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    reginaglenn reacted to Mike E in N600 application   
    Obviously not since you cannot use a US passport to get a certificate of citizenship.  
    No. If you lose your passport, as I wrote before, you can pay a fee to State to replace your passport without providing primary evidence. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/how-apply/citizenship-evidence.html Search for “File Search”
    US citizens walking to the USA from Canada don’t actually need any documents. It does make the wait time in secondary inspection longer.  As a CBP officer wrote recently: 
    It’s the law.  It’s called the constitution.  
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    reginaglenn reacted to SteveInBostonI130 in N600 application   
    This is NOT correct.
    A valid US passport is always primary evidence. It is typically first in any list of primary evidence options.
    A naturalization or citizenship certificate is good to have as backup, like if your son ever lost his passport and needs a new one.
    A couple years after 9/11, I had to cross when my passport expired.  So I brought my naturalization certificate to cross.  The CA side only wanted to see my DL.  On the return, the US agents wanted to see my certificate.  He gave me a bit of a hard time, because the photo on the certificate was from when I was 9.  He first asked if I had a more recent version, then said "next time get one with a current photo".  I don't think he understood the purpose of the certificate or that it doesn't expire.  Oh well.
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    reginaglenn reacted to Mike E in N600 application   
    He will need a certificate of citizenship for some situations: situations where primary evidence of citizenship is required. A passport is not primary evidence.   These include and are probably not limited to:
    * Private sector jobs requiring a security clearance.  

    * Certain jobs in the federal government 
    * Petitioning a relative for immigration 
    * Online voter registration in some states (can be done in person with a passport)
    I used to think that those in your son’s situation who lost their passports and all other ID would need a certificate of citizenship to restored all their documents. But it turns out the department of state has a process for this. You pay more money but if you’ve ever had a passport or passport card, you can get it replaced without any ID. Makes sense for US citizens abroad who have been robbed or kidnapped.  
    It is better that your son do this now rather than later when the trail of evidence grows colder.  He will need your naturalization certificate (send a copy not the original, but if there is an interview the original will be needed to show because TIU: this is USCIS). He will also need your copies of his birth certificate, your green card, and if your name on your naturalization certificate differs from your name on his birth certificate, your change of name document (probably your marriage certificate).  Send copies and verified translations of these with the N-600.  Bring originals to the interview.  
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    reginaglenn reacted to JeanneAdil in N600 application   
    Not needed 
    he became a citizen thru you and a US passport is proof (when you become a citizen)
    Congress has enacted laws that determine how U.S. citizen parents convey citizenship to children born outside of the United States. Generally, you may obtain citizenship through your U.S. citizen parents when you are born, or after your birth but before you turn 18.Jul 8, 2020
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from MDA in N-400 - March 2017 Filers   
    Naturalization Oath Ceremony Experience
    Local Office: Louisville, Kentucky
    Venue: 600 Martin Luther King PL
                Romano Mazzoli Federal Bldg.
    Date @ Time:  August 30, 2017  10:00 am
    Arrived 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Went through scanner and showed ID ( green card). Cellphones and cameras were allowed. Waited outside the conference room ( venue) for few minutes and was instructed to fill the  N-445 form out. Then, they let us in one by one, checked and took the Oath Ceremony Notice and the 10 yr green card. She asked for my 2 yr green card, I told her they (at the Immigration Office) took it, when I had my passport stamped. So she asked for my passport , crossed it out and wrote 'CWOP' on top of the stamped page. Based on my own research it means "Canceled Without Prejudice". Admission/ checking in of applicants took 45 minutes. There were more than 100 applicants in the room, chairs were numbered and welcome envelope kits were placed on top of each chairs. When applicants were settled , they let the family members in. Chairs for the family members were provided on the right side of the room. Sang the National Anthem. Opening remarks of the Immigration Officer ( it was the IO who interviewed me) who is also a naturalized citizen and a former army officer of the United States from Haiti. Then, call of the countries, each one stood up to say their perspective home countries.  Handing out of the certificates.The Immigration Officer reminded everyone to re check all the information on the certificate while still there, to make corrections for free. If you have gone home and just found out any wrong entry, you will go through with filling up forms and a fee.  Total time in and out of the building is a little less than 2 hours. It was quick ceremony, and a moment to be proud of. Today is my first day being a US Citizen , there's a sense of feeling of belongingness. Part of being a citizen is taking reigns to make it better. Cheers to everyone of us who has the privilege to call the United States of America, our home.
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from Investinmiami in N-400 - March 2017 Filers   
    Edited my font shade.
    I see March filers are moving, with all these new interview dates. Good luck to all !
    N-400: March 2017 Applicants
    USCIS Dallas/Lewisville, Texas Lockbox

    UserName..........|GC-Date..|Sent..|Cashed|NOA...|Fprints..|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office......|NBC/IOE
    AGENTPIG..........|05/29/12.|02/27.|??/??.|03/03.|04/11/17.|04/28/17.|05/05/17.|06/07/17.|07/04/17.|Buffalo, NY       |NBC
    NICK79............|05/07/12.|02/27.|03/03.|03/01.|03/28/17.|08/16/17.|08/17/17.|09/21/17.|--/--/--.|New York, NY      |NBC
    DGTB..............|07/23/94.|02/27.|03/06.|03/06.|03/20/17.|03/29/17.|07/10/17.|08/14/17.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC    |NBC
    KSWSKY94..........|01/25/12.|02/28.|03/07.|03/07.|03/27/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC    |NBC
    MARDY.............|06/10/08.|02/28.|03/07.|03/07.|03/30/17.|04/03/17.|08/25/--.|09/26/17.|--/--/--.|West Palm Bch, FL |NBC
    GLENMAR...........|10/22/13.|02/28.|03/06.|03/06.|03/27/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Dallas, TX        |NBC
    MELLYHOHOHO.......|07/10/10.|02/28.|03/01.|03/06.|03/23/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Norfolk, VA       |NBC
    AMI&CHIGS.........|10/04/12.|03/01.|03/08.|03/08.|04/06/17.|04/10/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|New York, NY      |NBC
    JSJS..............|04/15/14.|03/02.|03/08.|03/08.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|                  |NBC
    FINALCHAPTER17....|07/27/10.|03/02.|03/24.|03/25.|04/24/17.|08/22/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Raleigh-Durham, NC|NBC
    VEGANO............|05/31/12.|03/02.|03/07.|04/04.|04/20/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Raleigh-Durham, NC|NBC
    CANDYBABE.........|01/16/08.|03/06.|03/13.|03/14.|04/10/17.|04/12/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Hartford, CT      |NBC
    BRONXRN...........|07/12/07.|03/13.|--/--.|03/20.|04/18/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|New York, NY      |NBC
    JJBUI3............|--/--/--.|03/06.|--/--.|03/11.|03/20/17.|04/07/17.|08/25/17.|09/28/17.|--/--/--.|Newark, NJ        |
    VAMAS.............|09/23/13.|03/06.|03/08.|03/13.|04/13/17.|04/17/17.|07/28/17.|08/28/17.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC    |NBC
    BLK...............|04/22/14.|03/07.|03/15.|03/15.|03/28/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Mount Laurel, NJ  |
    YITO..............|10/17/12.|03/07.|03/13.|03/14.|04/10/17.|04/13/17.|08/21/17.|10/03/17.|--/--/--.|Hialeah, FL       |NBC
    JAHKNOW1..........|--/--/--.|03/07.|--/--.|--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Jacksonville, FL  |
    JKEN..............|--/--/--.|03/07.|--/--.|--/--.|04/24/17.|04/26/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Orlando, FL       |
    SAB2913...........|04/30/14.|03/08.|03/15.|03/17.|03/28/17.|04/10/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Newark, NJ        |NBC
    SHAIZ.............|--/--/--.|03/08.|03/14.|03/14.|04/04/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Washington, DC    |NBC
    INVESTINMIAMI.....|06/09/14.|03/09.|03/20.|03/21.|04/12/17.|05/09/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Kendall, FL       |
    PHILLYFELLOW......|05/20/14.|03/10.|03/20.|03/21.|04/03/17.|08/25/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Philadelphia, PA  |
    REGINAGLENN.......|06/08/14.|03/10.|03/20.|03/21.|04/12/17.|05/15/17.|05/25/17.|06/26/17.|08/30/17.|Louisville, KY    |NBC
    KALUSHA...........|03/26/14.|03/13.|03/20.|03/23.|04/12/17.|04/14/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Baltimore, MD     |NBC
    SALJOY............|02/11/11.|03/13.|03/20.|03/21.|04/07/17.|04/13/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Baltimore, MD     |NBC
    WEARETOGETHERNOW..|08/25/09.|03/13.|03/23.|03/24.|04/19/17.|04/21/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|                  |
    FABILOUS876.......|12/08/09.|03/14.|03/21.|03/16.|04/14/17.|04/18/17.|08/26/17.|10/02/17.|--/--/--.|Tampa, FL         |NBC
    LAURA.............|03/10/14.|03/14.|03/21.|03/22.|04/11/17.|04/20/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Houston, TX       |
    ANLE31292.........|09/24/13.|03/15.|03/20.|04/06.|04/24/17.|04/26/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Orlando, FL       |NBC
    PENNYWISE.........|05/30/14.|03/16.|03/23.|03/25.|04/11/17.|05/01/17.|08/17/17.|09/18/17.|--/--/--.|San Antonio, TX   |
    EMARSH............|06/21/11.|03/17.|--/--.|03/22.|04/07/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Atlanta, GA       |
    SIO05.............|05/20/14.|03/18.|03/24.|04/01.|04/18/17.|04/27/17.|05/26/17.|06/29/17.|07/12/17.|Boston, MA        |NBC
    JOMFER............|06/07/14.|03/20.|03/29.|03/30.|04/21/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Atlanta, GA       |
    VJSTK.............|03/20/12.|03/20.|03/27.|04/01.|04/20/17.|04/24/17.|05/25/17.|06/29/17.|07/12/17.|Boston, MA        |NBC
    DMCHUGHCT.........|03/02/11.|03/20.|03/28.|04/06.|04/19/17.|04/21/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Hartford, CT      |NBC
    ABIKYSHOW.........|05/08/14.|03/21.|03/29.|04/06.|04/21/17.|04/25/17.|06/12/17.|07/12/17.|08/30/17.|Lawrence, MA      |
    CARRIE212.........|05/23/12.|03/23.|03/28.|04/04.|04/20/17.|05/01/17.|07/18/17.|08/16/17.|--/--/--.|New York, NY      |NBC
    GRAPPLEAPPLE......|07/29/13.|03/24.|03/28.|03/31.|04/25/17.|04/27/17.|08/02/17.|09/06/17.|--/--/--.|Raleigh-Durham, NC|NBC
    SUNSHINESTATE2013.|06/23/14.|03/24.|03/30.|04/01.|04/24/17.|05/23/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Miami, FL         |NBC
    CYBELINE..........|05/20/14.|03/25.|03/28.|04/03.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Atlanta, GA       |
    CASUALUSER........|06/23/12.|03/27.|03/30.|04/03.|04/24/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Raleigh-Durham, NC|NBC
    JK2...............|--/--/--.|03/28.|04/05.|--/--.|04/25/17.|05/28/17.|08/09/17.|09/18/17.|--/--/--.|Jacksonville, FL  |NBC
    EDEN1207..........|09/10/11.|03/29.|04/04.|04/05.|04/27/17.|05/01/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Dallas, TX        |
    SHUMAI............|06/24/14.|03/29.|--/--.|04/05.|04/24/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Atlanta, GA       |NBC
    ROCHA_2014........|06/06/12.|03/31.|04/10.|04/17.|05/18/17.|05/22/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Kissimmee, FL     |NBC
    MM1...............|06/XX/08.|03/17.|??/??.|03/23.|04/10/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Fort Smith, AR    |NBC
    USCIS Phoenix, Arizona Lockbox
    UserName..........|GC-Date..|Sent..|Cashed|NOA...|Fprints..|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office......|NBC/IOE
    JOESCHMOE2017.....|01/30/95.|02/28.|03/02.|03/06.|03/20/17.|03/28/17.|08/28/17.|09/27/17.|--/--/--.|San Francisco, CA |NBC
    Dr_Z..............|--/--/10.|02/27.|03/02.|03/06.|03/22/17.|03/28/17.|07/28/17.|08/29/17.|--/--/--.|Santa Ana, CA     |NBC
    LULLABY123........|05/02/14.|02/28.|03/07.|03/06.|04/05/17.|04/13/17.|--/--/--./--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Chicago, IL       |
    WELLYWENCH........|09/08/08.|03/01.|--/--.|--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--./--/--/--.|--/--/--.|                  |
    MARGA_20..........|--/--/--.|03/02.|--/--.|03/08.|03/31/17.|03/28/17.|--/--/--.|09/28/17.|--/--/--.|San Francisco, CA |NBC
    GARY_UK...........|03/16/10.|03/03.|03/10.|03/11.|03/24/17.|04/06/17.|04/21/17./05/16/17.|07/11/17.|Indianapolis, IN  |NBC
    NANRAJ............|04/08/14.|03/10.|03/21.|03/16.|04/04/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--./--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Tuscon, AZ        |
    KGONE.............|11/09/12.|03/10.|03/17.|03/15.|04/13/17.|04/17/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|St. Paul, MN      |
    YULIYA LIPINA.....|06/07/14.|03/11.|03/21.|03/23.|04/10/17.|05/08/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Chicago, IL       |
    SAFEJOURNEY2......|--/05/12.|03/11.|03/17.|03/21.|04/13/17.|04/17/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Denver, CO        |
    JON&REXIE.........|07/18/12.|03/13.|03/22.|03/25.|04/14/17.|04/18/17.|07/10/17.|08/14/17.|--/--/--.|St. Louis, MO     |
    VIKC07............|06/09/14.|03/14.|03/21.|03/24.|04/14/17.|05/09/17.|05/15/17./06/16/17.|09/15/17.|Indianapolis, IN  |NBC
    MAHUNA............|10/27/08.|03/18.|03/23.|03/25.|04/19/17.|04/21/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Seattle, WA       |
    CANDACE...........|01/03/07.|03/20.|03/25.|03/31.|05/03/17.|05/05/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Seattle, WA       |
    ABHAY.............|06/09/08.|03/22.|03/29.|04/07.|04/17/17.|04/21/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Des Moines, IA    |
    LUCAS&LUCAS.......|07/26/13.|03/23.|04/20.|04/27.|05/15/17.|05/26/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Reno, NV          |
    USCIS Chicago, Illinois Lockbox
    UserName..........|GC-Date..|Sent..|Cashed|NOA...|Fprints..|In Line..|Int ltr..|Intrview.|Oath.....|Field Office......|NBC/IOE
    Cupcake123........|08/08/07.|03/29.|04/03.|04/07.|04/17/17.|04/27/17.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|--/--/--.|Chicago, IL       |NBC
    Instructions for adding/updating yourself (or assisting others) to this list:
    2. Please use your VJ name to avoid confusion. 
    3. Please make sure you are using Rich Text Editor as your message setting.
    4. Copy this whole section including instructions and paste it to your typing field, do NOT quote.
    5. Make changes and Reply.
    6. Red Font = "I'm A United States Citizen"!
    GC-Date: The 'Resident Since' Date located on your first green card.
    Sent: Date N-400 was mailed to USCIS.
    Cashd: Date your check was cashed / credit card was charged by USCIS.
    NOA: Receipt Notice Date Printed on your official I-797 notification.
    Fprints:  Date assigned for fingerprinting (Bio-metrics). If you do your biometrics via walk-in prior to your scheduled appointment, please enter the date in blue.
    In Line: Date you received e-notification about the start of your interview scheduling. You can get this date by checking the USCIS Website at https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do
    Int Ltr: Date you received the official letter in the mail regarding interview.
    Interview: Date of your interview.
    Oath: Date Oath taken.
    Field Office: Your local USCIS office where you will have the N-400 interview
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from etteniMTtocs in NBI name to show for Annulled Women   
    Hi, I am not sure anymore how the NBI application form look like. i'm not sure if it asked about my ex husband's info. I went to NBI office for my clearance , so I was able to asked what to do with my situation with the people in charge there. Yes they will give you (2) two NBI Certificates, since you have used two names. Good luck!
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from etteniMTtocs in NBI name to show for Annulled Women   
    I think that's correct. Mine appears " Travel Abroad" . But that works too.
    I still have my NBI copies with me now which were taken in year 2013. I have the 2 lower half part of the pages which is my personal copy . One with my married name on it with the civil status of "annulled" and the other one with my maiden name on it with the civil status of "single". I guess they will give you 2 copies of NBI( maiden and married name). My name was a HIT so I had to wait for little more time, for it be released.
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from mia166 in N-400 - March 2017 Filers   
    @casualuser , @JoeSchmoe2017 , @latifa , @MDA and @sunshinestate2013  , thank you. Good luck to you all!
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from Investinmiami in N-400 - March 2017 Filers   
    Congratulations @sio05 ! The waiting is indeed worth it . Good for you, you got your Oath date right away. Here we have to wait 30-60 days for that letter in the mail. Thanks for posting your experience. Best of luck ahead!
    Thanks @Investinmiami ! We'll see, July might be a good month for March filers.. hoping for updates next month, especially yours.
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from Investinmiami in N-400 - March 2017 Filers   
    @casualuser , @JoeSchmoe2017 , @latifa , @MDA and @sunshinestate2013  , thank you. Good luck to you all!
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from MDA in N-400 - March 2017 Filers   
    @casualuser , @JoeSchmoe2017 , @latifa , @MDA and @sunshinestate2013  , thank you. Good luck to you all!
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from MDA in N-400 - March 2017 Filers   
    My Naturalization Interview Experience
    Interview Date: June 26, 2017/ Monday
    Time: 1:25 pm
    Local Office : Louisville, Kentucky
    My company: Husband and 2 kids
    Documents with me: Almost everything ( especially the original copies)
    We arrived 45 minutes before the scheduled time. Got in line, gave my appointment letter, green card and passport. Instructed me to wait and told me where the interview room will be. There were maybe 10 applicants with their families in the waiting area. I was 3rd to be called since we got in. After i sworn in, I saw my files, all ready on the table, but it wasn't like 3-5 inches of documents( which I mostly read here) it was only the N400 packet amount of documents.  He went through basic questions on the N400 form, from the very 1st page, personal information like names, birthdates, address, contact number, ssn number.  Went through the YES and NO questions, and I signed the last page. It was a quick question and answer , and flipping all the pages, like we were in a hurry. No travels and no violation of any sort (  made my interview a little bit quicker and lesser questions, I guess). He asked if I want to change my name, and I said no. He printed out a page and let me check if all the information are correct, and signed below. He asked the recent 2016 Tax Returns copy( I have included this in my original packet too), original birth certificates copy of my kids. He returned my passport, green card, and the original birth certificates. The only document he kept was the tax return. I totally forgot about passport photos which I had with me, just in case. He gave me a piece of paper, I read and wrote a sentence he instructed. After all the signing was done, he went through his computer and asked the civics and U.S history questions.
    Questions asked:
    Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
    Who is the Commander in Chief of the military?
    What is the political party of the President now?
    There were 13 original states. Name three (3).
    Name one state that borders Mexico.
    What are the two major political parties in the United States?
    Right after the 6 question was answered, in just a second I heard the printing machine.. He handed me the Naturalization Interview Results which is the form N-652.
    IO: Professional and very nice( he is a story teller too) .
    Total Interview Time: 35 minutes
    Result: Recommended for Approval
    Good luck everyone!
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from Investinmiami in N-400 - March 2017 Filers   
    Good luck with your interview @Agentpig ! , let us know how it went when you get a chance.
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from Investinmiami in N-400 - March 2017 Filers   
    Thanks! It is, we have the same timeline. I am an early filer too, maybe that's why it took a little longer to get "in line". But I had a feeling that the local office here is a little faster. Though I only based on one applicant filed last January, same FO. She filed January and got her oath scheduled this May. Looking at 4-5 month range total for this entire Naturalization process , to me is pretty quick. Maybe because my ROC took 14 months, it was like forever in VSC and I just received our GC's 2 weeks ago.
    Thanks all! Hoping for more March filers to get 'in line' and get 'interview scheduled'  !!
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from Yuliya Lipina in N-400 - March 2017 Filers   
    Thanks! It is, we have the same timeline. I am an early filer too, maybe that's why it took a little longer to get "in line". But I had a feeling that the local office here is a little faster. Though I only based on one applicant filed last January, same FO. She filed January and got her oath scheduled this May. Looking at 4-5 month range total for this entire Naturalization process , to me is pretty quick. Maybe because my ROC took 14 months, it was like forever in VSC and I just received our GC's 2 weeks ago.
    Thanks all! Hoping for more March filers to get 'in line' and get 'interview scheduled'  !!
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from Yuliya Lipina in N-400 - March 2017 Filers   
    Got text and email yesterday, 10 days after I sent my application. 
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    reginaglenn reacted to charmander in Age Different   
    Depends on the actual ages. 19-33 vs 46-60 could be treated differently.
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    reginaglenn reacted to Meg&Andrew in i need some help!   
    I don't think OP is asking what happens if she goes back to the US. I don't think she stated that she wanted to go back with him either, I believe she's asking what will happen if she doesn't go back to the US, as far as immigration status.
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    reginaglenn reacted to Bzegurl in Issue about our age difference for K1(finccee ) visa   
    I believe OP is saying she is a citizen. Many people don't know how to properly explain themselves especially if English is not their main language.
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from Natsukiii in What's the best way to end a marriage?   
    I say, this is too early to give up.
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from del-2-5-2014 in my fiancee 17yrs older than me   
    Double the effort on to showing how genuine your relationship is. Good luck!
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from Holly0912 in Immigration Officer (Detroit) said we're 2 days late..   
    Thank you Dave. Well the expiration date of my visa is Dec.17. I would think yes 6 months from the medical date,correct. The immigration officer was pointing on that I 129f application form of ours , i saw the noted dates may 2- sept 1. The officer asked me and she said " where were you? you should be here til sept 1, you' re 2 days late", and she called for a supervisor for approval to go trough, that was scary.
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    reginaglenn got a reaction from Holly0912 in Immigration Officer (Detroit) said we're 2 days late..   
    Just found the answer of why and how come? Only I knew was the 6 months thing. Been here since Sept. 3. Now it's clear that, we have 4 months, to enter US from the date of NOA2. I got this copy of our I29F application together with the embassy instruction letter, before I had my interview, I should have double checked this. Clearly I saw this same form that the immigration officer was referring to that she got from my sealed packet. Got through my docs last night and found this:

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    Got 4 originals copies with me. SSN office just asked my passport and I-94, no other docs requested. I haven't gone far in regards to docs processing here in US, but still have the 4 originals for future use.
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