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    Basbosa got a reaction from neilsqueen in Waiting for ROC approval...can we also submit N400?   
    Just a quick update guys: We got our approval letter for ROC yesterday! (yay!!) it was dated on the 10th... We were still preparing our N400 package (we were waiting on 2016 taxes)
    The letter said we'd have to wait 60 days to get our green card. Does it really take that long?
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    Basbosa got a reaction from Soloenta in Approved after 10 months AP!   
    I never thought i'd ever say this, after a looooooooong AP with the Embassy in Cairo, the CEAC website shows that our visa was issued on 4/10!!! whoooooooo!!!
    I am not sure when my husband will get his passport, so I emailed the Embassy but still haven't heard from them yet. For those of you who dealt with the Embassy in Cairo, how long does it usually take to get the passport/package?? My husband is currently in Alexandria, and it takes one business day for DHL to deliver (from Cairo to Alexandria).
    Also, I understand there is a USCIS fee that we need to pay to get the green card. Can we pay this fee now? Or do we have to wait until my husband enters the US to pay?
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    Basbosa got a reaction from Sarsoor in Checklist for DS-230   
    Thanks Shayy! I am glad to hear that Egypt is lax on this I'll let my husband know, so he can look into the process Thanks again for all of your help!
    Thanks Sarsoor! I will let my husband know, and we'll try to do the expedite one
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    Basbosa got a reaction from Sarsoor in APPROVED after an RFE =)   
    Alf mabrooooook!!! Insh'Allah your husband will join you before his daughter makes her grand entrance
    Good luck with the NVC!!!
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