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    Congrats on surviving the Stokes Interrogation. Is it true it looks like this?

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    Our appointment was 7.20AM, we got called around 7.45AM. The IO is an old Caucasian gentleman. He took us to the small room and told us to take the oath. He explained we would be recorded for legal causes, and he might separate us during the interview to have better decision. And we said no problems at all. He started asking basic questions like names, DOB, current address, current marriage place and time and asked us to provide original IDs, passports, I-94, old work permit, original lease, bank statements. He took my I-94 and OPT work permit and said I wouldn't need them anymore. We were like "oh it is so easy, we are so blessed..." He asked who the co-sponsor was (my father in laws.) Suddenly, he said you two would be separated for the interview, and asked who would be first. I volunteer to be first, and he walked my wife (USC) to the employee waiting room.
    *** My interview questions:
    1. How did you meet her?
    2. How many siblings does she has? What are their names? How to spell the names?
    3. How does your mom think about your marriage? I said she was so happy. He said no, in Vietnamese culture, moms are usually unhappy if the wife is older then her spouse I was like from the moon aka amazed, and said my wife was 21 and I was 26 when we got married (I assume he misread my wife birth year so he thought she was older, and it resulted the separated interview) and he said his bad, he read the year wrongly. It could also be a trick question to try me, who knows. Still, he decided to go more intense questions.
    4. Is your rent apartment or house? How many bedrooms and bathroom? What is the floor material? How much is the rent? Is there any pool on the complex?
    5. Why don't you go the school right now? Because of out of state tuition fee.
    6. Does your mom in VN live with your father? Explain why they are separated.
    7. Describe your wife house, where you first met her. Rooms, anything special.
    Then he said he had enough info he needed to know. He told me that I could either wait in the room when he asked my wife (But told me to be silent, even if she didn't know the answer or answer it wrong.) or wait in the employee room. I said I'd prefer to stay in the room, and be quiet. He then walked my wife back to the room.
    *** My wife questions were the same as mine, but he skipped number 3. At number 4, he tricked her by asking how my wife loved the carpet in the living room (our floor is all tiled.)
    Then he said that he made his decision of approving our case today, the card would be dated March 6 2012. And we were real nice couple. The whole from beginning to the end of mini Stokes was like 45 mins.
    Then he started asking me about the YES/NO questions on I-485. And after that, he printed out the "Interview Result" and marked the box "Congratulations!...." and explained we had to file I-751 90 days before the conditional GC is expired. And if we have anything in order like this, we wouldn't have another interview.
    He got the big "APPROVED" stamp and stamped on my I-485, I-130 and wrote the date down. I asked him to stamp my passport but he said he would recommend to wait until I receive the card within a month; and because I might not be updated until the card is produced so I could have hassle at the border. He said I could hold the current EAD for now but I had to cut it up as soon as I receive the GC. He then said if he could see any pictures, and we gave him our albums. He said you guys don't need any lawyer at all, just check everything in order. He said he won't approve easily with lawyer presence.
    He then realized they put "NORTH VIETNAM" as place of birth on my file, he said this was wrong because I was born in Ho Chi Minh city and it was "South Vietnam." I told him there was no more South/North in Vietnam nowadays but he said USCIS still needs to distinguish that matter, and the one was born in Hanoi (north) would be questioned more about communism. And he said he would correct with on the computer as well as put a note on my file that I am "South vietnam" Then he said his wife is a "boat people" Vietnamese, and he doesn't want to travel over there because of the communism... The conversation kept going and whoop, another 45 mins He returned all the documents and didn't keep anything extra.
    Then we shook hand and he walked us out to the door, then he told us to put lastname on the mailbox to make sure we receive the card. He said within 30 days, we don't receive it, make an InfoPass and they will track it down. I can't believe our section was 1 hr and a half (7.45AM - 9.15AM)
    Our online status hasn't been updated yet but we believe they will update it soon. Good luck to everyone still on the journey, and you need anything just send me a message.
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