? How many months has their status reflected them working on July? 3? More? They are required by law, as is, to provide status and projection information. But the information is useless and outdated.
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    Zipline reacted to TylerDurden in After 3 weeks... Is CSC slowing down again?   
    Let us state VERY CLEARLY our view and goal. A view that we think me made very clear in our message to USCIS video posted on YouTube. Our view is this. USCIS is currently engaged in a practice of delays and misinformation in regards to US citizen sponsored visas. USCIS currently enjoys a lack of transparency that prevents lawmakers from making informed policy. USCIS has little regard for the harm caused to the families engaged in the legal immigration process. Proposed immigration reform stands ready to cripple the future process if current shortfalls are not addressed and realized. Our goals are simple. Provide information and transparency that will allow petitioners and policy makers to be informed. It is our hope that this information can achieve the following: Provide petitioners and beneficiaries a better understanding of the true progress of petitions in the process. Provide petitioners verifiable evidence of USCIS issues in dealing with congressional and USCIS representatives. Provide policy makers a perspective of issues when forming immigration policy. LET US MAKE THIS VERY CLEAR. We are not in favor or opposed to immigration reform. We are not in favor or opposed to DACA. We ONLY want the process to be fair to US citizens in whatever form it takes. We define fairness as: Transparency in the immigration process. Allowing petitioners and beneficiaries accurate and current status of visa petitions and reasonable current projection of petition review. Responding to petitioners and their representatives in an accurate and timely fashion.
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    Zipline reacted to Andreea&Kevin in After 3 weeks... Is CSC slowing down again?   
    It would seem VJ is looking for answers and when given the opportunity to come to a conclusion on the subject they are taking the easy way out.
    The huge mass of data really doesn't need to be posted, it's just too much info to clearly communicate what is going on. I would like to see graphs and charts derived from the data which reveals the truth of how the USCIS is conducting business to be allowed here. I understand the data does need to be available to prove the validity of any information presented, but I also understand the concerns of the admin of the site.
    The fact is a number of people have the info and hopefully they are people that can do something good with it. In time that info will work it's way back to this site whether the admin here likes it or not. It may be a link, to a link, to a link, but people here will not be denied the truth of what is going on.
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    Zipline reacted to TylerDurden in After 3 weeks... Is CSC slowing down again?   
    Sir, With the deepest respect we point out that our efforts are in fact of little difference with your own previous protests. Over the years the immigration process has become ever more complex and the information your site provides has been invaluable in assisting others. In those years the battle for fairness still continues, but the landscape of immigration changed. The delays at USCIS formerly INS has evolved, doubling and tripling. If 100 days and less warrants protest, then surely these delays of 200 days, and 300, and more, warrant action. No longer does INS/USCIS respond in the same way to protest and inquiry. These people would scream with joy to have the conditions as good as those that you protested against. It used to be that an inquiry from a member of congress caused immediate action. USCIS has become so quagmire that now USCIS commonly provides conflicting information and misrepresentation to congressional representatives. The immigration of our loved ones is viewed as negative, and petitioners are viewed with suspicion and even distain. An information war has been waged against these petitioners. A media persona has been established, painting them as dysfunctional, on the edge of society seeking sex slaves. Spousal and fiancé(e) visas has become synonymous with human trafficking painting images in the mind of the public of depraved or unworthy men and helpless poor young girls willing to sell themselves only for a green card or sly scammers fooling their mate out of greed. They are seen as villain or victim, without understanding that these couples are no different than any other. Laws are continually added for ‘protection’ from these villainous visa seekers. A 70 year old man murders his 20 something Filipina bride in Florida and it becomes national news. Used to serve the purpose of marinating the visa process. A 19 year old and his 20 something reject brother set off two bombs and now student visas, refugee status immigrants, and naturalized citizens are painted as a threat. The war is being waged against you and you are losing. When these people remain quiet, others will put words in their mouth. When they remain idle, others will act against them. The landscape has changed, this is now an age of information and perception. Facts have become interpretations. The details are lost only the talking points remain. TV and radio is not what it once was. A protest of a few dozen people now would at best land you a few minutes of local news and there is equal chance you would be viewed as a joke in that report. In this age USCIS will not move because of a few people with signs, they would find it laughable today. Organizations daily pay ‘protesters’ to carry signs. Without thousands in a protest it has lost value. We believe in peaceful protest, we have not advocated violence or harm in any way. We have advocated remaining within the law. The times have changed and your methods much change with them. This site once decided to create the timelines to give members information, a tool for them to have some rational of progress and means to seek assistance from representatives. The information that we provided was no different, just more direct. People on this site look to you for guidance, support, protection, and leadership. Unintended as it may be, that is the result of the role you chose. Lead them, do not let them be overrun by a system that has become ever worse to deal with. These are a few thousand people who will be lost in a stampede of millions. Like it or not they see you and their advocate. We assure you, without leadership, the days of spousal and fiancé(e) visas as a viable process are numbered. The separations that families awaiting visas must endure often now exceed those of people on military deployment. While the reuniting of military families is rightfully celebrated and rejoiced these families are ignored. As we speak mothers are being forced to be separate from the fathers of their children even for the entirety of their pregnancy. Children are being born and the father is not allowed to touch the hand of his child. The strain, expense, and hardship put on families can only be seen as cruel, unusual, and unneeded. While no voice is made, no protest engaged the plight will only get worse. Even if you hate our group because of the actions of views of other branches, surly you can see the need for change, and protest. To paint Anonymous with the brush of every member is no fairer than painting visa petitioners with the brush of those who commit fraud, human trafficking, and even murder. Hate our group if you must, but make us serve your goals. Take the data we provide and use it to assist the cause of righteousness. These people are gathering under the banner of this website to protests because even in your own words this is what the site was founded for. If you do not lead them in this protest at the very least do not render them impotent to the powers that have conveyed against them. We have given them a tool, nothing more. We plead with you on their behalf. Allow these people to protest the injustices perpetrated on them. Allow these people to use whatever tools and information they can in the service of the greater good.
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    Zipline reacted to TylerDurden in After 3 weeks... Is CSC slowing down again?   
    A common misunderstanding of the Anonymous persona is that it is used primarily to provide safety from responsibility or repercussions by cloaking ones identity. The truth is quite the opposite. While our branch of Anonymous does not operate outside the law, other branches have, and many of our brethren have been arrested for their activities. The guise of Anonymous increases the scrutiny and potential of prosecution if illegal activity is engaged even if done in the greater cause of good for mankind. In a few cases the wearing of the persona has resulted in the death of the individual members. These martyrs to the movement knew the potential cost for participation in their selected operations. Each branch operates independently determining its own operations and goals. Each member selects their own participation. Anonymous is less of an organization and more of a meme for groups and individuals to organize under. The purpose of the Anonymous mask is intended primarily to remove ‘self’ from the equation. Reducing the potential of individual corruption. A head can be removed. A leader can be stopped or corrupted. Personal gain or power can pollute a motive that once was pure. Anonymous removes the ‘self’ from the issue. This transforms the focus correctly away from the individual and to the idea, the cause at hand. The individual is not what is important. The idea, the cause is what is important. As you see we have succeeded. The idea continues. We applaud your efforts and will assist in any way we can. Freedom will always prevail.
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    Zipline reacted to pachacuti in After 3 weeks... Is CSC slowing down again?   
    This is an unfortunate turn of events for such an effective and creative use of publicly accessible data. I, for one, appreciate the effort you have made to make this data available to us. I still plan to create a web app to make this data available and manipulable to more people. Hopefully these efforts will empower others against such an opaque and unresponsive agency.
    FWIW, yes I am a little concerned that I am not anonymous. However, I was raised to believe in the freedom of speech afforded by my native land. I still believe in the American dream and will continue to comport myself along those lines. I will face any adversity in a fighting stance and will employ all my connections and ability. I encourage everyone to maintain the same attitude.
    May we all have the best of luck on our journeys and be reunited with our loved ones in the shortest time possible.
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    Zipline reacted to pachacuti in After 3 weeks... Is CSC slowing down again?   
    Having spent most of my life working for "the government", I am truly not afraid. I am aware of what my actions really mean to the agency and know that they would not be considered harmful. Even with my case pending at USCIS, I do not truly believe that they would expose themselves to professional scrutiny to go after someone like me. Any other thoughts would have to be considered paranoid.
    Look, I am a big proponent of government. I believe the government is a force for good. But to be that force for good, it must be transparent, it must be accountable, it must be responsive. This is the type of government worker I ALWAYS was. I was transparent, I was accountable and I was responsive. I always made sure that the customer received the service they expected.
    To detail this, I will lay out my career a bit. I started out as a bilingual (Spanish-English) financial worker determining eligibility for welfare programs. I was made a lead worker after 3 years. Mere months after that I worked at headquarters as the ombudsman. Having a bent for technical skills, I taught myself web programming and got a job as an IT worker with the agency that administers child support in my state (a little googling and all y'all can figure out who I am now). Even in this position as a web dev, I had constant contact with clients and employers. I even still had contact with people wanting to know about welfare benefits. One thing I ALWAYS did is to make sure that they were put in contact with the right person to address their concerns. The last thing I told each and every client I served: "Consider me your last point of contact. I will try to have someone who can help you contact you, but if you do not hear anything, you call me. I am the person responsible for you until you get what you need." Seldom did they have to contact me again, but let me tell you that each and every person was enriched by that type of contact. That is what government should be. That is the service we should expect. I know because I provided that service.

    I plan to make the data available (albeit without receipt numbers) for you to play with. Stay tuned.
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    Zipline reacted to TylerDurden in I HATE USCIS thread   
    Hatred is perhaps a too strong of a view.
    In the end justice is always served. We believe the actions of USCIS will be known and the delays remedied.
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    Zipline got a reaction from Lynkali in After 3 weeks... Is CSC slowing down again?   
    Thanks for your hard work. Say hi to Robert Paulson for me.
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