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  1. I'll admit right off the bat I haven't been reading a whole lot of anything in here lately but just wanted to say I don't know how anyone in their right mind can support Russia here
  2. Haha too busy enjoying life to spend it in chat forums these days. How are you? Hope you're still keeping everyone at bay
  3. Uh...sure ok still waiting for that proof but sure let's just keep repeating this narrative for the heck of it
  4. Pretty big difference imo. Apparently according to the law as well, as the maximum sentence is much longer.
  5. Yup, what did I miss? How in your opinion did they prove it was murder? Serious question
  6. Nope, wrong. Reread my comment. Being innocent vs committing murder vs manslaughter 3 totally different things.
  7. Convicted of what? That's the question. Was it murder? I don't think it was
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