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  1. lol, well it gets really cold and boring here in the winter, and especially now with Covid. So gonna spend most of Dec there just to get away.
  2. Well, looks like I'm planning another hop to FL in about 3 weeks, feel free to hit me up if you're in the area.
  3. Funny watching all those people out in the streets now. For months they told us how scary covid is and that they can't even stand in line to vote because they're afraid of getting sick. I guess those who said covid will be over after the elections were right 🤣
  4. Sorry man, not sure what the question is Who cares...benfords law is a thing.
  5. https://lawofmarkets.com/2020/11/07/statistical-proof-of-election-fraud-in-the-us/
  6. I think alot more blame is on the side constantly engaging in identity politics(you can say Trump is a sore loser - but they are even sore winners...saying because it was tight, that must be due to racism, ridiculous). Btw again I'm not one to normally buy into conspiracy theories(I practically never do) but I've got no doubt there's been some really fishy stuff going on. In our house we received 3 mail ballots each - unsolicited. That said I trust the courts and I'll go with whatever they decide.
  7. Right? Those people are so funny. And they never learn. It took a pandemic, tons of mail-in ballots, and fraud to likely win by a tiny margin. The whole thing is a circus. I'm even happier now that I'm moving to PR next year because I refuse to pay any taxes that go to a Biden Harris government.
  8. Some gaps can be closed...some are very hard to close. For those gaps to have closed the way they did means biden got alot more than 6 of every 10 votes in those ballots. Which is more than what they were estimating he had before that. Just comes down to math
  9. I don't think sidenotes really settle much, but if you say so...
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