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    Nikita2Charles reacted to Unlockable in Didn't Add Fiance's Mother's Info on i129F Form   
    *** Several nonconstructive posts removed. Please watch your tone on this site. you can provide correct information and correct other members without being abrasive.
    VJ Moderation 
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    Nikita2Charles got a reaction from Mike E in Didn't Add Fiance's Mother's Info on i129F Form   
    I can confirm that it works, I had a correction to make, I was told to wait until the case get to NVC in case I don't get an RFE, Then we can change it at NVC, so it's good to know that option was available, it was fairly easy. Maybe the mod can tag this message in the forum.
    Thanks Lady Rain( Mesi beaucoup)
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    Nikita2Charles got a reaction from Lady Rain in Didn't Add Fiance's Mother's Info on i129F Form   
    I can confirm that it works, I had a correction to make, I was told to wait until the case get to NVC in case I don't get an RFE, Then we can change it at NVC, so it's good to know that option was available, it was fairly easy. Maybe the mod can tag this message in the forum.
    Thanks Lady Rain( Mesi beaucoup)
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to Mike E in Date of Birth of Petitioner reverse   
    Wait for RFE.  If approved without RFE, the beneficiary corrects it at in the DS-160 and the interview. 
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to JFH in Everything is terrible and I am desperate for help   
    First and foremost, get yourself to a safe place. Google the women’s shelters in your area and call them. You can sort out things like divorce and so on later. Safety is the most important thing right now. Mental abuse is just as serious as physical abuse and you need to leave as soon as possible. 
    Contact the British embassy and request consular assistance. When did your passport expire? 
    Can a friend of family member buy a plane ticket for you? 
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to dwheels76 in Everything is terrible and I am desperate for help   
    I am so sorry you are going through this.  You say you want to go home and have no means to get there. You need to contact your UK Embassy and tell them you are stranded in US and need to get home.
    As far as divorce and all that. Now first are you sure you don;t want to stay. Seems you are in an emotionally abusive situation and may be eligible to file for VAWA (Victims of Abuse Womans Act) and file on your own.
    Call around to free legal aid clinics and check out the Catholic Charities they have assistance programs around to assist being with legal and immigration matters.
    And Unfortunately to your point you think you are illegal if you have been her more than 90 days and you haven't filed your AOS then you are out of status.
    Please be safe and if need be go to your nearest Woman's shelter.
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to Roel in What age should a child walk to school alone?   
    When I was ten years old I'd walk o school alone every day. And it was 20min walk and there was no cell phones. Honestly? It's as dangerous now as when we were kids. These days you just hear about those "dangerous" more only cause of the internet and how fast the information spread. 
    Overall. It depends on a child. Is your child responsible? Does it know the area? Is it easily distracted? Is it mature or childish for it's age? I don't think there is a good answer for your question. You know your child the best. Some 8 year old can go to school on their own but I bet some parents wouldn't even trust their 14 years old to do that. Lol. 
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to Sunya and Tim in Where is my port of entry?   
    Which airlines are you flying from Dublin? Not all of them use the Terminal 2 pre-clearance. Check to see if the airlines you are using departs from Terminal 2. If it does your POE will be Dublin, Ireland because that is where you will go thru customs and immigration (hand over the big envelope). If it is not then your POE will the be first city you arrive at in the US...which would be Chicago because you would go thru customs and immigration there.
    We have done this a lot because my stepson lives in Ireland with his mother.
    Hope this helps.
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to Hypnos in Where is my port of entry?   
    Swing and a miss.
    Your PoE will actually be Dublin, because there is a CBP preclearance facility there.
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    Nikita2Charles got a reaction from decocker in 'Partyism' Now Trumps Racism   
    what people don't realized, the line between the 2 parties is almost nothing, it's mostly psychological, both parties answers to the lobbyist and big corporations, specially after the Supreme court decision Citizen United where corporation has to be treated the same way as individual, only difference most average folks, the middle class doesn't have millions to buy or rent politician to represent them, it's not about the american people folks. If me and you have an idea to turn into law it only has 37% of passing but if a corporation has the same idea it has a 68% chance of becoming law, so what does that tell you?
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to Lynn n Sam in Taking US wife for visit to India   
    Ah yes, correct. Seeing as you are a green card holder and don't hold a US passport you're not eligible for the PIO unless you become a US citizen and then able to obtain a US passport. Sorry for the confusion. If your wife is a US citizen and holds a US passport, she can obtain a PIO card because she's married to an Indian citizen/passport holder. Otherwise she could probably apply for an Indian tourist visa. She can apply for certain time periods (like a 5 yr visa or a 10 yr visa, etc) but there's no guarantee as to what they'll issue. They decide once they receive the application. For example, if she submits fee for and applies for a 10 year visa, they may decide to only issue a 5 year and you do not receive a refund for the lesser time period that is issued (or they can deny altogether). Hope this helps. Good Luck
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to CowBoE in i had my interview today.... No Visa cause only 3k difference   
    Gosh I feel the sadness for you, but financial sponsorship is not something that is easily do-able by anyone.
    Making enough money to care for both existing and new (sponsored) members is obviously needed,
    but here is a "real" complication story that my sister's husband's brother, whom I will call "John Doe"
    for short, is going through.
    John Doe provided co-sponsorship for his son to bring newly wed oversea wife.
    After 2 years or so, and after she got her permanent green card, she is seeking divorce,
    and the divorce attorney for John Doe's son is warning John Doe that
    because he was a co-sponsor, he could be liable to provide financial support
    to his son's (soon to be) ex-wife because she can't speak English and does not
    have marketable skills to find a job in US.
    It was bad enough to pay for overseas wedding, and go through all the headache
    of bringing her, and then go through costly divorce, but groom's father could be
    on the hook to provide financial support for many years even after his son's divorce.
    This has become a nightmare situation for him as there is no easy way to back out
    his financial sponsorship.
    I don't know when (and if) the financial sponsorship expires eventually in the future,
    but this is something that can only be done by close family and relatives
    with clear understanding of the obligation that they are signing up for.
    Best wishes.
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    Nikita2Charles got a reaction from Morningmist in Fiance's new friend   
    You should give yourself a pat in the back for making this decision, you are 28 and he's 21. I don't beleive he's mature enough for you even though some men can be at that age, Even if you were in India it would be an uphill battle to get the family to accept you because you already have a 4 year old child. He would have to be really strong minded, and even go against his parent wishes to let them know this is the woman He loves and no matter what they do, or what they say you are going to be his lifepartner. The fact they were using he's being depressed, suicidal is basically emotional blackmail, I hope you weren't sending him and his family money on a regular basis, being the cash cow white girl.
    Be happy knowing you almost dodge the bullet in this relationship, moving to another country is not easy, he's not going to be able to work right away when he gets here with the K1, waiting for his adjustment of status and so on, therefore things can only get worse, and the fact that his parents are already manipulating him, and basically don't want him to leave India, would prefer him to be with a local girl, the doctor thing is just a scam, I don't know of any conferences in India that would start that late past 8pm. also over there once someone is in medical school they start calling them doctor even thought they haven't graduated yet, so it might be just another med student. Why would he leave school, if that's not his interest he could go on and study something else,
    Take care of yourself and your son knowing you made the right decision, don't second guess yourself, I think when you post this message you already knew what was going on, but the love you have for him was like a cloud over your eyes, and now you are able to see clearer what's happening, it's nothing new, it was already there, i just now you are able to see the light.
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to PabloGarcia in How you all met   
    I was traveling in Europe last summer and planned to visit Romania and Bulgaria alone. I used a website called couchsurfing to find local people to meet up with to show me around. My future wife randomly responded to my request and we started talking. We had been talking for about a month and a half before we met in person. There was immediate chemistry. I ended up adding a few extra days to my trip in Romania so I could be with her longer. We had such a strong connection that when I left we were both absolutely crushed. We talked about marriage and after a month of being apart we decided to go the k-1 route. I went back for Christmas and then again in February for the interview and now she is living with me in the USA
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to PBJ in How you all met   
    I met my fiancé, Kelsey, at a party here in London. She was visiting from LA and staying with a mutual friend at the time. I very nearly didn't go to the party, but my friend said it'd be fun. Kelsey wasn't even mentioned to me, so obviously nobody saw us as a good match, even as friends!
    Well, when I met her it was the most serenely powerful thing, something wonderful I still cannot describe. I've met a lot of people and never experienced such natural energy before. We chatted all night and all morning. Right away I knew I wanted to be with her forever, which is a scary thing to admit to yourself but still I went one better and shared that with her too. We spent the whole summer together. The following spring I visited her in LA for the first time, and we've been swapping borders ever since.
    I proposed this January in Los Angeles, and you can see how in the video below.
    Kelsey is my passion and my muse, the love of my life. I seek nothing else in anyone else, and its a great privilege to be staring down what appears to be a bright and exciting future together. Nothing is impossible when you're in love. Maybe everyone feels this way when they're getting married, I don't know.
    And for what its worth, whilst this time apart is difficult and painful, we also admit that it has inadvertently done positive things for our bond by deepening our understanding of each other. I think we have learned to never take each other for granted, or any other special people for that matter. We're blessed to have good people all around us, in every direction.
    Went off a bit there, but anyway, thats our story. Thanks for asking!
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to VOL in Sending a phone to the Philippines   
    I have found that Immigration and Customs will bend you over and make you pay absurd amount of import tax.
    Better to just send money and let them buy one over there
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to bkghosh in Fiance's new friend   
    If I were you, I will call this off and walk away right now. So sorry you have to go through this but you are refusing to read the writing on the wall. All the indications are pointing to manipulative and over protective parents and a man (he is not behaving like a man though) who is allowing himself to be manipulated and also blaming you for all this.
    The parents are doing their best to steer their son away from - an older white women with a child, who lives in a foreign country. Of course they do not like their son to move away to another country.
    You will not be happy in this relationship. So my advise is to call this relationship off and walk away. Sure it will hurt for a while, but it will be more disastrous if you continue on this path.
    Also, I am quite sure you will soon meet someone who will really have you in his thoughts and put you ahead of everything and everyone else.
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to christeen in Fiance's new friend   
    Warning ... Parents have introduced this woman into his life as a possible way to undermine your relationship. There are many many cultural and parental,issues that you (and he) have to figure out....
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to Golden Gate in Fiance's new friend   
    I would not accept my fiance going to a conference with another woman. Is he studying medicine or something? What does he have to do with this conference? I would say that his parents are trying to get him attached to this woman. The fact the father wouldn't sit down with you, and the mother complains that your fiance only listens to you and guilt tripping you about his depression suggests they aren't happy with the match he has made with you and are trying to undermine it in whatever way possible. Sorry to say, but your fiance doesn't sound like he has much of a backbone if he is using the excuse that he is bored, etc, to go with this woman.
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to Girl from Celebes in Fiance's new friend   
    Honestly, let me tell you this, what his family, particularly his mother, doing to you is some form of blackmail. He is being suicidal that is his family concern in India and they need to find a way to solve the problem instead sent you messages to make you feel guilty. It seems like his mother has no feeling by telling this to you. I am now suspicious that everything is all well-planned. Do they ask you send money to them?
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to CanGirl in Fiance's new friend   
    I get the impression that his parents want him to stay in India.
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to skiptex in World Cup Draw - greatest show on earth   
    you are right NOWHERE CLOSE..
    100 million may watch Superbowl...
    1 billion watch world cup final..
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to elmcitymaven in Work or STay home   
    Do what works for you both in terms of your relationship and budget. This is more a conversation for you and your spouse, since no one on here will have the exact same situation as you.
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to moemac59 in What Time Do You Take a Crap ? :)   
    My husband is the king of taking a pooh. He has to pooh in the morning right after he lets the biggest fart rip. He will sit on the toilet for at least a half hour and read...doing this naked I might add. He then comes home at lunch and does the same thing and then again after work and then right before bed. That dude can read 3-4 books a week. I always say it is where he does his best thinking. If we go out anywhere, he has to come home first and use the toilet as he cannot go in a public place. He is such a weirdo. I aksed him about the getting naked thing and he says it is because he works up such a sweat. Again weirdo but I love him...sorry I know that this is TMI but you asked so I told.
    I usually go maybe once every second day and when it happens, it goes quick....no way am I sitting in the can sniffing out my own brand!!! If we are on vacation, forget it...major constipation.
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    Nikita2Charles reacted to oohpartiv in What Time Do You Take a Crap ? :)   
    My hubby could answer this... He goes to the bathroom more than anyone I know. He goes in the morning right before he gets up, and he also manages to time it so that he goes right before he takes a shower in the evening. I don't know how anyone manages to nail down a pooping schedule... I just go when I need to...
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