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    Vic20r got a reaction from jjep.com in k-3 questions   
    Here is the CRBA topic..Basahin mo sis para malaman mo kung ano dapat ggagawin mo para wla ka nang dagdag gastos sa visa ng kid mo. Believe me, may na delay ang visa dahil sabi sa US Embassy, kailangan ng kid nya ang CRBA at hindi Visa kasi anak siya ng US Citizen
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    Vic20r reacted to Darnell in Ready to File AOS but she is acting out   
    I say help her pack her baggage and take them all to the plane.
    It's great her sister is paying for the return trip. One less thing for you to worry about.
    IMO, she's gone overboard and you should help her walk away.
    Bonus points for getting her signature on any divorce filing document before she leaves the USA.
    So, don't worry about calling her bluff, don't worry about reconciliation - she's already gotten her family involved and it's best she vacate your house.
    If love mattered, well, it would matter to her, and she would not have had the reaction she had. This reaction is clear indication that love doesn't matter to her/for her. She's acting like a displaced OFW and not a loving, caring wife. You can't change that, so please help her vacate and get on the plane.
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    Vic20r got a reaction from Darnell in e-request   
    Important points:
    1. When u write, please make a period on the end of the sentence before jumping into another topic
    2. Has ur husband did a Congressional Inquiry, Senatorial inquiry about your case?...Man, u needed badly a help from ur husband's congressman or senator..
    I had been a similar situation like yours if u read my signature or timeline. What i did before was, read...read...read...scan...scan...scan...search...search...search...for every topic here in VJ every topic that may had been asked and follow some advices from others..
    Then, i told my husband what to do and how to do it for any inquiries since he always have hard time figuring things out..
    Now, i want u to do the same...
    Read...Scan every thread here similar like urs...search...
    Have a great day!
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    Vic20r reacted to apple21 in depressed for waiting noa2   
    Lots of people have already given you advice on what to do, on your previous posts. Which of those have you actually done?
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    Vic20r got a reaction from Maria&Marveen in HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE BEFORE USCIS GIVES APPROVAL ON I-130?   
    That could be possible. If i were u, do not think about it...Just wait for it to come...less stress
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    Vic20r reacted to Cathi in withdraw petition   
    Sending someone money for food is not the norm. How did she support herself before you met, did she not eat? Never at any point before my husband arrived here did I send my him money, nor did he send me money.
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    Vic20r reacted to dwheels76 in Wife might be pregnant, does this affect the I-130 etc????   
    No it doesn't effect anything. If baby is born before interview yes a CRBA and a US passport. So no problem. This doesn't delay in any way. You need not add anything or nothing.
    Oh Congratulations Daddy!!
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    Vic20r got a reaction from ChiJay in St Lukes medical, sputum test...what next?   
    Its 2 months..I had it last June 10, 11, and 13..St. Luke's said i have to call after 2 months that is August 13
    Its 2 months
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    Vic20r got a reaction from Robb&Ann in What percentage end up having to take sputum?   
    I am totally agree with Robb&Ann..
    Based on the people i asked during my sputum exam, not only are they are having active/ history/exposure to PTB but also those who previously had Pneumonia, Asthma and some other infection. To those who had been exposed to PTB before and at the time of exposure had a low immune system, they are likely to acquire the virus. I had a history of PTB and as what my Pulmonologist said that a Scar in the lungs will never disappear.
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    Vic20r got a reaction from myimmhelp in Just Got NVC Case Number   
    Actually, i just used this email template (the one in the link)..I copied the template when i was composing a mail to NVCinquiry, filled in the information and i put the case number and my name as beneficiary in the subject line..
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    Vic20r got a reaction from Dean_De in St Luke's medical warning   
    Some of us here had some tough times to share..I had my most agonizing 19 months to wait from USCIS before we finally got approved. Our papers got stuck at VSC..Goodluck!
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    Vic20r reacted to Darnell in CFO Seminar Horror Story   
    There are other offices , besides that one, that do the CFO seminar.
    I suggest she go elsewhere, a different office.
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    Vic20r reacted to Darnell in After CASE COMPLETED @ NVC stage whats next?! PLS HELP   
    You realize that's for K-1, right?
    Ronzkie is chasing a CR-1/IR-1 visa.
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    Vic20r reacted to evoria in how can i track my case status?   
    Beleive it or not, all these years on visa journey this is the first time I am hearing anything about CEAC. Thanks for the link. That is why I love this place and the information you can obtain here.
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    Vic20r got a reaction from M and C in 26 days since NOA2 and still no NVC case number.   
    Hang on there!..just a little delay which could be resolve anytime sooner..i haven't read any from the forum that took so long for the NVC stage..The most agonizing part is the USCIS which on my case it took 19months for us to get approved and of course with the RFE that they sent Feb. 14, 2013...Our PD was September 2011...
    Just giving you a bright side..
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    Vic20r reacted to emmandenn in Nurse Graduate from Philippines...What Next?   
    Which state does she want to work in?
    Everybody here is correct by saying CA has been strict but honestly the only reason why CA has been strict is because they ask for an SSN.
    I would suggest that you message the state Board of Nursing (BON) and ask them what are their requirements. Usually they would require a CGFNS. Some require just a CGFNS academic evaluation and some would require both CGFNS academic evaluation and CGFNS exam.
    Don't take IELTS but rather take TOEFL. It is TOEFL that is required by US states and IELTS is more of Australia and UK.
    It would be helpful to know in what state she is going to work bc other than being able to ask the BON for the exact requirements, if it gets too complicated you can always opt for an endorsement. Which means she gets licensed in a different state and after she passes, she can endorse her license to the state that you want. This is where NY comes in which is the state that doesn't require much but then again always ask the state even for the endorsement requirements.
    I can give some inputs with the requirements for WA since I have talked to the BON..
    You cannot immediately sit for NCLEX nor do you necessarily have to take refresher courses. Better to be informed so call or email your state BON for the requirements
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    Vic20r got a reaction from sjr09 in IR1/CR-1 spouse visa   
    You just mentioned that you can not call the USCIS because you are the beneficiary, not the petitioner, so it answers your question already..
    By the way, You are the Beneficiary...Your husband is the Petitioner
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    Vic20r got a reaction from cassandra kate in hi   
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    Vic20r got a reaction from Teague in Congressional Inquiry AGAIN FAILED!   
    That's all we can do sis..Guess USCIS needs more time to get to know us..i feel i am special already
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    Vic20r got a reaction from ca_babe in Positive from TB skin test...   
    You are schedule for medical at St. Luke's right?..i guess since you stop your medication from your doctor, continuing it will not do good. Just wait for your schedule of medical and follow what the doctor from St. Luke will say about it.
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    Vic20r got a reaction from ca_babe in Positive from TB skin test...   
    Sputum culture and X-ray is the best. We can not speculate if you are contaminated or not. Only if you submit yourself for check up then you will know if you are