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    loveydovey got a reaction from sy1983 in CRBA at US Embassy Manila   
    i applied for CRBA for my daughter who was born in december 2011, thinking i could pass my US citizenship on to her, but unfortunately, was denied due to the fact that i did not meet the 5 year physical presence requirement. i was 4months short for their 5yr requirement. ugh! sucks. i paid fees for crba application and passport applic., since i was denied, they refunded the fee that i paid for the passport but not for the crba about your sons BC, you dont have to sign on it, as long as it says you are the father, then all is good. but i guess you have to check with them, coz your son was born out of wedlock, if i am not mistaken... hope your application goes well. goodluck!
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    loveydovey got a reaction from sunflower123 in NVC Filers - February 2013   
    CASE COMPLETE ON THE 15th. YAY, thank you Lord. waiting for interview date..
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    loveydovey reacted to ebe in USC petitioner living abroad   
    "I never mentioned it in my cover letter (many others in this thread havent either). Seems only the address in your forms makes a difference. Where you mail from doesn't matter so do what works best. If I DHL from Ireland, it arrives the next day but I realize not all countries have reliable services so that is up to you.
    For the I-130, I actually sent it to my parents in NY who put the US Dollar check in for me and they sent it to the Chicago Lockbox....I was still expedited."
    Jasont, thanks for your advice. After reading through this thread somewhat obsessively I still can't figure out what is the common denominator between the folks who were NOT expedited. Anyone have a theory??
    We have a full 11 months to get back to the US, which means we'll probably be good either way (auto expediting or not). It just would be comforting to know it was a sure thing... Shooting for having the packet sent in in 2 weeks :/ Feel like visa process is taking over my life, sure many of you can relate!
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