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    Segers2012 reacted to The Mean Lady in I-130 Delay, any noticable patterns?   
    1. Do you have a Islamic Name?
    No, husband does not
    2. Do you get stopped at the Airport and face few questions due to your name?
    Yes, but not for name.
    3. Are you from a region such as middle east or known to have trouble?
    No, husband is not.
    I'm not actually waiting for a long time but I felt like answering anyways.
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    Segers2012 reacted to Kathryn41 in Help!!! Others getting approved!!!   
    You could 'try' calling the 1-800 information number and ask to speak to an Immigration officer saying your petition is outside of the normal processing times and you want to find out why, and if they require further information from you. The person who answers the phone is not able to answer your questions, although they will try. They are not immigration officials - just Call Center employees working off of a script. You want them to forward your call to the second tier, to someone who actually can access your computer file and see if there is anything listed that can explain the delay. If you are not able to get to an Immigration Officer (Tier one people are very good at running interference to stop calls from actually reaching real immigration staff so you may not get forwarded), you could make an Infopass appointment with your closest USCIS office and ask them for an update on your case status in person. Bring with you all of the documentation you had submitted with the AOS and any additional supporting documentation you have up to this date that shows how the two of you have co-mingled your financial, personal and social lives. This may - or may not - help you move the process along but it may give you an idea of why there is a delay.
    There does not seem to be a rhyme or reason for why some petitions get processed faster than others. It may be that yours is sitting on the desk of some Immigration officer who has been assigned to processing other visas right now and will get back to the waiting 'pile' when he/she finishes those. It could be that there was some sort of name hit or delay on the FBI security search and they are doing further investigations based upon that 'hit'. It could be that those who were approved so quickly were pulled from the waiting pile for 'training purposes' and so were processed out of order. It could be that your file is waiting for a transfer to CSC to receive a green card without an interview.
    I can appreciate your frustration. My AOS petition took 23 months to be approved - and it ended up being approved without an interview. I have no idea why it took so long as it was more than twice as long as the average waiting processing time for everyone else. We received no RFE and there was never any explanation, although I suspect it did get 'lost' on someone's desk for a while as well. If I had known about the Infopass option, I would have made one at the time. It might have shaken the petition free of whatever black hole it had fallen into, earlier than it was.
    Good luck.
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    Segers2012 reacted to TJandJR in 2nd Chances For A FIlipina   
    "be able to petition another filipina"? "go back to the Philippines to see if you can find something (not someone?) more worth your time"? Sir, you sound like its a shopping trip. But to answer your question I think you should ask in the forum that is specific to that region. And btw you are petitioning the uscis, not the woman.
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    Segers2012 got a reaction from Merrytooth in Health Care (or medicaid) for my wife?   
    Unfortunately, that's what we all have to risk when bringing someone to the states and you don't have a job or medical insurance. No, she can not be cover under your dad's insurance. It's only for his wife and kids. As for YOUR wife, your dad will be committing a fraud if he tries to put her under his insurance to pay for her medical bill. Getting caught is not what you want to get yourself into. That's why when applying for a immigration wife, it is listed on there that you will be able to sponsor her and support her until she's on her feet. Buying medical coverage is expensive but if worst comes to worst and you are desperate then yes, buy it. Best if you start working now, and then add her to your insurance. Most jobs required you to work with the company 3 months before insurance kicks in so start acting on it now. Try not to get her pregnant so fast when she arrives. Use protection. Once she gets here, have her start looking for a job as well. It helps. Until then, she's not cover and you will just have to make sure she is healthy.
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    Segers2012 reacted to aaron2020 in Wife with green card wants to leave and go home (divorce)   
    Are you asking for relationship advice? Or an immigration issue?
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    Segers2012 reacted to Alaska2012 in Usc wife told husband to pack out from the house while husband still ve 2yrs green card at hand   
    Yes I can see my post was removed, but all I did was question the OP for name calling. I did not call anyone anything! Please read the posts more carefully before removing them.
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    Segers2012 reacted to hawkeyez in i need help fast my wife want to divorce me only because i dont want be Christians   
    I'm not buying this story.
    It has fake writen all over it.
    I'm not buying this story.
    It has fake writen all over it.
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