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    isa30 reacted to RK_and_Inday in June 2012 Filers   
    Completed biomterics on July 14. July 18th received notification that case transferred to California Service center to "expedite processing." From VJ members in same situation, seems this transfer can actually not result in what one would consider expiditious!! We shall see... Continuing good luck to all here.
    --RK and Inday
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    De nada hope it helped. Personally, I would postpone the trip to Brazil, marry and file for AOS, and wait for the advance parole document to travel. It would be easier and wouldn't disrupt your studies.
    Adoro Brazil - meu pais favorito. Boa sorte!
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    isa30 reacted to IPv6Freely in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Looks like its going to be about 10-15 days typically for the EAD "in production" notice, based on a quick scan of May filer's timelines, with card in hand in 15-20 days. Somewhere around the time you get your EAD you should get an interview letter. (This isn't nearly as important for me as the EAD is, so that bit can take as long as it needs to, for all I care).
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    Now they do FBI background check and issue EAD and you should receive an interview appointment within the next two months. But now you just wait. This is the hard part.
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    isa30 reacted to Caryh in Advance parole travel document   
    The other danger is being denied while she's gone. The AP is no longer valid if there's a denial.
    OP, you don't have a timeline, or any dates down. If you were transfered to CSC, you've got a pretty long wait and likely no worry about needing to go to an interview, unless they transfer it local again. It would be best if someone is checking your mail so you know if any notices come in to. You don't have a lot of time to respond to RFE's, and some of the things they might ask for may take some time to get. Think about how you would handle an RFE, or an interview appointment if you're out of the country. Will you change your ticket and return early? Call and reschedule the interview? You're probably fairly safe if you make plans to handle these type of things.
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    isa30 reacted to Nooblord in Interview help   
    Thank you everyone for your replies! It has calmed me down tremendously. I guess it is always better to tell the truth then to hide something.
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    isa30 reacted to JohnR! in College or Marriage while on B2   
    This sounds like a good plan. She could get a student visa in Russia, come back as a student and see where your relationship goes.
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    isa30 reacted to JohnR! in Several questions....   
    Debora, it is a little less simple than that, but still simple, to to some extent...
    It is your husband who has to apply for your IR-1. The first step is for him to fill out form I-130 and send it in. The address will depend on where you guys live.
    Here is where you can download the form: http://www.uscis.gov.../form/i-130.pdf
    Here is how the form should be completed, mailed and the fees involved: http://www.uscis.gov.../i-130instr.pdf & http://www.uscis.gov...00045f3d6a1RCRD
    Here is the form I-485 which you need to fill out, which is your application to change your status from non-resident to conditional-resident, for the first two years of your marriage. http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis/menuitem.5af9bb95919f35e66f614176543f6d1a/?vgnextoid=3faf2c1a6855d010VgnVCM10000048f3d6a1RCRD&vgnextchannel=db029c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1RCRD
    And finally here is an overview of the process through which you guys will have to go: http://travel.state....types_1306.html
    Congrats & good luck!
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    Send the lawyer a bill for services rendered by VJers.
    We could use the extra $$$$
    P.S. The question arises ... whether all lawyers are the same. This is like asking whether everything that gets into a sewer is garbage.
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    isa30 reacted to pushbrk in HELP LAWYERS MERRY GO ROUND   
    Find the NVC Wiki and become an expert on the shortcuts. This is a "do it yourself" site, not a spoon feed you, site.
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    isa30 reacted to McFly in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Congrats to both of you!
    I hope I don't even have time to sit as well!
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    isa30 reacted to Windza in For those of you who doubted   
    To the OP:
    Firstly, for your own benefit, I suggest that you re-evaluate your perceptions of the responses given here. I can absolutely assure you that the overwhelming majority of members here are posting with the intent to either; help or seek help... that deserves respect in its own right and posts should be taken at face value; if you don't agree or take issue with something said, ignore or respond civilly - I don't think a retaliation or 'in-your-face' type thread like this one is very intelligent (particularly considering how premature your case is).
    Secondly, it would also pay to re-evaluate your mannerism and approach, not only in this forum, but in relation to seeking a US visa... FACT: the tone/attitude you convey in your posts is producing negative sentiment. It doesn't matter if this sentiment is just or unjust, the fact remains your approach isn't very constructive on these forums and is a pretty good indicator that you'll have bigger issues in working through a US visa application.
    My final suggestion? Tread softly mate... and before you develop some sentiment about what I've posted, just take a deep breath, clear the mind and take my opinions objectively... humble pie sucks but it can be very nourishing when eaten appropriately.
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    isa30 reacted to M_&_R in For those of you who doubted   
    I disagree. Reading this thread without having seen the others, I assumed OP was a typical fiancee anxious about his petition, and had actually encountered "doomsaying" from VJ members based on his conviction. Poor OP, I sympathize. However, after reading the compilation posted by "Columbo" my opinion changed - OP wants to get to the US by any means he can find and feels he has found a way to use the girlfriend to do so. Now I don't feel bad for the OP. I just feel bad for the girlfriend.
    OP didn't say "I'm in love and want to be with her at some point no matter what it takes" (like most of us). Rather, OP said he wanted to get to the US for his job, and because he was unhappy with his life in the UK. Now he sees a way to use his girlfriend to make it happen. It was "Columbo's" post that made this clear. So yeah, he did prove something.
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    isa30 reacted to Old_Dog_Barking in Package sent off last week, however, now I'm concerned about one of my I-485 answers.   
    I don't think you need a lawyer. Contact the Police and have them issue a report that you will bring to the interview. You will be asked the same question at the interview; at that time, answer thruthfully and present the police report.
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    isa30 reacted to Shoot Em Straight in For those of you who doubted   
    since recently joining the friendly site of VJ (4 weeks ago)u have publicly searched by asking "legitimate questions" to obtain a visa to immigrate to the U.S. and this is why it seems like you might not have a Bona Fide Relationship with your SO. I post nothing negative and intend nothing with accusation
    These are all your words from your posts in snippets.....
    Posted 13 May 2012 ~
    I want to move to the US but realise that it is not a matter of "get up and go".
    I understand that the couple of ways to get a visa is either to get married to someone in the US and move there (obviously a proper devoted marriage) or to work for a US company who will sponser you and move you over.
    however for me, both options are not possible.
    I have no criminal record of any kind and are self employed in IT. I also have a US B1/B2 Visa (a business and visitor visa).
    I am wanting to change my life and move away from where I am and would rather move to the US.
    What things are possible for me to do this? Any suggestions or advice are welcome!
    Posted 07 June 2012~
    if one wants to give up their UK citizenship (they were born and bred in the UK), then is it possible to gain for a US citizenship or would the same principals apply where you can only get a visa if a company employs you or you get married etc... ?
    Posted 04 July 2012 ~
    I currently live in the UK. I am wanting to move to the US for many reasons. The main being my line of work (in IT)I am wondering, is it possible for me to get a visa and migrate over taking my business with me? if so - what is the process? Anyone know where I stand on this? Like I said, I want to move myself and my company over to the US and continue doing what I do with the business but in US.
    And when that post did not get the answers....
    Posted 13 July 2012 ~
    for a K1 - how does it work? I mean from what I understand the person in the US would file for this. So what do they file? What sort of details are on the form they need to fill in?
    what if the DOB is entered differently than the actual DOB? just the years having a mistake?
    does age difference matter? she is older than me - around 10 years.
    lets just say that she thinks im 2 years older than my DOB. but i think we all do that when you are dating.... ( you bad boy )
    Four days ago...
    well we arent engaged or anything yet. and it is still new, the relationship. but like i said... i have my reasons. she has her reasons for doing the same too!
    Today ~
    So I have a US girlfriend. we plan to marry at some point. Obviously means I would move over/immigrate to the US.
    The bonus is, I dont need to apply for a K1 visa. I can get married on my curent B1/B2 visa then the girlfriend can file for the immigration thing/sponser. I can still continue to travel back and fourth which is ideal for me.
    You seemed to have it all figured out now
    IF this was for me....
    what? give me a break.
    I dont get why I cannot ask legitimate questions here. after all this is an open forum and it is meant to be a helpful community, not this kind of negitive and false accusation community.
    You were helped in all your previous posts.
    no wonder the world is in a state today because of such people.
    Me being a member of VJ and pointing out that your story comes off questionable does not rock the state of the world.
    I wonder why i bother anymore. I have nothing to hide so really, it is not my fault if you have issues. go sort them out
    Thanks for the advice....No real hard issue on my side of the big pond
    I do wish you both good luck with your future
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    isa30 reacted to Angeltots in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Thanks for everyone's good thoughts. I just made a follow-up appointment for weds. Oh well, something to keep me occupied. And a dentist one too. Maybe when I save a few more bucks I will go get my eye check-up too.
    I know doing a walk-in doesn't guarantee any speed up of my process. =) Just pretty bored..
    Have at blast at your biometrics IPv6Freely!
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    isa30 reacted to LindaC1990 in May 2012 AOS Filers   
    you can have my EAD, I will take your interview notice.. lol
    EAD is useless as soon as you have you GC, so I don't know why you get so angry .
    Getting ready for the interview is the most important thing to do now
    Good luck!
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    isa30 reacted to beskuri in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    You can definitely try and request for an expedite. I actually got the idea from this forum, and I think I have explained it in another post or thread. What I did was I prepared supporting documents even before I had my biometrics appointment. I got an employment offer stating the urgency to fill position. I faxed in a letter to our local congressman (as suggested here or some say you can even try a senator) stating reason for expedite. I communicated with them regularly, updated them that I was able to secure an earlier biometric appointment, etc. I never actually requested an official expedite from USCIS. I have no personal connections nor paid any additional fees. All I did was persevered and sought all options to speed up the process.
    And as I've stated in a previous post, I was shocked to see how fast I was able to secure an interview date. Was the CM rep able to help me with this? I don't know. I actually don't think they have any say for the green card processing, just for EAD, according to what I have read here. I was content on having my EAD because I can work while waiting for my green card. I guess, the stars are aligned for me and perhaps some divine intervention, I was able to secure an interview for next month. I personally think it helped that my application was pretty straightforward: married for 3 years, history of joint assets, testimonials from mutual friends, unique name for easy criminal clearance, OCD-like AOS packet organization (lol), etc.
    I truly do not mean to offend anyone, and I'm sorry if I had. This forum has helped me prepare extensively for my application and I hope to return the favor by sharing my experience to others.
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    isa30 reacted to Angeltots in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    Is it more expensive to have it expedited? Seriously, I'm totally jealous right now!!
    You have a way of saying things that doesn't come out too friendly... Just sayin'.
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    isa30 reacted to beskuri in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    I requested for my EAD to be expedited as I have a pending job offer, but I sure wasn't expecting an interview for next month! I waited longer than I should have to file my application (been married almost 3 years now, but I was on F1 visa), but with that said, I was able to provide sufficient evidence of bonafide marriage. And it probably helped that I have a very unique name so perhaps it was easier to clear my name or something? Not entirely sure how the process goes, I'm just grateful that it has been a smooth journey so far. I hope the same for you all!
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    isa30 reacted to Lornaevo in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    I did a walk in. I told them I'd be out of town that week and he allow me to do it.
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    isa30 reacted to DandT14 in Change of Status from B2 (California)   
    Some states issue confidential marriage licenses. I'm guessing that's what the OP means. But I'm pretty sure USCIS doesn't care if you have a public license or not.
    But, maybe it gives you something to tell them if they ask why you didn't tell the agent you were married. You can say "I thought my confidential marriage license made it so I was supposed to say that." Maybe?
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    isa30 reacted to Marishka in Late May - June AOS fillers, unite!   
    I got my appointment letter, finally!!! For July 17th at 10am
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