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  1. Today we turned 5 month that we filed our case for K1 visa, we hope we can recieve an answer soon!

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    2. filipinaasian


      Oh really he is from Palm Beach? My fiance sometimes goes there. We filed May 2 and got NOA2 May 11. yes,waiting time is really taking us 4ever. Let's just be positive our time is coming soon.

    3. Claudia Raposo

      Claudia Raposo

      Yes he is from Palm Beach! Oh you filed before us, maybe we get our NOA2 this month, im so praying for it, its so hard to be far way from he one you love... Hopefully you will get you NOA2 by middle of this month :)

    4. filipinaasian


      You are right it has been really so hard to be away from the one you love. Let's have faith in God that He will soon grant us our NOA2 so we can be with our love ones soon. Keep in touch. :)

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