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    Bali - Ranae reacted to TimeTravel in K-1 visa denied at Delhi embassy.... 212(a)(5)(a)   
    Congressman will not able to help you in this case.
    Keep in mind, getting married doesn't give guaranteed approval for visa. Yes, it is a plus, but first of all, you guys must have to overcome with the relationship validity issue. You guys may require to spend more time together, and make the relationship evidence stronger.
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to apple21 in Need input   
    Do the report.
    LPRs/green card holders need to report change of address.
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to ankurborn82 in Naturalization Interview top questions - Desktop Background   
    I had my interview on 2/8/2013 and was little scared about the whole interview thing especially about the Civics Test.
    I was finding it difficult to find time to read. Also I thought about 40 questions I already knew by just listening the news and reading online news paper.
    It was some questions like ocean on the east etc. which were of concern.
    I created this photo [ Attached: US Naturalization imp Question-Desktop background] where i logically tried to have question which are simple but we tend to confuse/forget. I took couple of print outs and kept it several places. [Need not tell which places ]
    I also changed my desktop background to use this image. [being a software Engineer I am around my computer for more than 12 hours a day] so having a look couple of times a day was very helpful.
    It helped me [Got first 6 correct] so may be it will work for others too. Good Luck.
    Ankur Agarwal
    Twitter: @ankurborn82
    My Business Website: http://www.PriTrendz.com

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    Bali - Ranae reacted to DeW_DrOpS in Got interview date   
    Thanks....Regarding USTravel website...u simply have to register ur details and provide document delivery address......After ur visa is approved they will send ur passport and Visa at the address mentioned by u....
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to Cathi in ###### vermount service centre   
    US citizens get engaged and married to Pakistanis every day and have no problem meeting their significant others beforehand. There is an entire thread full of people here from Pakistan going through the process, many are not of the same religion. All have met the requirement of meeting within 2 years.
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to Cathi in ###### vermount service centre   
    Quite the attitude for someone who will only be denied for never having met his fiance. There are rules for a reason. There are no exceptions to the meeting rule based on religion, no matter what you think. I am a Christian, married to a Muslim. We met before marriage. My husband's brother is a US citizen married to a Muslim woman, she is from their home country, an arranged marriage. He went to his home country before the engagement to meet and to get to know his wife other before they married. Your excuse just doesn't fly. The fact that your petition hasn't been adjudicated isn't because you are from Pakistan, but because VSC is overwhelmed with cases from every country, it is slow no matter who you are and where you may be from, so stop trying to say it's discrimination, because it isn't.
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to SAT in How long did it take to learn to drive?   
    I'm leaning towards...She's retarded...
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to SAT in How long did it take to learn to drive?   
    I've been teaching my wife how to drive for 3 years. Either she is retarded...or brilliant(because as long as she doesn't have a license, she gets chaffeured around by me)...
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to together4evr in Hello everyone!   
    Do you have a girlfriend in the USA now or are you trying to get a American girlfriend?
    You can try to get a work visa
    win the lottery visa
    visitor visa
    Business visa
    If you do not have a girlfriend in the US then please do not commit fraud and break her heart and use her for a greencard
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to together4evr in Hello everyone!   
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to AugHem in Visa Received   
    Hello VJ friends,
    My husband just got his CR1 visa in hand after the interview on Jan 10th. Thanks to all for helping me and guiding me through this long visa process.
    Good luck to all those who are still waiting for the visa.
    God bless!
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to sunayana in My Interview experience   
    My USA Immigrant Visa Interview experience: I reached the Mumbai US Consulate by 0600 AM. We were made to stand in the queue at about 0630 am.There were two ques one for the Immigrant and the other for the No-Immigrant Visas. We were asked to hold on to the Interview appointment letter and passport.Later at about 0700 AM we were allowed inside into the security check area, where we were asked to put all the bags, files, watches and also the sweaters and jackets into a plastic basket which they gave for a security scanning. After the security check we were sent to a counter, where the lady asked for the language in which we would like to be interviewed and stuck two stickers (token numbers) on the appointment letter. This was done by 0716hrs (the time gets printed on the token)
    There were two series of token numbers. One starting with letter I and the other with S. After that we were made to sit in the chairs arranged in front of the 16 counters (where the interview would be conducted).
    Few Indian young ladies opened the counters and started calling the tokens. My turn came at about 0750hrs. BTW I was called by my name and not the token number. She first asked for my passport and my interview letter. She then returned all my original documents which we sent along with the DS-230 application..They also returned all the extra papers like the covering letters of the AOS & DS-230, the cover sheets and also the Fedex envelopes we used to send those applications. Then I was asked to give my fingerprints first left hand 4 figures, then right hand and then both the thumbs. She asked me the following questions:

    Who is calling You? Is he with you currently? Do you have his Tax returns or the W2's? I had both of them. She took both of them Is this your first marriage? Is it his first marriage? What happened to your first marriage? What happened to his first marriage? Are you still working madam? Have you been ever been to USA before? Have you been to any other country before?

    Please give your Medical reports. Then she said you have to carry your XRay reports in your hand baggage when you travel to USA and show it at the immigration counter (at PoE) Please sit down ..you will be called for an interview shortly. She also returned my interview letter after taking away one of the sticker with the token number, but did not return the passport. All this was done by 0800. After 20minutes I was called for the interview by an American Visa Officer. He was little hefty grey haired probably in early fifties.He was very friendly and nice. He asked me to give fingerprints of my right hand. Then he asked me to raise my hand for an oath which he read out and then I asked if followed it. Later he asked me to sign the DS-230 part two.
    Then I was asked the following questions.

    Where is husband working? What is he there? Is your marriage an arranged marriage? Then he asked if got my originals back and then mumbled that the 2 PCCs I submitted though one of them was not required talks a lot.(positively). BTW, I submitted PCC from passport office and also from Police Commissioner office. How long have you known your husband before marriage? How did you get to meet him? What happened to my first marriage? How long was your husband married for the first time? Was your first marriage an arranged one? What about his? Do you have children from your first marriage? Does your husband have? Have you been to USA before?

    Then he looks into his computer and types something for a long time and the leans forward and says Congratulations. Your Visa has been approved. I could not stop smiling. My face was all glowing when I heard that. Where is your husband in USA? You will enjoy it in Atlanta. Please go get ready for your trip to USA. I was told that the passport will be sent to the pickup point I registered or I can pay Rs.300 if I wanted it to be couriered to my residence. It will reach in 3-4 working days.I decided to pay Rs. 300 I was out of the Consulate by 0845 AM. Now, I'm waiting for my passport
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to aaron2020 in **I-130 Filing for Brother and Deportation issues****   
    The Mumbai Consulate needs it because your brother broke US immigration laws and got deported. People who don't break the law and get deported don't have this stupid problem. The only reason this stupid problem exists is because your brother broke US laws and got deported.
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to spn1025 in Need advise - very difficult case- Wife does not want to come to U.S.   
    Maybe you should get to know the person better before you get married again. Your 2 marriages both ended pretty quick. What's the rush to find a new wife?
    You'll probably have to file a waiver if you want to petition for another.
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to Darnell in Who is excited for the new waiver   
    I am not excited at all. I lump it into the same grouping as 'Deferred Ajdudication'
    where Mr. Obama has decided to actually help illegal immigrants, the majority of which are from Mexico.
    Nope, not excited at all. Why to give any help, at all, to illegal aliens from Mexico ?
    My answer and opinion doesn't matter anymore, as it was totally shut off by the Obama Administration.
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to Rachel & Tom in administrative processing at mumbai consulate   
    They only asked my fiance 4 questions and then wanted some other paperwork... so dont get nervous it will be okay as long as your have nothing to hide and youre honest everything will go good... good luck guys =)
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to Darnell in SSN Howto   
    I've written something up for a SSN Howto - please have a read, make comments. At some point, I'll refactor, ask for it to be pinned here.
    Thanks !
    SSN Info for K-1 visa Holders and CR/IR Visa Holders
    K-1 Visa Holders
    Regardless of your Marital Status, you are allowed to apply for a SSN.
    You have a particular time window in which to apply -
    starts 2 weeks after POE date and ends 2 weeks before the I-94 expires.
    Why are these start/end dates important?
    2 weeks after POE date, the SAVE database MIGHT have you in the system.
    SAVE is used by SSA clerks to validate you are eligible.
    2 weeks prior to I-94 expiring, SSA won't accept the application, as the validity date to
    receive it will pass by the time it's mailed out to you.
    How to apply:
    Get into your local SSA office, bring your passport and I-94 and a birth certificate. The birth
    certificate is optional, but some SSA staffers want to see it. Fill out the SS-5 form there, use
    your visa name (regardless of marital status) then
    --ask the SSA clerk to look you up in the SAVE system via VISA NAME and/or A#.
    ---If the SSA clerk can't find you, withdraw the SS-5 firmly, and come back in a week.
    ---If the SSA clerk can find you by VISA Name but not A#, or vice versa, you need to get to a CBP secondary inspection office and FIX YOUR SAVE RECORD with a CBP staffer (see http://www.cbp.gov/xp/cgov/toolbox/contacts/deferred_inspection/overview_deferred_inspection.xml for the local office address). Don't bother with using a telephone, just go to the office. No queues, no lines, no waiting, just go. If the CBP staffer is confused, ask for the shift supervisor - tell them you have issues with your SAVE record..
    ---If the SSA clerk CAN FIND YOU, YAY! Go through with the SS-5 application. Come back the next day, and ask for the SSN. Note the physical card will be mailed out, but you can have the NUMBER the next working day.
    CR-1/IR-1/CR-2/IR-2/IR-5 Visa Holders
    'ticking the box' on the DS-230 is sorta teasing to any Visa Applicant.
    The SSN may get processed, it may not get processed - it just depends on the clerk doing the
    data entry work for the 'intake' on the casefile once yer wife handed it over to any POE
    staffer. I know, the tick box was ticked, there's a reasonable expectation that 'something will
    get done' based on that tick box...
    But -
    if it's been more than 2 weeks past the Port of Entry Date,
    then there's a good chance that the SAVE database system has synched up,
    any SSA clerk, at the local SSA office, can find her in the SAVE database.
    Ya won't know till you try. Suggest you go in person, bring -
    --yer foreign spouse
    --yer foreign spouse's passport
    --filled out application (can get those at the office, too)
    and apply.
    Whilst at the SSA office -
    Ask any clerk to look her up in the SAVE database, in the VISA name and A#.
    If they can't find her by EITHER ONE (name or A#) - go away, do not allow the application to be
    accepted, come back in a week - SAVE system doesn't have her, yet.
    IF any SSA clerk mumbles 'need DHS/USCIS electronic verification' - do not allow the application to be accepted - come back in a week - SAVE system doesn't have her, yet.
    Although SAVE database is useful for 'status checking' at the SSA office (by the SSA clerks) -
    many of them are not trained on how to use it. If you get blank looks or mumbles, ask for a
    Supervisor, and ask the Supervisor to 'look her up' in SAVE.
    If she is found via A# but the VISA name is stored wrong, in SAVE, you'll need to do something else, with the SAVE unit, to get it changed.
    It's a hassle, sure, but suggest you do change it to proper spelling of 'VISA NAME' prior to SSN issuance.
    More SAVE INFO -
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to pgupta in DOS - Case Status   
    U.S. Mission to India Launches “Check My Visa Application Status” Online
    New Delhi | January 4, 2013
    The U.S. Mission to India is pleased to announce that the U.S. Department of State’s new system, CEAC Status Check, can now be accessed at “Check My Visa Application Status.” This tool, which allows all visa applicants to verify 24/7 the status of their case online, offers better customer service to visa applicants and continued transparency in our processing. This initiative follows other recent enhancements, including offsite fingerprinting and photography services and the expanded Interview Waiver Program. All these initiatives are aimed at building capacity to accept more visa applications over the coming years, improving customer service, and facilitating legitimate travel between India and the United States. Bolstering people-to-people ties through travel is a cornerstone of the U.S.-India partnership.
    The CEAC Status Check site is a global website that allows visa applicants world-wide to access up-to-date and accurate information about their cases. Applicants simply enter the CEAC barcode or case number and the location where the interview occurred to check the status of their visa. This new CEAC Status Check replaces any previous status tracking websites.
    Applicants with questions about the site or its status information should contact www.ustraveldocs.com/in. Applicants are also welcome to contact our call centers Monday – Friday, 8am – 8pm, and on Sunday 9am -5pm (IST).
    Within India: (91-120) 660-2222 OR (91-22) 6720-9400
    Within the U.S.: 1-310-616-5424
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to Ryan H in Average time between NVC and interview??   
    For a spousal visa case this is incorrect. The processes and procedures for fiance(e) and spousal are completely different and not interchangeable.
    What happens in a spouse visa case after the NVC "completes" it is the file is held until they are informed of available interview dates by the Embassy or Consulate where the interview will take place. Once those dates are made available, an interview is scheduled and the file is then sent out. The Embassy or Consulate will send no packets to the beneficiary asking for forms because the needed forms would have already been sent to the NVC.
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to Ryan H in funds in the bank   
    1. No such requirement exists
    2. Not at all
    3. Not considered
    4. See the instructions for the I-864 for use of assets
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to Theresa0828 in My life, my love, my world, my home, my everything...   
    I am not here to ask advices or anything..
    Just want to share that my husband passed away this morning... peacefully... he had brain cancer and we have been fighting for more than a year now... there was a point in our fight that we thought we are winning... but we lost... i am just thankful that he passed away peacefully... in his sleep, and i got the chance to tell him everyday that i love him... and that he is my love, my life, my world, my home and my everything...
    Whenever I read people here posting marriage not working out, just using me for greencard, giving up... and a lot of things... i am so sad...
    I found the perfect husband... the perfect person... and yet he was taken away from me in such a short time...
    I promise I will honor his name... i will honor our love... and I do not think I could love other person as much as I loved him... and still loving him... my love for him will not die until my last breath...
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to RR136 in December DS-230 waiting for Case Complete   
    I called NVC just to get my case no.I was informed that it's taking 15-30 days to get a case number and another 30-60 days to complete the case. Obviously,these timeframes are ridiculous and usually takes less time,but there is no trend here. Check out NVC timeframe for NOV/DEC filers to get an idea.
    Dec 24 is apparently a federal holiday per Obama this year,so expect further delays to this process.
    PS: could you please update your timeline,you will doing other members a huge favor who's waiting for their loved ones too.Thanks and happy holidays!
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to Boggy1974 in USCIS and other Governments agencies closed today & tomorrow!   
    Hi Everyone,
    Just a quick FYI for those who aren't familiar: Most US Government Agencies and Departments - to include USCIS & NVC & State Dept and Embassies & Consulates around the world are closed today December 24th (Christmas Eve) and tomorrow December 25th (Christmas Day). Add December 31st (New Year's Eve) and January 1st 2013 (New Year's Day) to your calenders as well!
    As much as we would like them to be working/processing our cases and petitions, these employees deserve the rest & quality time they get to share with their family and friends. So let's give them that time and hope that they return well rested and fresh to work on our cases and petitions.
    Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Happy everything to you...however you say it in your native language!
    My favorite is: Happy Holidays to you all! Enjoy the season!!!
    :dance: :dance: :dance:
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    Bali - Ranae got a reaction from Adesai in Interview date   
    You should receive an email stating that you case at NVC is complete. For India, NVC schedules the interview.
    I got mine in a similar way, email from NVC stating the interview was scheduled at Mumbai Consulate
    All the best for the interview!!!
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    Bali - Ranae reacted to Sarah Elle-Même in Wife Denied Entry to the US   
    Yeah I am just a Nosy Nancy. You turned to a community help forum which means we need to know things about your case in order to advise you. The reason for a denial of entry & deportation has a lot of bearing on how to proceed. If she did the VWP paperwork properly then indeed something must have tipped off CBP when they were questioning her that she shouldn't be allowed in. And for sure they told her why. I know how they operate. I know a guy who even got the reason for his refusal in writing. She was probably just too distraught to pay attention or remember. It happens. You weren't there so you'll never really know what went on. Have her apply for a tourist visa and make sure she follows all the requirements. Your residency in her country will probably help a lot. She will have to disclose her previous denial on the forms obviously. I think your questions have been adequately answered by several people.
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