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    David&Xin got a reaction from Ebunoluwa in Today on Barak Obama FB page. Let's Storm it!   
    1, Firstly, i shold say thank u for pointing me this issue. I modified the post at FB and VJ ( at VJ, it is the next post as a reply to my original one, cause the original one on VJ could not be edited ) , just some words spelling mistakes,did not do a real good review ;
    2, I m not the USA citizen, i m just trying my best, you or whoever, probabaly can not fully understand it, but at least this post at FB show my discontent of the government's measure to legally migrating people ;
    3, Knowing that there are thousands of post, no matter a perfect or a badly organized one, do you think Obama would read it? or even his assistents? but why did i still do it, cause we must try whatever we can, as the OP. Since after this amnesty, people who are at a legally migrating way are being hurted.
    4, Thank u again for poiting that to me. I'll appriciate your post on FB too, a perfect one, if you agree with me and many people here. You may know, even 2000 of us post on FB, it's still such a weak yell, so well or badly organized words, i did my efforts, now it's your turn, if you want the K1 's processing time to be shorter too.
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    David&Xin got a reaction from rohandlulu in CSC CLOSED DUE TO PLUMBING ISSUES   
    i just had a look of Igor's list, VSC march 25, 9 NOA2 done; meanwhile CSC 0 done. Plus, the graph bars beside the Igor list of VSC is showing they are almost done with Aug. and Sep files, meanwhile CSC graph maitain the same bars as 3 or 4 or even more months ago. I'm currently at a country where i had work, but now workless, everyday here for me is waiting this visa, but the truth is just making me hopeless day by day, almost want to do a protest, anger and despression.
    Now, i probabaly will transfer it to china,buy the ticket to come back to china. feel so ....don't know how to say, it's too stressful and screwed up, how could the government let people suffer like this, they should add the capability of dueing with more work not delay and make others suffer so much.
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    David&Xin got a reaction from Sheepwalk in August Filer CSC NOA2 Approved!!!!!!   
    haha, this is really a good new! congratulations~ and you gave us a positive answwer about the comunication with the congressman, we are going to write it this week, with two points: 1 similar k1 quantity workload compared to past years (don't want them just respond that they got a lot);2 even it's true,that they have a lot of DACA workload,it still unnecesarily to be the reason to delay the K1 processing time.
    well, want to know your opnions about this letter.
    We will send it next week , since it would complets 5.5 months next weekend, as the average time.
    happy for u and your words ! positive guy!
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