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    AntonioyRocio got a reaction from ellli in K1 Visa Approved after 221g !!!   
    Yay after getting a Section 221g for joint sponsor and more pictures .. we sent the papers on the 6th of February and got an approval February 20th so about 2 weeks to get an answer.............. IMMMMMM SOOOOO HAPPPYYYY EXCITED ! And now I can say with guarantee that a religious ceremony (catholic) wedding has no affect on k1 considering we even sent pics of the ceremony soo boo yah too all the negative comments I received on a post I deleted a while back!!! Congrats to others that were approved as well.. And to all those who are under 221g administrative review never lose faith it will come sooner or later !!! Thanks to everyone who helped me out on visajourney during this process.. This is just the beginning !
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to rm love dc in Thank God!!! After 9 months we're off to the USA !!!!!   
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to Chabela in Thank God!!! After 9 months we're off to the USA !!!!!   
    Congrats rocio to you and your honey
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to HK12 in Thank God!!! After 9 months we're off to the USA !!!!!   
    Congratulations! Normally they give you the I-94 during the flight, otherwise have your fiancé ask the flight attendants for it. As for questions that might be asked at the POE, it differs. When I arrived into the States, all I was asked was when and where the wedding would take place. Here is a link to the Houston POE reviews; please read them and that should answer some of your questions
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to X Factor in Thank God!!! After 9 months we're off to the USA !!!!!   
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to cazzers in K1 Visa Approved after 221g !!!   
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to sammdt in K1 Visa Approved after 221g !!!   
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to suganspyce42 in K1 Visa Approved after 221g !!!   
    Congrats to you and thumbs down to the negative comments because your testimony is very uplifting to those who are going through the same scenario. Thanks and wishing you a bright future ahead.
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to foreverheidi in Sent missing documents to the Ciudad Juarez after Section 221g !   
    Hi i send missing documents on :
    Recived :
    Hope this helps God bless you all !!!
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to Kelli/Ozzy in Blue slip section 221g .. from Juarez   
    my fiance got a green slip 221g during his interview in Turkey asking for more evidence. and they gave him his passport back. the green paper asked for more phone and skype records and for him to send the documents and his passport to the embassy and the visa would be approved in 2 weeks. we did as they said, i sent them an additional 225 pages of communication (probably overkill) but almost 2 weeks to the day later his passport was sent to him with the visa stamp, he was approved and now he is here with me in Pennsylvania, USA and we are married one month and everything worked out fine.
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to KayDeeCee in I-864 for k1 in Juarez?   
    Never heard of Juarez asking for the I-864 for a K-1. From their instructions: "The Affidavit of Support I-864 is not required."
    But if that is what they want from you, then give it to them. You will need to fill out another I-864 for AOS after you are married, so I guess this one will teach you how to fill it out and you will be ready for AOS as far as how to fill out the I-864 anyway. There is an example form here on VJ under the AOS example forms. If you need any help filling it out, just ask.
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    AntonioyRocio got a reaction from aguileralupita30 in Blue slip section 221g .. from Juarez   
    Thank you Lupita Im going to send tons of pics of us with my family and more boarding passes and the only problem is just like you and your boy I never saved our few chat logs or anything considering that I would go to mexico and stay for 6 months and come back to the states for a month or 2 and work a little and then leave again we would only talk by phone and that phone company doesnt give phone call logs.. y si nada es imposible cuando un tiene fe !
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to aguileralupita30 in Blue slip section 221g .. from Juarez   
    God can do the impossible. If we leave it to gods hands everything will work out. We ALL need to have faith! Just FYI. Everyone's opinion and beliefs are different. Anyways rocio make sure to send the evidence have faith don't loose it! you will be in my prayers!
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to aguileralupita30 in Blue slip section 221g .. from Juarez   
    Are 3 boarding passes, 6 letters, a certificate for premarriage netting a with both our names on it, as well as pics good? We don't communicate try email or computer only thru phone call but it does not register the number I call I buy a phone card is tht good evidence?? And rocio good luck I'm pretty sure everything will be great!!!! Just send in the evidence and with gods help everything will work out!!
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to Cathi in Blue slip section 221g .. from Juarez   
    the color of the slip doesn't matter, it is what is written on the slip that matters. Along with pictures you should send copies of boarding passes and passport stamps from trips you spent together, copies of emails, logs from skype or msn, receipts from hotels on trip you may have taken together. Evidence is MUCH more than pictures. Good luck!!!
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to Stu4Lee in Blue slip section 221g .. from Juarez   
    We got through it in London and I know of another couple in London that just did too
    Read here http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/380552-221g-for-lack-of-ongoing-relationship-evidence/
    Good luck and don't worry, it can be overcome
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to Villanelle in Denied... now what?   
    No offense, but theres something a little off about your fiances story. He believed his wife and child were deceased, yet continuously said yes on his visa applications. (claiming it was an emotional issue, even though he had a death certificate) Then when it came time to obtain the transcript, he had to have someone else obtain it for him, because he couldnt get off work... The death certificate he also had then turns out to be fake as well.
    So now you have a fiance in possession of a two fake death certificates and two fake transcripts and there is NO sign of the wife or the child. He is claiming complete ignorance as to how these fake documents came about into his possession and youre posting how do I secure a future with this man??
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to Cathi in Looks like obama has screwed us all   
    You should be blaming the parents who came here illegally with their children in tow. Children who grew up here, went to school here, and are here by no fault of their own. These children want the opportunity to remain in the only place they know as home. Our government has a conscience...I find no fault in that. Obviously you don't know the first thing about this legislation. You are being selfish because it may take your case a month or 2 longer to get through USCIS, oh boohoo. Your case and check being lost has zero to do with Deferred Action.
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to KayDeeCee in SOOO WORRIED   
    As you were told before, you can get the letter printed off in Juarez. Go early(let the guards there outside that tell people which lines to get in that you only need to speak with someone at the customer service/info window) on the 17th before the ASC appointment to the Consulate information/customer service window and tell them you never received the letter and need it for the ASC appointment and your visa interview. They will print one out for you.
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to tru_loves_journey in Called NVC today :)   
    Congrats on the NOA2
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    AntonioyRocio got a reaction from aguileralupita30 in Goign to go live with my fiance while waiting for K1 VISA?   
    De nada that is why we are here for to help each other.. Pero like I told you do whats best for you ! & yeah that would be weird lol .. And we are both from Colima except I was born in L.A y ustedes?
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to aguileralupita30 in Goign to go live with my fiance while waiting for K1 VISA?   
    Gracias Rocio! yes it is very frustrating!!! And yes they care about "el que diran" and Im like " i really don't care el que dira..." for them is all about what society is going to think what my in laws are going to say...etc. but ugh. makes me mad and stuff. AND THANK YOU for all your words! you have sure been a lot of help as well as alex. its good to find wonderful people here to advice each other! lets see if one day we cross into one another with our husbands. lol. de que parte son ustedes?
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    AntonioyRocio reacted to J&Ch in k1 visa APPROVED   
    :dance: Thank you all for your support, without all you, would have been very difficult to support this waiting. Through publications here, we had better advice than lawyers, this web is very useful.
    As for the Ecuadorian consulate, the service was very good, you just have to go with time to wait to the appointment, I guess it is normal in these processes.
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    AntonioyRocio got a reaction from aguileralupita30 in QUIEN ME EXPLICAR COMO PUEDO HACER LA CITA EN JUAREZ, K1   
    Estoy totalmente de acuerdo contigo, Asi como dijistes "As long as help is provided.. no deberia de importar
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