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    neobe reacted to RyRo in APPROVED!!!   
    this morning i had my interview at US Embassy in Manila @ 3:45 in the morning i am already ready to go (eventhough my appointment is at 7:30am) the instruction on our appointment letter is to actually go an hour before our interview schedule but because of wanting to end early i went there really early but i would suggest those who have 7:30am schedules to go there by 5:30 or 6am because you will not be entertained until the first batch (6:30am sched) is already inside.
    so from 4 am to almost 6 in the morning we were just sitting there along with other people who has an interview at USEM, after the first batch went into the building we were already asked to form our line, i was the 6th from the first person in the immigrant visa line, 10 mins before 6 (i guess, forgive me because im not really fond of wearing watches ) we were already walking towards the gate of the embassy. at the gate you will be asked to prepare the first page of your appointment letter and your passport. They will be the one who will place your passport in a ziplock bag and will mark something on your appointment letter but they will eventually give it back to you, from there another line is formed towards the entrance going inside for security check (remember that the following are not allowed inside the embassy; cellphone, calculator,usb, cameras, any electronic device, foods arent allowed although candies are ok, all kinds of liquids are not allowed) dont worry if you get hungry they are selling food inside so at the security check all those prohibited stuffs will be thrown or left behind or you will be asked to give it back to your companion outside if you do have. after the security check another line is formed there are 3 counters who will then give you your priority number after you submit the first page of your appointment letter that was check by the ladies outside. my lucky number is 6143
    the waiting has just started so we were asked to sit down and wait for our number to flash on the queuing board you have to remember that numbers arent followed on numerical order, they are on random order so you may need to constantly look at the board... even when i started chatting with the people i met there we would talk but we would constantly look at the board and everytime the number that is flashed is close to our number we would get nervous and eventually realize that it is randomly called
    at this point while waiting you need to prepare your DS forms,2 copies of DS 156, 2 copies of DS 157, and 1 copy of DS 156k. by the way i also met cj and doc (we are the art) while forming a line they are members here too, we talked before the interview because they started a thread about who is going to have an interview on the 9th
    so when my number was flashed on the board i went inside the main building and went to the counter where my number was assigned (again another security check for the bags) and then the filipina on the window just asked for my DS forms and asked me to sit down again and wait for my number to be flashed for the finger scanning,so i went back to my seat and waited for some time there, when it was flashed again i went back inside to have my fingers scanned as soon as you approach the window they will ask you to state your full name and your birth date and then the finger scanning will start. after that, you will be asked to sit down again and wait for your number to be flashed again for your pre screening with a filipino consul and this was i guess the longest wait i had
    my number wasnt flashed until 11am and the filipina consul who pre screened was a very nice woman she just asked me fore the following: proof of payment, BC, NBI clearance, CENOMAR, Affidavit of support, I-134, Petitioner's recent tax and W2, she also asked me to answer some of the questions on the DS form and then while doing so she was asking some questions like : what is your complete name, who is your petitioner, where did you meet? when did you meet each other in person? how many times did he visited you? how long did he stay here in the Phil? and some clarifications from the form like our address, if we were both unmarried, etc.
    then lastly she said can i see your pictures i was like i brought a scrapbook will it be ok? she was like yes! and after seeing it she was like.. ok just wait for your number to be flashed again for your final interview with the american consul (the wait was very short like few minutes apart )
    my number was already flashed and i thought it was the lady that they were talking about who is really strict (honestly inside the embassy you have a 50/50 chance of being called by rude consuls or pre-screeners, and i would say that i am so blessed to be assigned on one of the nicest people in there, i never had a problem )
    finally with the american consul, so all i thought i was assigned to a woman and as soon as i got closer to the window i saw a man on his late 20's or early 30's then i greeted Good morning sir! and he said good morning back without looking, then he asked me to raise my right hand to pledge that i will say nothing but the truth and i just said yes sir! then he told me to put my hand down and he started asking questions
    1. Who is your petitioner? (scanning our papers )
    2. Where id you meet? (scanning our papers again!)
    3. Is he working? what kind of work? (made me feel like he is running out of questions for me:P )
    4. Where does he live? this time i was like "Do you want me to give you the exact address sir?" because i think he was just looking for questions to ask then he was like "No,just the state" so i answered then after scanning over and over and over again he was like:
    at this point i knew "I WAS ALREADY APPROVED!!!"
    so i said THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR and he just replied YOU'RE WELCOME
    and so i waited for few minutes and was called at the 2go window and the guy asked if i chose home delivery and i said yes and he told me
    and i said THANK YOU SO MUCH and he said YOU'RE WELCOME
    ahhhh at that point i felt like i was floating at cloud 9, couldnt believe that all the stress are already done:P and it wasnt really as bad as i thought it will be, its just like a casual talk with a complete stranger
    then on my way out Doc saw me and he called me and asked how my interview went and i told him and CJ that im already approved and wished them luck so i am hoping before the day ended they were also approved
    for those who are constantly reading my posts you knew guys that this whole week has been one of the busiest week of my life, i am from Davao, we arrived here in Manila last sunday, Mon and Tues was my medical, Wed was my CFO and thursday is my rest day then FRI was my interview day and i would like to share this to you that God paved the way for us, it went really smooth since day 1 even if i was stressing myself out because im too scared to be confident, i dont want to be relaxed, i want to be under pressure so i can think for the proper mindset but all those times my fiance has always been there for me and we would constantly pray, Today before i left home going to the embassy we prayed together and it did really made me feel great, i am really thankful to have such a great man in my life, who loves me so much and whom i love so dearly and above all these all these wonderful things that have happened in me and my fiance's life was all planned by God, we have seen HIS hands all throughout the journey and i would give Him all the glory and praise.Thank you LORD!
    so for all those who are about to undergo the interview at the embassy do not just focus on your papers alone because no matter how prepared you are without God it would mean nothing. Keep on praying and have faith. God will guide you all the way to the end. God bless everyone
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    neobe reacted to Cathi in My K1 Visa filipina wife left me and is cheating on me..   
    this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read here. 100 relationships before you get married? really?????
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    neobe reacted to Nick + Elizabeth in My K1 Visa filipina wife left me and is cheating on me..   
    So much ####### in this post reply
    ~"the less you care the more the girl will want you." This is juvenile advice. If you are looking to have a sincere lasting relationship with a true connection to a woman don't follow that advice. If you are looking to play games and get laid by girls with low self esteem then go for it!
    ~"you should have a minimum of 100 relationships before you consider getting married" I'm 31 and have dated a lot and am nowhere near 100 relationship. That's completely absurd. I whole heartedly believe you will learn more about yourself and what you are looking for in a few long term committed relationships then 100 meaningless flings (because at a number that large, that's all they are).
    ~"File for divorce and head back to Philippines for the next one." Really?! You make it sounds like picking up a wife is akin to picking up a new weed whacker at Wal-Mart. If you meet someone overseas that is one thing, but looking at the Philippines as a place to serial hook one wife after another until you find something that pleases you is another.
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    neobe reacted to del-2-5-2014 in My K1 Visa filipina wife left me and is cheating on me..   
    OP, you're in the begining stages of stalking. You need to stop before you allow yourself to get goaded into stupid stuff.
    Get a divorce, notify USCIS and proceed to move on with your life. Gowon has learned in his time (I'm old enough to almost be your Dad) that you can't keep someone that doesn't want to be with you. You have no properties or kids together so it's as clean as a break that you can get adn she moved out on her own without you having to get all messy like.
    You're not going to get her deported and it's not your job, you're going to notify the USCIS and you're going to move on. I read your bio page and saw how you met and your activities you did when you first met, those, IMHO, were all wrong.
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    neobe reacted to Nick + Elizabeth in March (2012) filers...   
    Hey guys... so I had to stay away for a few days. Coming on here was starting to get not so good for my head and every time I ventured onto the site I ended up in tears. However, I'm back now and with some good news. Last night at 8:47pm I got 'The text' and we are FINALLY approved! I'm not really sure how I feel! I'm happy and excited, but it still sorta stings having to have waited so damn long. I haven't even told Nick yet, because he's at work. I'm going to make him put up the webcam so I can see his face when I tell him. Yes, I already have it planned out. I pinned a little note to the back of my sweater that says 'we are approved!' in huge letters. I'm going to ask him to turn the camera on to see my new dress and do a little spin for him so when he sees the note he'll be all "What's on your sweater?" and I can be all, "What are you talking about?" turn, turn, turn, hehe... till he figures it out. After all this time I did not feel a phone call would suffice, though it was really hard not to tell him this morning! I guess we're ready for the next step!
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    neobe reacted to Jacque67 in March (2012) filers...   
    I think it is harder for the beneficiary as they are in a limbo, and can't really make career changes during the waiting period. The beneficiary has to leave their job, friends and family behind and virtually start from scratch again once they enter the States. The petitioner usually only has to deal with the separation.
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    neobe reacted to D&V in March (2012) filers...   
    This is so true! Why my Fiance cant understand this.. sad..
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    neobe reacted to islandgal in March (2012) filers...   
    Good morning Marchies. I got the text this morning as I was walking in to work, then I rushed to log on to the USCIS site to check. Finally my petition is approved. Just like the sentiments of others, although this should be a very happy time to shout it from the mountain top, USCIS makes it a bit difficult because our fellow Marchies (and some February folks) are still waiting. I've bonded with many of you and I will not leave this thread until everyone on our active list is approved. I'm also interested to hear about everyone's next steps (issues, questions, comments, advice, etc) up to POE, so I'll be here beyond USCIS approval. So come on VSC!! More approvals!!
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    neobe reacted to Tigerflower in March (2012) filers...   
    Aha! One of the RFE Reviews was approved on my stack yesterday! There is life there. They are alive.... ALIVE!!!
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    neobe reacted to Tigerflower in March (2012) filers...   
    I haven't checked the site in over 72 hours... so proud!
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    neobe reacted to Starflyer 59 in March (2012) filers...   
    Tigerflower, I sent only a birth certificate for proof of citizenship. I did not send any passport pages, and did not get an RFE. So I wouldn't sweat about it too much. Of course, as we've talked about before, it may come down to the adjudicator's mood that day, but I just want to let you know that it's possible to get by without passport scans (for evidence of meeting within two years I submitted my boarding passes and photos of us, one of which contained a newspaper with the date clearly legible).
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    neobe reacted to Tigerflower in March (2012) filers...   
    Yes we do... hopeless romantics. Isn't love the whole reason for going through this? If anyone should ask, I can look them straight in the eye without hesitation that I know my tiger loves me and would do anything for me. Just look what he's gone through already just for me!
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    neobe reacted to kmulenga2012 in March (2012) filers...   
    Jayson and I are both teachers... so we have a love of lots of kid/Disney classics. This song made me cry the first time I heard it after leaving Zambia. This is the song he hears when I call his phone. When he calls me I hear Dave Barnes "God Gave Me You".

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    neobe reacted to charbot in March (2012) filers...   
    Hi Five Neobe!
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    neobe reacted to charbot in March (2012) filers...   
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    neobe reacted to charbot in March (2012) filers...   
    This is my song dedication!
    Christina Perri - A thousand years
    **incidentally how come the embed link doesnt work for me?
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    neobe reacted to webslngr in March (2012) filers...   
    Food is a whole other ball of wax for me. I very much disliked what my fiance called food. Mostly what we would consider the garbage parts of the animal are delicacies there. No dried fish will be in my house!
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    neobe reacted to kmulenga2012 in March (2012) filers...   
    Further a huge love of his is kapenta. It's fish they leave to dry for a week in the sun... Then eat it. It tastes like it smells... Dry rotting fish. I've told him I'm never making it and if he eats it he will not be kissing me that night. I've tried it. Couldn't manage it and I've eaten bugs. Zambia likes weird food lol
    He's great about it and since I've tried it understands. But he forced me to try it before I rejected it completely. Out of love I did it. And out of love he won't force me to make it for him.
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    neobe reacted to Vroum7 in March (2012) filers...   
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    neobe reacted to Tigerflower in March (2012) filers...   
    In honor of the amazing super fast VSC rep holding our case hostage, I've written a poem. It is to the tune of "You're a Mean One, Mister Grinch". I call it, "Ode to Mister Sloth".
    You're a slow one, Mister Sloth
    Eight hours to process one file?
    By the time you've looked at
    only one, I've crawled a thousand miles.
    Mister Sloth
    You're so lagging, Mister Sloth
    You must be smoking dope. Your hands are slow as glaciers.
    Makes it impossible to cope.
    Mister Sloth
    So lethargic, Mister Sloth
    It's not enough you've ruined my life?
    I only wish to see your face...
    when I hear "You're man and wife!"
    Mister Sloth
    You're a snail trail, Mister Sloth
    Why must you be so slow?
    Is it really that impossible?
    Take your finger out of your nose.
    Mister Sloth
    If I had to pick one, Mister Sloth
    Between you and a dead pygmy goat.
    To win the race, make no mistake...
    I'd always pick the goat.
    Mister Sloth
    The three words that best describe you, and I quote: "Comatose, stagnant, oaf"!
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    neobe reacted to Wobbafut in calling all March 2012 filers....   
    You all are welcomed on the actual March 2012 filers thread
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    neobe reacted to QueenE in calling all March 2012 filers....   
    How rude... Its nice for some to talk to people in like situations. Also I dont think you own this website to be telling anyone what to do ( come with reasonable query).
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    neobe reacted to Kaaha in March (2012) filers...   
    I am definitely taking too much sleep So I don't think about all the mess concerning our visas. Another week passed... It is funny how we dislike weekends now haha...
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    neobe reacted to harleyrob in March (2012) filers...   
    hey early march filers vcs received my i-129f on march 8 2012.my notice date was march 12th.they sent me an email to let me know they received my packet.now ive been wait over 6 months for an email for my noa2 .today i didnt get one. so i wanted to see what where there days and hours they work after i checked that on there web site for ha ha's i put my reciept number in and it says my i-129f got approved yesterday march 20th.so just want to say i think its best to check your receipt number instead waiting for an email from them.it ---ks we have to suffer like this trying to do things the right way when theres so many here that didnt go threw the process.
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    neobe reacted to AnnaLouise in March (2012) filers...   
    Really rooting for you tiger flower!! Might sound odd but focusing on rooting for someone else is helping with my wait. Sounds weird but it's true
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