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    Hey that's great news, congrats 
    is Dallas your FO?
    my PD was 9/19 and I am hoping to receive the interview scheduled message soon too...
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    You need to call NVC and request a Supervisor and ask specifically what is missing. I would do that NOW! Only a supervisor.
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    Louiep is right; you've spent countless years away from your loved one - another 15 days stretch should be the least of your worries. If you have an option to submit your updated DS-230 form, scan and submit it online. It takes about the same amount of time for NVC to respond, either on postal mail or e-mail. E-mail at least has a stamped on when it was sent. Another option is to send it using a certified mailing option such as FedEx, UPS, DHL to name a few.
    I am acting as an agent for my sister's visa processing, and sending everything via UPS saved my "behind" a number of times because I can send them confirmation of the packet's receipt.
    I hope this helps - Goodluck!
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    hi ,don't worry it will probley delay it a bit maybe around 10 days like that,but send another ds-230 exactly filled out like you did before,just making absolutely sure you ansewer question 30 this time and everything will be fine!!send it express mail so you can track it also! don't worry to much,as it might take less then ten days or especially if it takes a few more then ten days it will be ok!just send them exactly what their asking,which is probley another ds-230 just making sure to answer question 30 I know how you feel as me n my wife n step daughters are kinda of in the same thing,n we miss our loved ones a great deal,but what is 10 or 15 days more compared to all the time that has passed since we first applied n were both very close to making it out of the NVC and on to our interviews ! gud luck on the rest of your journey n godbless
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