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    Most Ghanaian men love respect from their ladies. They love it when you give them the driver seat. Be submissive to him at all times. Do not yell, scream, swear, or put them down in any way. You will be expected to up keep the home; cooking, cleaning, decorating, taking care of the children and him (not financially). It is important you create a binding relationship with his family, especially his parents. Allow your guy to take care of the home financially and always make his opinion count. It is important you are faithful and honest. I will post links and I will strongly advice you read the articles so you can start learning what to expect until your hubby to be adjusts himself to the American culture. Do not expect a lot from him when it comes to affection after marriage (LOL). But over time, I am sure he'll understand. I am USC and dating a Ghanaian man also. Let me know if you have any questions. Hopefully this helps answer your questions. All the articles are 95 percent true about Ghanaian men.
    Best of luck to you and your future husband
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    in a way how u said what u said wasnt too nice.he asked vj members beause he felt someone wlse might have been in a similar situation.we are all family here so its good to look out for each other.if u dont know just hope for the best for him but dont make comments lke this.my opinion .just saying.
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