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    Hello all VJ..I just wanted to give insight on my husband and myself experience thru the visa process...We met online thru Facebook July 2011..eyes met..hearts beating fast for each other..and just fell in love..After many months online and countless hours on skype and facebook..flew to Morocco to meet face to face..we got married April 2012..stayed three months and were blessed to be pregnant..sadly I had to return back alone June 2012..Oct 2012 started the Visa process..I130 sent Oct..waiting..waiting..submited a expeditie request due to pregnancy..per USCIS was lost and then they admited was never submitted..contacted local congressman..to no avail..still waited..Nov 2012 our daughter was born early but healthy hamdolilah..still no expeditie granted...Feb 2013 flew back to Morocco to see my hubby and have him meet our daughter for the first time...waiting for NOA2..waiting...April 10th 2013 NOA2..happy day..Flew back to Texas May 2013..then more stress.. after Tier 2 at USCIS..contacting senators and congressmen..took us 2 months to have our case sent to NVC..was June 20th 2013 recieved case number..then the NVC process..send and wait..send and wait..knocked back with three checklist for careless mistakes from the NVC...finally case complete Oct 2nd 2013..another surprise recieved interview letter Oct 3rd for date of Nov 13 2013..hamdolilah..Interview went well but got AP..waiting again to have documets arrive and then finally Visa Issued Dec 3rd 2013...Hubby is flying tomorrow Dec 7th 2013..My daughter and I have not seen him since May 2013..All in all I just want to say to those going thru this to keep strong..it will test you..you will get mad..and stressed and go thru all..but in the end it is all worth it..and those of you that are with your loved ones hold them tight and thank God that you are finally together..Best of luck to everyone.. :)****UPDATE***Hello all..So my husband got his CR1 PR with conditions Dec 2013, we now have two girls together and life is good..we are now going through the process of getting the conditions removed...

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  1. so my husband just called..we are in AP..i feel so stressed..they woman told my husband since my mom is married they need the W-2 for her spouse..and to come back on monday..:(

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    2. Hana&Reda


      What's the point of NVC if they didn't check the papers correctly. I don't think it will take long to get the visa if you turn in the right documents. Good Luck, don't be sad he will have it soon inshallah

    3. TOTOEMY


      i know i was thinking the same..crazy nvc..but all they need is the i864a which is fine..but they woman giving my husband the interview said he has to wait until monday to turn it in..i thought the embassy was open in the afternoon to accept documents..the good news is they did give him his rights in america paper..hamdolilah..so pray that after turn in the i864a will get his visa soon after in shaa allah..

    4. Hana&Reda


      I guess they have a certain day to turn in documents which doesn't make sense because he could just turn in this week. Oh yea if she gave him that paper than that is very good. inshallah he will get his visa soon.

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