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  1. On 9/24/2018 at 2:22 PM, Boiler said:

    Why were they denied?


    The paperwork is just a Form, not sure how a Lawyer could help.

    Not sure she was given a reason why she was denied they just told her she could not get a visa at the time. 

    On 9/25/2018 at 3:17 AM, NuestraUnion said:

    You mean how do your parents do it, correct? They take supporting documents with them to the interview. You don't provide documents for them. And like @geowrian stated, majority of the times those documents aren't looked at. Most of the info the CO investigates is provided online.

    thank you 

  2. 8 hours ago, WeGuyGal said:

    You were told wrong unfortunately.  Better not to listen to lawyers or agents for visit visas. 


    Tourist visas require applicant(s) to show ties to their home country, and there is no set way to show that. COs determine the credibility of the applicant by reviewing the ds160 and responses to the in-person interview. No letters or documents are required. 

    How do we go about doing this? At what stage do we present the documents that show they have strong ties to their country? I looked at the application and at no time does it request a financial recap?

  3. Hi everyone, 

    I have not posted in here in a long while and our section has also changed since :). We want to apply for my in-laws to come and visit us for the holidays. Does anyone know how long the process takes?  Last time we had a lawyer do the paperwork and the visa was denied. Wondering what we can do to improve their chances. 


    We were told we had to fill out form I-134 but I do not see this listed in the guidelines on this thread. 



  4. Forgetting about the Visa issue, it does seem unusual that Parents would go half way around the world leaving their children behind to attend a one year olds birthday party, but then again I am not familiar with Albanian culture.

    I would focus on leaving the children behind, .

    Well the kids would be coming with them because we are planning on having a huge party for her however my sister in law is the only one that needs a visa.

  5. Are the children going? Enrollment papers for the children in school is an excellent tie

    good luck

    one of the kids will start first grade this year so they do have that paper work. do you think that would be sufficient?

    Where do they live?

    She lives in Albania

  6. Hi everyone,

    We would like to have my brother & sister law come into the states for a birthday party early next year. My brother in law can travel under the VWP however my sister in law needs a B2 visa.

    She has is a stay at home mother of two who doesn’t have strong ties on paper. In the Albanian culture they don’t have joint accounts and the woman doesn’t put her name on the house deed. Can you guys give me some suggestions on how we can make a strong case that they will return? They have no intentions of staying longer than 2 weeks since their kids are in school and they are coming for our daughters first birthday party.

    Thank you to everyone that writes me back.

  7. Hi guys,

    I am currently in the us on a student visa- OPT(associate degree). I have found a job that is willing to sponsor me for a working visa.

    I have a few questions:

    1) Do i have to apply for the working visa in the US or would i apply for it out of my embassy?

    2) Can i still go to school part time and stay in the us on a working visa?

    3) If i file for a working visa in the US what forms do i need to file?

    3.1) How long does this process take?

    3.2) How long will the working visa be issued for?

  8. EAD = Employment Authorization Document. It was what you filed the I-765 form for. It is a white ID card with a photo and your USCIS case info on it. It says 'EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION CARD' at the top. The EAD and AP are typically combined into a combo card. The AP part of it will be that is says "Serves as I-512 Advance Parole" > http://www.uscis.gov/news/questions-and-answers/uscis-issue-employment-authorization-and-advance-parole-card-adjustment-status-applicants-questions-and-answers

    We did recieve the Employment auth. but we have not recieved his travel document yet- I131- the site says this was approved on 02/07

  9. If you already have the EAD, your probably have the EAD/AP combo card. Check the bottom of your card if you have it.

    Did you receive the EAD? It is typical for the EAD and AP to come in a combo card. If you received the EAD, does it state, "Serves as I-512 Advance Parole" on the bottom? If you have no received the EAD/AP, then you should contact the USCIS about it, as it has been over 30 days.

    What is an EAD? on the USCIS site it says the case was approved but we recived no paperwork on it? Also is it a passport of a card that looks like a greencard?

  10. So my fiancee from England and I went to go pursue a immigration lawyer, he agreed to take us on as clients and we are starting the paperwork for the K-1 fiancee visa. He says the process will take 6-8 months. He's the boss and owner of the Law Firm. Has anyone else gone with a immigration attorney? If so, what was your experiences?

    NO don't waste your mont- read the blogs, make sure you do everything correctly and ask for advise you will be fine. We got a lawyer and she abandonded us when we needed her the most. Her fee($2500!!!) only covered the "forms" i had to do everything myself.

  11. No, you do not need a GC to travel if you have no overstay of more than 180 days. I would definitely apply for an Advance Parole - you never know when you might need it, and it is for free if you send it with your AOS application. Also, for people who are adjusting their status from a K1 visa, the Green Card process can take a long time (mine took almost 8 months), so it is always good to have an AP in case emergencies come up and you need to travel.

    Thank you, which one is the Advance Parole form?

  12. Hi guys,

    We have not applied for our AOS yet but i wanted to know if we need to get married before we apply for a SS?

    Also what info do we need to bring with us at the SS office to get my fiance the paperwork he needs.

  13. He is not admissible to the US because he was proven to be a drug user. There are no rights given to Americans to bring a drug user into the country as an immigrant. Her concern now is if he can be eligible in the future with convincing rehabilitation.

    I meant that she has rights to find out why his visa was denied.

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