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    john531 got a reaction from flower32 in I-751 March 2015 Filers   
    does your information is added in list? where is your field office located?
    I know that divorce waiver cases take longer than normal ones but you can see some of California cases were solved within 6 , 7 or 8 months.
    In Vermont service center, it is delay.
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    john531 got a reaction from CR1-PROCESS in I-751 November 2014 Filers   
    Congratulation on your approval. I have one question. How did you receive an email? Did you register on USCIS website or when you applied for I-751 application you mention your email address in your application?
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    john531 reacted to Minie in Mumbai 221g Tracker   
    I exactly know the feeling!!! It was just a PCC in my case and more than 40 days since i submitted my documents. Finally they seemed to have looked into the case on 17th Jan after a month and no more updates since then. Seems like my entire life in a pause button.!! career.. personal life.. everything!!
    Hmm.. What i do to avoid thinking about it?? Been sleeping a lot lately.:-p. And loads of shopping. It has become kinda therapeutic.:-p.
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    john531 got a reaction from PMartin37 in Courier Service - Sending documents from India to USA   
    go to post office worldnetexpress it will charge you only 900 Rs. third day delivery. i have great experience bro...................
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